Why L-Arginine Should Be in Your Male Enhancement Supplement

There are many substances purported to help with male enhancement, but not all of them have scientific proof of their efficacy. One such substance that does have support from the scientific community is the amino acid L-Arginine.

If L-Arginine sounds like some molecule you don’t remember from high school chemistry, don’t worry. Most men are pretty happy buying a male enhancement supplement that has good ads and a bit of scientific research to back it up. L-Arginine (L-A), though, is an ingredient you should look for when considering what male enhancement supplement is right for you.

L-Arginine is an amino acid that increases production of nitric oxide which in turn promotes vasodilation and better blood flow to the corpus cavernosum. In basic English, L-Arginine is a substance that helps you get an erection and keep it up. L-A is naturally found in meats and dairy products. An L-A supplement is a more affordable and safer alternative to prescription drugs like Viagra. Most men who take L-A notice a difference in their ability to get an erection in two to four weeks.

The important thing to realize about L-A, though, is that supplements of it only work if the body is lacking in it in the first place. Signs of low L-Arginine include:

  • Delayed wound
  • healing
  • Hair loss

As is true with any supplement, there is a safe amount to take and a limit to how much your body can handle. Doctors recommend that men take no more than 30 grams of L-A per day. Symptoms upon first taking L-A include a rush of blood to the head, resulting in a headache. The body will become used to improved circulation over time, though, and the headaches will stop. If you have a pre-existing heart condition, L-A may not be safe to take. Consult with your doctor first.

On the other hand, if your body has enough L-A, supplementing it with more L-A will make no difference. For this reason, a supplement that contains L-A but also contains other vasodilators and aphrodisiacs is a smart option.

Scientific studies have actually shown that L-A combined with other male enhancement substances has a synergistic effect: all of the chemicals work together for the greatest results. Don’t go for L-A on its own – invest in a supplement with a combination of sexual enhancement agents.

One study showed that L-A combined with pycnogenol (another nitric oxide enhancer) could successfully treat 80% of subjects that suffered from erectile dysfunction. Now that is an encouraging success rate! Another study found that L-A combined with yohimbine also improved the effects of both L-A and yohimbine, another common male enhancement supplement ingredient.

Overall, L-Arginine is found in many male enhancement supplements because it works well with other ingredients for optimal effects. Men looking to improve their sex lives, energy level, libido and strength of erections would do well to seek a supplement containing L-A. Because some men do deficiencies, it is important to seek supplements containing L-A and other herbs and ingredients rather than L-A on its o