Reviewing the Safety and Effectiveness of Geniux


What is Geniux?

preview-full-070323-thinkingIt is basically a nutritional supplement that touts to have a quick-acting, patent-pending formula that’s developed for improving alertness, reaction time, as well as for sharpening the memory and enhancing general performance. Its company says that Geniux is so efficient that it’ll make one’s quality of life way better, more interesting and just plain simpler.

The supplement has 20 natural, clinically-tested components that come from more than five decades of thorough studies to create the ultimate supplement for improving one’s mental functions and expand the possibilities of the mind.

Its manufacturer says that all you need to do is consume one capsule of Geniux in the morning, or even whenever you deem necessary with a glass of water. It is highly fast-working and potent that it is said you’ll be feeling the effects within only minutes.

The claims about what this product can do are truly amazing, especially if they’re for real, but are they? You might want to consider these first:


Are the Components Clinically Tested?

There’s no product label provided or even a comprehensive list of components, so there’s nothing to go to from here. This alone is plain red flag. The company just claims that Geniux has an assortment of 20 components and that they are totally pure with no fillers, but what are they? And what’s the precise quantity of every ingredient that a serving of Geniux contains?

Based on a list of citations located at the bottom of the product site, it seems that the product has royal bee pollen, manuka honey, propolis and tyrosine. Of all these, only tyrosine is considered as potentially efficient for enhancing mental capacities and memory under stressful cases or scenarios. It’s also been listed as potentially helpful for increasing focus following a sleep deprivation.

Nevertheless, we don’t know the precise quantity of the components, so we can’t know for sure if the ratio/proportion in the allocation of ingredients is even enough to deliver any kinds of positive effects.


What are the Adverse Reactions?

Generally, the components we know about should not cause any serious medical repercussions when taken by most people. However, propolis and bee pollen must not be consumed by people with pollen or bee allergies.


Nootropic Alternatives

In the last few years we’ve witnessed a remarkable proliferation of nootropic products. This includes Geniux, Brain Storm Elite, Neuroflexyn, and Evo Brain Pill to name a few. But none of these supplements are supported by any clinical proof that they are really efficient.

Supplements that assert they’re for mental functions enhancement can actually be a sign of being a scam.


Consumer Reviews/Feedbacks

preview-full-breathingDuring our research, which was back in February 2015, Geniux was relatively new supplement, so legit customer feedbacks were rare. This alone questions the claims of the company in which they’re saying that Geniux is already used by millions of people, because if this were true, we wouldn’t find it hard to look for real consumer feedbacks.

There were reviews, sure, but these were from affiliates who do fake reviews to boost their sales. These aren’t really feedbacks, but more of a marketing content to promote the product, so these don’t count.

We also found out that Geniux is created by Geniux Brain Supplements, which is mainly headquartered in Independence, Ohio. It’s not registered with Better Business Bureau though.

Generally, nootropic supplements, specifically the ones mentioned earlier, garnered an average score of 1.5 stars as of May 2015. The usual criticisms customers have over such products were ineffectiveness, expensiveness, and inefficient customer support. Though this doesn’t directly mean that you’ll experience the same with Geniux, at least you’re given an idea of how these products are generally perceived by customers based on their experiences.


Geniux Cost and Money-Back Guarantee

Geniux is offered via four buying selections:

1 Bottle (30 capsules): $39

3 Bottles: $90

5 Bottles: $125

7 Bottles: $140

Regardless of your choice, all Geniux supplements are offered with a 30-day refund policy, less shipping and handling, plus a $5 restocking fee. To initiate for a money-back guarantee, call the customer support at 844-823-2257.


Is Geniux Effective for Brain Enhancement?

As mentioned, there’s no product label informing us of the exact quantity each ingredient has. With this, we can’t know if the amount of these ingredients is in even sufficient dosage to make any difference. Plus, the clinical proof demonstrating that these components work to improve your brain is weak and lacking. There’s no scientific foundation at all. There’s also the issue that Geniux is pretty expensive considering it doesn’t have features and other traits that can make it worth trying.