Reviewing the Safety and Efficiency of Amino 1


Introducing Amino 1

preview-full-how-you-should-work-out-to-naturally-boost-your-testosterone-levels-980x457-1463046904_980x457This product is a sports beverage mainly for rehydration. It intends to replenish the amino acids and water that were consumed during workouts. This product is designed for athletes, both men and women, as well as those who undergo physical training. Amino 1 is not for bodybuilders only. It is produced by MusclePharm, a legitimate company that also develops supplements, multivitamins and sports beverages.


How the Product Function

It is only natural that the body requires more food after undergoing intense training since the cells have already used the supplied foods. Unfortunately, some people turn to fast foods to easily satiate their hunger, which is unhealthy. This what supplements like Amino 1 is for. Since it has branch chain amino acids or BCAAs, the body’s needs for nutrients is accomplished. When consumed, Amino 1’s nutrients ender the body right when they’re needed to allow the cells to continue working efficiently.


What are the Components?

Naturally, the body soaks up electrolyte water quicker than ordinary water. This is the basis of this product. Amino 1’s active component is coconut water. Since it’s known for its electrolytic properties, coconut water will certainly provide you your much-needed hydration more quickly. Liberal forms of BCAAs are assimilated into coconut water, so that you’re only hydrated, you’re also given muscle mass.


Duration for the Visibility of Results

It is reported that Amino 1 generates fast results. Its purpose is for hydration and helping you recuperate from training immediately, as well as alleviate muscle pains brought by your physical exertions. As a hydrating liquid, Amino 1 lives up to its promise since the results are immediate and this can be retained for a significant period. On the other hand, Amino 1 may take some time to take effect as a BCAA supplement.


What are the Product Features?

Its ratio of the important BCAAs is 3:2:1, which is immediately taken in and assimilated in the body for it to start taking effect.

The presence of coconut water as its active ingredient speeds up the blood’s fluidity rate. This results to your blood being more effectual and immediate in carrying nutrients and oxygen to all the cells in the body.

Amino 1 is available in various flavors. The taste is sweet even though there’s no sugar added in it. This way, more people can consume Amino 1 without worrying about sugar intake.

This product is reasonably priced when measured to other beverages for hydration.


Safety Precautions and Reminders

preview-full-shutterstock_548586616Just like the usual precautions, seek for your doctor’s advice before using Amino 1. This is to cross out the possibility of interactions when you’re also taking medications or other over-the-counter prescriptions to address medical issues. Its manufacturer does not recommended Amino 1 to women who are expecting, breastfeeding and even those are thinking of conceiving.

In the case that you notice negative physical manifestations, stop its use immediately and see your doctor. It is not advisable to go beyond the prescribed amount. This is to avoid experiencing any adverse reactions. Lastly, keep it away from kids to avoid accidental consumption or worse, overdose, especially since it is sweet.


Are the Adverse Reactions Associated with Amino 1 Use?

The reported physical manifestations linked to the use of this hydrating liquid are: dizziness, nausea, body odor, staining of teeth and stomach discomfort.


Are there Scientific Researches? What is the Proper Dosage and Price?

On the official site, there are no referenced clinical studies performed on the product. MusclePharm, on the other hand, included all kinds of information about Amino 1, so it’s easier to check for details when you need to. Moreover, this product has been in the market for some time now, and so far there are no major complaints or criticisms about it. This potentially indicates that Amino 1 works the way its company says it will.

The prescribed dosage, as mentioned on the website, is 1 scoop of Amino 1 combined to 12-16 ounces of cold water. You can drink this before, during or after your training. On your rest day, you can drink Amino 1 anytime throughout the day, unless instructed otherwise by your nutritionist or doctor.


How Consumers Feel About Amino 1?

The feedbacks for Amino 1 are mostly positive. Most testimonials are all about the product’s efficiency and how it immediately generates positive effects. Many users also appreciate its sweet taste, making it easier to drink. Based on many comments, it seems this product is more deliciously tasting compared to similar hydrating drinks. Amino 1 is also one of the few brands that are available in multiple flavors. This is great since it gives customers the option to choose. However, there’s just an issue about the product not working very well as a BCAAs supplement.


Bottom Line

All things considered, this product doesn’t generate serious adverse reactions, which is good. Overall, its strengths prevail over its weaknesses. Thus, there’s more reason to trust Amino 1 than not to. It is effective for the purpose of hydration, but not so much when it comes to gaining muscle mass since it works less as a BCAAs supplement. Despite this, Amino 1 can still help you sustain your present muscle mass, along with its hydration effects, so it’s still worth considering.