The Sexiness Of A Second Language

man with head phones speaking multiple language progentra effects

Knowing a second language is a real lady-grabber. There’s just something about being able to speak another language that reels a woman in. It may be that you seem more exotic, well-read, or able to teach her a lot. She may also think that you have traveled far and wide, are extremely adventurous, disciplined, and have an amazing personality.

Here are nine of the ways that knowing a foreign language can make you sexy.

#1 Intelligence

Learning a language isn’t for brain sloths or those who lack focus. Just by speaking another language you seem more knowledgeable. For instance, if the both of you are going to a restaurant and you order in the native language, let’s say, French, she will think that you know more about the dishes, are familiar with the restaurant, and can get a deal if needed. Even if you’ve never been to the restaurant or you don’t even like French food, just by speaking the language, you can put yourself ahead of other guys.

And, on top of that, learning a second, third, or fourth language requires a lot of cognitive ability and flexibility. This will boost your brain health as you age, which will make you just as desirable down the line.

#2 Passion

Non-English languages tend to have a certain rhythm to them. Whether it’s their inflection, tone, or that they sound like their speaking poetry, women, often, adore foreign languages and poetry. But even if they don’t enjoy poetry, they will love how you sound and think it’s very sexy.

#3 Ability To Say Anything

sexy lips with international flags multilingual Progentra effectsKnowing another foreign language you can keep mystery in a relationship. You can speak a little bit of whatever language you know and your lady will have no idea what you’re saying. You may be saying the sexiest thing she’s ever heard of, but because she doesn’t speak the language you can keep her in the dark. Give her a smoldering look or a sexy smirk and say a few sentences. Her curiosity will have her wanting you a lot. This mysteriousness is very sexy in your relationship and she’ll appreciate it.

#4 Sharing Knowledge

When you know a second language you can teach her things she doesn’t know about such as your home country or the country you visited, exotic cuisine, and if the two of you are traveling, she won’t have to figure everything out by herself.

#5 Children

There’s evidence that children of bilingual parents or a bilingual father are more attractive. So, not only will your children have the goods in the looks department, they’ll also rule the language department. Your genes will live on.

#6 Pronunciation

When speaking a second language this might bleed into your original language, English. She will love those quirky pronunciations and your accent in general. If English is your second language, she’ll want to teach you all about her culture and phrases that are common to her. Teaching you will be very sexy to her, so you might want to feign ignorance. A lot. Also, your pronunciations will differ from hers and she’ll find it so hot.

#7 Travel

learning second language check memory boost as Progentra effectsShe can travel with you to your home country or to the country you visited where you learned the second language. If you didn’t visit a country or your home country is America, she’ll enjoy learning some of the words you know and being able to share the commonalities of the language. Just being around you will make her feel worldly.

#8 Higher Income

Many jobs will pay more dollars for a bilingual employee. They don’t have time to wait for their current employees to learn another language because they’re losing the business from speakers of other languages. For that matter, their current employees may not want to learn another language, anyway. But, here you are, spouting a foreign language, fluently. Take their money, just do it. Not only are you leading the pack in intelligence, travel, and handsome/gorgeous children, you’ll be making a lot more money. While your woman isn’t with you just because of your money and may have a career of her own, your increased income will help the two of you live more comfortably.

#9 Dedication

Whether you’re an English speaker learning another language, or a non-English speaker learning English, the sheer amount of dedication you put into it will make your woman bothered in a good way. Learning a language is no easy feat; it takes years to perfect the pronunciation, syntax, and nuances. This will show her that you have ambition, focus, and the ability to delay gratification. When trying to show off your second language, without letting her know you’re doing it, slip it into conversations. Just let it come up “naturally” when she’s around. Other than talking to a waiter/waitress, you can suggest a foreign film and before she turns on the subtitles, start translating, or grab some random food and read the label. Just make it look super chill and watch how pleasantly surprised she gets.

Here are just a few of the reasons why your woman will love you if you know a second language. Did I mention there’s a language you can learn where you never have to open your mouth? Yeah, there is, it’s sign language. This is a beautiful language that differs from country to country. Sign language will have her filled with curiosity as you communicate with no words. She’ll love learning how to spell her name, watching amazing Deaf actors and learning about their culture, and whispering naughty things without taking her lips from yours.

There’s no time like the present, as they say. Brush up on your language skills. Grab Rosetta Stone, for European languages, or go to your local library and pull out all of the resources they have for the second language of your choosing. Join groups to meet native speakers and enjoy all of the benefits that come with broadening your world.