Reviewing the Safety & Efficiency of Relax Holy Basil


About Relax Holy Basil

preview-full-shutterstock_331764680Modern living surely has its perks, but it also has some bad sides to it, including the health consequences we endure courtesy of the stress that comes with a fast-paced lifestyle. Nowadays, both our personal and professional lives are like taking a rollercoaster ride when it comes to intensity. We rarely stop and breathe to relax our body and mind. We push beyond our limits for the sake of daily tasks and other objectives in life that the excessive pressure it comes with ultimately manifests in our health.

Luckily for those being afflicted with severe stress and all kinds of pressure, there’s a nutritional supplement that can help you deal with all these, as well as help you relax your mind and body to achieve a greater peace of mind, health and overall well-being. This supplement we’re talking about is Relax Holy Basil.

Incorporating Relax Holy Basil in your daily habit will help you beat stress from damaging your health, performance and overall wellness. Taking this supplement will help you clear your mind and give you the utmost focus required to be efficient in your tasks.

Getting to Know Holy Basil

Essentially, Relax Holy Basil helps you focus more in doing your tasks by relaxing your mind and body. It helps you combat stress effectively through 3 various methods to stress reduction.

First is the holy basil, which is the primary component in the formulation. It is the one responsible for providing anxiety relief. In fact, it has been used traditionally for hundreds of years as an ayurvedic herb that helps to soothe people. It does so by decreasing the physiological effects of stress to the body. When the negative effects of stress, both physical and mental, are lessened, you’re able to relax and concentrate more in order to accomplish your tasks.

Holy basil also helps you sleep well. Basically, the stress is heightened when you lack sleep. On the other hand, stress is also a major cause for sleeplessness. With these scenarios, you’re vulnerably stuck in the stress cycle until the body wears out due to extreme fatigue. With holy basil, you’re put in a more relaxed condition, so that it becomes easier for your body and mind to fall into a restful sleep.

Lastly, holy basic has compounds that are believed to be adaptogens. These are forms of nutrients that can help you get used to to stress by stabilizing the processes of the body. Given this, key stress hormones are restrained, so that your body is more focused and relaxed. When the stress hormones are significantly lessened, your body can return into a non flight-or-flight condition triggered by stress.

How Does It Work?

preview-full-shutterstock_562289344Stress is just our natural physiological response when there are threats around us. When this occurs the body’s mechanism to deal with threats normally increases. Nowadays we get stress from the tiniest, mundane things – traffic, deadlines, a fight with your partner, getting the wrong coffee, and so on. Basically everything in your life that upsets you leads to stress. Because these stressors are not rectified right away, it drags you down and accumulates over time.

As a response, the body releases stress hormones, which include cortisol, adrenaline and corticosterone. These hormones give the body a rapid surge of energy, which is known as the flight mode. These are distinguished by a faster heart rate, the rush of blood to the extremities, and a sharper mental capacity. These may sound like they’re great, but extended exposure to stress hormones exhaust the body.

This is where Relax Holy Basil comes into picture. It helps the body take back its composure and sort out the physical and mental effects of stress. As you regularly take this supplement, you eventually decrease your body’s response to stressors.

Relax Holy Basil only has Holy Basil as its main component where it also has 2% Ursolic Acid for maximizing the effects of the said ingredient. In general, holy basil is widely considered to be the most efficient natural alternative to aid people deal with their stress and anxiety.

Cost & Money-Back Guarantee

A 30-day supply of Relax Holy Basil costs $24.95. There’s a 90-day money-back guarantee that starts from the date of purchase in the case that you find the supplement unsatisfactory. For requesting refunds, you only need to contact their customer service at (800) 296-1686. You can also send an email at

Bottom Line

Relax Holy Basil can be a good natural alternative for coping with stress and anxiety. Being a natural ingredient, it does not have any side effects when compared to anxiety pills out there, which makes it something that you can consider if you’re one those people out there who’s being dragged down by the worries of everyday life.