Tasty Foods That Are Still Healthy For You

platter of delicious fresh sushi

Dieting can be tough because it often means that you have to start avoiding some of your favorite food choices. You may be able to get away with still eating some junk foods in moderation, but you will probably be avoiding these foods for the majority of the time, which can make you miss your old unhealthy lifestyle. Enjoying a diet is important because people who hate their diets are going to be less likely to stick to their diet plan. Therefore, it is important to find healthy foods that you can actually enjoy eating.


While it might be considered an acquired taste, sushi is a beloved meal across the United States and the good news is that it is usually very good for you. Some types of sushi contain fried sugars and carbohydrates, which basically just amount to a glorified french fry. However, other types of sushi can be incredibly beneficial to your health. For example, the fatty fish found in many rolls are famous for their crucial antioxidants that are capable of fighting diseases and making you feel significantly happier and healthier. Some fatty fishes including tuna and mackerel can be toxic in high quantities because they contain mercury, but they are not harmful in moderation. Salmon rolls, California rolls, sashimi, and vegetarian rolls are going to be your best sushi choices.

Other more fancy rolls are more likely to have extra ingredients and empty calories. You want to avoid anything with shrimp, mayo, cream cheese, and fried ingredients. Additionally, if you have a choice between white rice and brown rice, then you should stick to brown rice. As long as your sushi is packed with things like tofu, fatty fish, avocado, crab, cucumber, carrots, and other vegetables, the meal can be a great choice for you and most nutritionists would say that you can eat this meal about once a week.


Everyone wants to find a healthy snack that you can turn to when you are watching television or when you are simply craving something bowl of popcornto munch on. Unfortunately, most snacks are going to fill you up with calories without giving you any nutrients. Some snacks are actually healthy, but it can be a little depressing to eat salted almonds and peanuts when you really just want potato chips. However, popcorn can be almost as addicting as potato chips and it does not provide you with any unnecessary fat and carbohydrates. Research shows six cups of popcorn can leave you more satisfied than a single cup of potato chips.

Additionally, while popcorn may seem like junk food, it actually has nutritious whole grains and very few calories. The unhealthiest part of popcorn is definitely the toppings, so you want to try to stick to unsalted and unbuttered popcorn. If you feel as though you need your popcorn to have a little more savory flavoring, then you might want to consider sprinkling or melting some cheese on top of your popcorn. It may not be a snack that you are used to, but the taste will definitely be less disappointing than salted almonds are.

Dark Chocolate

Unsurprisingly, studies show the majority of men prefer milk chocolate to dark chocolate, but dark chocolate can still be a good replacement to any candy bar that you might be craving. Any type of chocolate has been linked to many health benefits, but research has demonstrated that dark chocolate is much healthier than milk chocolate. Milk chocolate makes you hungrier for sweet, fatty, and savory foods. It also causes you to eat about seventeen percent more calories two hours later. Dark chocolate, on the other hands, takes longer to digest and it eliminates some of your cravings.

dark chocolate bars are a good idea with Progentra supplementAdditionally, dark chocolate has a much stronger correlation than milk chocolate to certain health benefits. For example, it can prevent cancer and other chronic diseases. Studies have also demonstrated that cacao is extremely beneficial for your mental health. Since dark chocolate has a high concentration of cacao, it can help you manage and prevent psychological health concerns, including depression and anxiety. If you are really in the mood to be healthy, then you might want to eat nuts covered in dark chocolate. Alternatively, you can sprinkle some dark chocolate on your peanut butter.


If you enjoy any particular fruit or vegetable, then you definitely want to try eating a lot of it. Apples, berries, bananas, onions, spinach, broccoli, kale, red grapes, oranges and more all contain crucial vitamins and nutrients. However, any other fruits or vegetables are still key to a well-balanced diet, so should do your best to find a plant that you find tasty. Many people are beginning to choose avocado as a healthy and tasty fruit to add to their diet. After all, avocados are capable of providing many important health benefits. Studies show it can reduce hunger by up to 40% because it contains important fats, fibers, and other nutrients that make you feel satisfied. It can also give your immune system a boost and it can prevent certain chronic diseases.

You can eat avocado plain or you can use it as a spread on bread or crackers, but make sure you stick to whole grain breads and crackers. You can even make it into guacamole as long as you do not add too much salt because sodium can raise your blood pressure. Your guacamole can contain other fruits and vegetables that you might like including tomatoes, onions, and peppers. Some people even like adding watermelon to their guacamole.

When you try to make healthy food choices, you are going to have to avoid empty carbohydrates, processed foods, and ingredients that are not going to provide you with any important nutrients. However, it is actually much easier than you might expect to find meals and snacks that are both enjoyable and good for you. As long as you are creative about getting a well-balanced and tasty diet, you should be able to stick to your diet without feeling as though you have said goodbye to too many of your favorite meals.