Shed the Pounds, No Diet and Workout Needed, With These 10 Easy Ways

  1. Start your meal with a glass of water… always

By drinking a glass of water, you’ll feel refreshed, hydrated and satiated more quickly. This fends off the possibility of having more, putting your portion control in action the easy way.

  1. Food swaps at every meal

preview-full-shutterstock_233691502Instead of eating two slices of whole wheat bread (200 calories), why don’t you go for one whole wheat wrap (130 calories)? You save 70 calories in the process. There are other food swaps you can figure out to lessen your calorie consumption.

  1. Go for dark

Those chocolate chip cookies are delightful, but the more you go for it the more you fuel your sugar addiction. Wean yourself off of your sweet tooth by going for dark chocolates instead.

  1. Eat in moderation

Portion control is key when you’re trying to lose weight. If you’re keen in achieving your goal, stick to the proper portions at each meal. Place snacks in a bowl to measure the right content instead of eating from the bag. Use smaller plates to give you a visual indication that you’re satisfied after your meal is finished. Clean up the table and put away the leftovers, so you won’t be tempted to have more.

  1. Get moving

preview-full-cycling (1)You don’t need to invest in a workout to be able to chop a few calories off your body. As long as you’re productively moving during the day, you’re on the right track. Walk around the office, take the stairs, park a bit farther – these are just some of the things you can do to move further.

  1. Stay away from high-calorie drinks

You like liquids that taste good, but chances are most of these don’t contain nutrients other than empty calories. The likes of soda, juice and wine fit the bill. There are better, healthier substitutes like water with fresh ingredients of lemon, cucumber or mint. Just imagine the amount of calories you can miss out on if you only learn to drink healthier beverages.

  1. Don’t starve for long

Starving yourself to lose weight is never a good idea, especially if your plan is to splurge at dinner. It’s unhealthy and totally destroys all other efforts. Eat your meals regularly and on time to prevent low blood-sugar levels that cause you to crash.

  1. Munch on snacks that are high in protein and fiber

Chips and crackers are appealing, but these are high in calories. Go for the ones that are rich in fiber and protein instead like nuts and yogurt. It’s great to be satiated knowing you’ve satisfied yourself the healthy way.

  1. Go light for dinner

If you can, make your dinner consist of 25 percent of your daily calories. It’s much better if you have it 2-3 hours before going to bed to avoid digestion and sleep problems.

  1. Get more shut-eye

Sleep deprivation can trigger food cravings throughout the day and insufficient energy, which makes it harder for you to be productive.