A Review of the Product Dynamik Muscle Gamma-Ray

Dynamik Muscle Gamma-Ray Overview


The manufacturer IFBB Pro Kai Greene lately was able to introduce his very own product line, Dynamik Muscle. One of the supplements included in this line of products is Gamma-Ray.

This particular supplement is essentially promoted as one that induces muscle pumps to its users, as well as delivering greater positive effects when working out.

When making a purchase of any supplement, it is crucial to evaluate the product starting from its claims, ingredients, creator, and other important factors. In this article, we’ll tackle these crucial points in order to determine if Gamma-Ray is really a genuine supplement that improves your workout performance and gives you remarkable pumps to get you looking like a real man.

What’s the Formula behind Gamma-Ray?

shutterstock_536206537Basically, the formulation of Gamma-Ray is simple with only four components included in it. The initial component in the formulation is a highly recognized component known for its ability to increase blood flow, the L-citrulline malate consisting of 2.5 grams.

This specific ingredient aids in the enhancement of blood flow throughout the body. With this benefit, bodybuilders use this amino acid to boost their muscle pumps. In addition, L-citrulline malate has also been demonstrated to aid in decreasing exhaustion when training.

In order to keep you hydrated during workouts, there’s also the presence of hydromax glycerol powder. Hydration is crucial during workouts as this helps your body keep going. So, if you’re settling on exercising for a longer time, or if you’re thinking of doing more vigorous routine into your regimen, this specific powder could surely aid in your overall workout productivity.

The final component in this workout supplement is called epicatechins, consisting of 25 mg. This ingredient has been the subject of research in order to substantiate its capacity for enhancing the regulation of muscle development through the boosting of follistatin to myostatin ratios.

This formulation seems to be quite remarkable since it delivers a great combination of hydration, pump, and even components that promote muscle development.

Proper Use of Gamma-Ray

shutterstock_561771916Being a product that’s mostly used for developing muscle pumps, Gamma-Ray doesn’t involve any stimulants. Given this, you can opt to consume this supplement by itself or you can also choose to take it with a pre-workout supplement, such as Dynamik Muscle’s Savage Roar.

To begin, combine a single scoop with 6-8 oz of water prior to starting your workout routine. On the other hand, since Gamma-Ray does not involve stimulants, the period of when to take it doesn’t seem to be as crucial as compared to other products. Some people even choose to take Gamma-Ray during their workouts through a shaker bottle. Hence, there’s no specific instruction as to the proper use of Gamma-Ray. It depends on how you would like to drink it.

In the case that you settle on taking Gamma-Ray alongside a stimulant pre-workout, it is recommended to begin with smaller doses of Gamma-Ray and the pre-workout supplement for the purpose of evaluating your body’s tolerance.

Are there Flavors?

This particular supplement is available in two flavors – Radioactive Blue and Melon Massacre. Nevertheless, there aren’t any reviews on these flavors as Gamma-Ray is yet to be delivered. Gamma-Ray has only been accessible for buying during a pre-sale.

Still, considering the names of these flavors we’re assuming that they’ll taste like blue raspberry and watermelon.

Gamma-Ray Cost & Serving Size

Every bottle of Gamma-Ray consists of 30 doses or servings with every bottle costing at $45. The pre-sale cost, on the other hand, is only $35. We’re quite unsure when the cost will increase.

What’s the Final Recommendation?

In general, it would seem that this particular supplement is a decent one in terms of increasing your workout performance and giving you muscle pumps. Despite the simple formulation with only a few ingredients included, it appears that Gamma-Ray includes these ingredients in sufficient quantities with no addition of any fillers or any unnecessary elements. If you want to boost your workout performance and want to get muscle pumps at the same time, Gamma-Ray is worth a try.