Reviewing the Safety & Efficiency of Active Mind


Active Mind Overview

preview-full-shutterstock_541040569Active Mind is created by Puritan’s Pride, which is touted to be a cutting-edge nutritional product that aims to boost concentration, focus, mental lucidity and overall performance and can do so after only an hour. Of course, such benefits won’t be possible without effectual components that are backed by clinical evidence. There aren’t any synthetic flavoring, sweeteners or preservatives involved in its formulation, as purported by its manufacturer. These components are as follows:

Citicoline (Cytidine Diphosphate-choline) 1,000mg

L-Theanine 100mg

Caffeine (as Caffeine Anhydrous) 50mg

Active Mind’s company also says that their product is not a marketing hype, but a solution backed by science.

But can you really expect Active Mind to deliver remarkable results in reality? Knowing that the industry is full of products that cannot live up to their claims, it’s hard to find a reliable supplement that does what is says it will do. As for Active Mind, you might want to think of these factors:


Understanding How It Work

On the outside it could seem that the health gains purported by Active Mind are direct as it’s touting to sustain mental lucidity “by assisting with attention”.

But if you think it through, the claim is, in reality, kind of unclear. Its vagueness is something we can do nothing about as there are no additional details provided as to what this exactly means. Even though the company failed to deliver more information, we found the answer to the question that bugs us someplace else. Read on to be enlightened:


Do the Components in Active Mind have Clinical Proof?

In contrast with several other brain boosters we’ve evaluated, Active Mind stands distinct by only containing three components. For these ingredients, WebMD has the following to say?

Citicoline is potentially efficient for memory loss associated with aging, increasing circulation in the brain as it also helps with stroke recuperation. The suggested every day dosage is 1,000 to 2,000mg, which makes Active Mind following the right dose.

Meanwhile, there’s not enough clinical data demonstrating that l-theanine can provide any health gains linked to brain improvement.

Lastly, remember that even though caffeine can surely help increase mental focus momentarily, it cannot help you improve your brain performance. What’s more is that some consumers encounter a “crash” after taking caffeine, so there’s that side effect. The suggested caffeine dose each day to be more alert is 250mg, but Active Mind only provides 50mg. Bear in mind that while this is obviously a lower dosage, you still need to be cautious when taking additional caffeine over the course of the day, like coffee or energy drinks. All in all, this translates to 2 of the supplement’s 3 components having adequate clinical proof, which demonstrates that results beneficial to the brain are highly likely. But one of these is associated with the thinking procedure.


What Customers Have to Say about Active Mind?

The supplement seems to be a relatively new item. For this reason, we didn’t find any customer reviews online. The only feedbacks we saw were the ones posted on the product site. Thus, it is hard to gauge Active Mind’s overall satisfaction level based on the customers’ reception because there are not a lot of them. For some customers, reading reviews from actual users are important because they get to have more information about the supplement they’re thinking of trying. This basically helps them come up with a more informed decision and makes you more cautious.

Meanwhile, the company, Puritan’s Pride, has other supplements like Probiotic Acidophilus. The company’s products, overall, have gotten varied online consumer reviews, with several users seemingly satisfied with their products. But remember that the most common complaint we found on the company’s supplements was about their lack of effectiveness.

The manufacturer is listed with the Better Business Bureau, though there is no rating available. There are 75 closed grievances as of January 2015. Most of these criticisms talked about inefficient customer support like the troubles customers face when it comes to getting the items. This does not directly mean that you will encounter the same issues with Active Mind, but it’s worth mentioning, so that you’ll be cautious.


Active Mind Cost and Money-Back Guarantee

This particular supplement can only be purchased through the company alone with the price of $19.95. You also have to pay an additional $4.95 to cover for the shipping and handling.

Your order will also subsequently register you to their autoship program. This gets you to obtain a monthly replenishment of the supply with which your credit card will be charged respectively with an addition of the $4.95 shipping and handling.

We think that free trials and the subsequent autoship enrollments are not meant for your expedience, but rather making sure you keep paying for the products that you may not want in the first place. That is why we generally recommend that you steer clear of companies that make use of these selling options.

Still, Active Mind offers a one-year money-back guarantee, less shipping and handling fees. To ask for a refund, call customer support at 800-214-9655.


Final Recommendation: Does Active Mind Have What It Takes?

preview-full-shutterstock_400222762Nearly all of the components in the supplement have undergone clinical studies and trials showing that they can enhance mental focus or help address mental decline caused by aging. If you’re having said issues, the ingredients in Active Mind are found to be potentially efficient in helping you solve your mental dilemmas.

But remember that Active Mind’s company seems to have a not-so-good image when it comes to their customer support. So, cancelling autoship programs or requesting for a refund may prove to be challenging for you. Additionally, it is ideal if you ask for your doctor’s advice first before proceeding with the use of Active Mind, or any other supplements.