A Review of the Product Insul-3X


Product Overview

Insul-3X is a weight loss product manufactured by Nutrition Scientific. It claims to aid in weight management through the increase of insulin sensitivity, reduction of your sugar indulgences and junk foods. With all these, you’re guaranteed to achieve a slimmer waistline and a flatter stomach, as asserted by the supplement’s maker.

This is said to be accomplished through the utilization of efficient components that are in sufficient quantities. Nutrition Scientific is also straightforward in telling customers that it’s also necessary to follow a well-rounded diet and moderate workout routine in order to see a notable outcome.

Understanding How the Product Function

To understand the body’s mechanism, let’s start with what happens after eating. Basically, after consuming carbs, the body disintegrates them into simple sugars called glucose. The predicament is that glucose cannot penetrate the cells naturally where it can be transformed into energy that can be used up.

Then there comes insulin. This hormone is secreted by the pancreas as soon as blood sugar levels augment. This helps the glucose penetrate the cells.

Defining Insulin Resistance

If you consume a high amount of carbs, your insulin levels are raised for a long time, regardless if it’s simple or complex carbs. If this happens frequently, it could cause insulin resistance.

This is when there’s not sufficient insulin to work, that’s why glucose continues to linger in the bloodstream. As a matter of fact, over 3 million people suffer from this medical state every year. If this is ignored and ends up being undiagnosed, it can lead to type-2 diabetes.

Is this Condition Curable?

Even though insulin resistance may cause more serious health problems, fortunately it can be addressed by lessening its severity or even completely eliminating it. This can be achieved though weight management, following a nutritious diet, and working out on a regular basis.

What are the Components?

Based on the product label, Insul-3X has the following components:

Proprietary Blend 1,500mg: White Kidney Bean Extract (Paseolus Vulgaris), Apple Cider Vinegar (powder), Gymnema Sylvestre (powder), Cascara Sagrada (powder), Garcinia Cambogia Extract, Chitosan, Aloe Vera (powder)

Will there be Adverse Reactions?

The good news is that the components present in Insul-3X’s formula aren’t dangerous. So, the only side effect you can possibly expect from using the supplement is minor stomach discomfort.

Insul-3X Price

This particular supplement can be bought with these selections:

1 Bottle (60 capsules): $49.85

3 Bottles: $113.82

5 Bottles: $149.95

Each purchase of the supplement also provides a free copy of Slim Down Diet Smoothies, as well as a 90-day money-back guarantee, less shipping and handling. The refund policy also applies to used or opened bottles. Contact customer support at 855-336-1098 or email them at help@nutritionscientific.com.

The Rise of Similar Supplements

Nowadays there’s the rising demand for anything weight loss or fitness related. Recently, we’ve seen several products and fitness plans being launched. They’re all guaranteeing insulin regulation and management. Some of these supplements include Thinsulin and SugarDown, among others. If you’re keen in looking for more selections, you just need to search for it online.

The prices of these products usually go from $30 to $50. There are also some of these that go as steep as $80.

Several of these nutritional products have one thing in common and that is the fact that most of the components involved in their formulations don’t have enough scientific proof that they can generate the positive effects being claimed by their manufacturers.

Can Insul-3X Help You Control Insulin and Eventually Lose Weight?

As mentioned, Insul-3X is produced by the company Nutrition Scientific. The company also makes other supplements for health improvements. They even have sugar-free chocolates. Its URL has been listed back in 2013, but there’s no About section on their official site, so we weren’t able to get to know the company further. We also looked them up online, but nothing came up. The company is also not registered with the Better Business Bureau.

Despite the fact that we don’t know a lot about the manufacturer, we believe it’s a plus that they did mention about the importance of following a nutritious diet and regular exercise regimen if the consumers want to encounter notable effects. Given this, the company doesn’t present their supplement as some kind of a miracle product.

On the other hand, it’s difficult to measure the efficacy of supplements in general if there’s also healthy diet and regular exercise involved. Could the results be because of your modified, healthier lifestyle? Or is it because the supplement is effective? Then there’s the question whether diet supplements are even necessary, or should people just stick to healthy eating and workouts.

As for Insul-3X, though a few of its components have the potential to generate weight loss effects, most of these ingredients aren’t backed by any clinical proof.