How Safe & Effective Is Massive Vitality?

At a Glance

Testosterone levels naturally decline with age. This begins when men reach their 30s. With the decline comes unpleasant side effects, such as reduced muscle mass, weight gain, fatigue, loss of sex drive and difficulty sustaining an erection. Naturally, men would want to reverse these effects and this is why there are so many testosterone boosters in the market. Such supplements, as implied, are design to produce more testosterone levels in your body, so you regain your normal count.

Of course, these effects aren’t good. Not only do these take a toll on a man’s physique and vigor, it also negatively affects a man’s sex life due to the decreased sexual functions. Fortunately, there are testosterone-boosting supplements to help men undo these effects and regain their masculine looks and capacities. One of these supplements is Massive Vitality. It is manufactured by a company called The New Health Corporation, which is mainly headquartered in Sarasota, Florida.

Understanding How It Functions

Based on the information on the website, this supplement makes use of a component that’s manufactured by the government. It is said to be developed in a laboratory or facility that’s worth $3 million. According to the official page, Massive Vitality also boosts testosterone levels by 70-140% within a 3-week period. It also boosts the topmost anti-aging hormone, which is the DHEA, by 47 percent. Nonetheless, the studies cited here aren’t 100 percent clear and there aren’t links given, either, to confirm the veracity of these researches.

What are the Components?

It’s good that the website has a complete list of the components found in Massive Vitality, which are as follows:

Horny Goat Weed – boosts the quantity of nitric oxide in the blood. This then heightens blood flow to the penis, which gives you harder and long-lasting erections. The blood also flows more prolifically to the muscles. Hence, this ingredient is said to be effective in increasing your sexual functions and physical performance during workouts.

Tribulus Terrestris – boosts the quantity of luteinizing hormone released by the pituitary gland. This then serves as a code for the testes to generate more testosterone.

DHEA – a precursor to testosterone, it is claimed to decelerate the process of aging.

Fenugreek – claimed to be efficient in boosting testosterone levels.

Ginseng – included in the formula to augment energy levels.

Zinc – it is a vital ingredient to help in the body’s mechanism to generate testosterone.

Magnesium – another crucial mineral that aid in the body’s chemical reactions.

Suggested Dose

It is suggested to take two caplets of Massive Vitality once each day with food. If you use this every day, you can anticipate reaping the maximum benefits of boosted testosterone. It can also help you improve your health by reducing bad cholesterol and lowering your cortisol levels.

Product Features

The components present here are from natural sources.
It has components, which can help boost testosterone levels.

Nevertheless, there aren’t many user feedbacks online that can help prospective buyers make an informed decision. People usually rely on the reviews of other customers to figure out if a specific product is right for them or not. Promotion for this supplement is a bit over-the-top as well, though it is expected since many supplements use the same marketing strategy.

Place to Purchase

Interested consumers can acquire the supplement directly from the company site. One bottle can last for a month’s supply for a price of $48. Purchasing two bottles of Massive Vitality will get you another one for free, which is a good deal. If you purchase three bottles, you’ll get two bottles free.

In Summary

While Massive Vitality seems to have the potential to work as claimed, it doesn’t have any features that make it stand out among the rest. It’s just one of the many testosterone boosters out there. It’s worth trying though because of the natural ingredients, which means there aren’t any side effects. It also has amazing deals in which you can get free bottles if you buy 2-3 bottles of Massive Vitality.