A Review of Evogen Carnigen: Is this Safe & Effective?


Evogen Carnigen: General Idea

This product touts to be a carnitine blend of high quality that’s also free from stimulants. Its formulation claims to aid the body in converting more fat to energy as it also encourages post-workout recuperation. Evogen Carnigen is said to contain a new form of carnitine that’s never experienced before among sports nutrition items. This makes it a grand supplement for energy boosting and muscle recovery. All in all, it is promoted by its manufacturer as the ultimate weight loss solution to be used before performing cardio or workout.

To obtain this, Evogen Carnigen is asserted to utilize primary vitamins, minerals and bioavailability boosters with four types of carnitine. Every form of carnitine has been assessed for guaranteed strength, potency and overall efficiency. Here they are:

Vitamin B6 1mg

Pantothenic Acid 3mg

Phosphorus 5mg

Magnesium 5mg

Carnigen Blend 1,000mg: L-Carnitine L-Tartrate – Touted to deliver cellular energy, to help recuperate from exercise, and to develop muscle oxygenation. Acetyl L-Carnitine – Touted to help deliver antioxidant aid to the central nervous system, sustain brain energy levels, and facilitate concentration. L-Carnitine L-Fumarate – May aid in augmenting energy production. L-Carnitine Orotate – The manufacturer refers to this form of l-carnitine a “technological breakthrough” due to its capacity to make sure that the blood sugar levels are low.

BioPerine 5mg

To maximize fat loss, the company says that Carnigen can be used with their Lipocide metabolic accelerator.

Evogen Carnigen recommends to take a single serving 1-2 times daily, ideally 20-30 minutes before your training. It also has a tasty flavor (raspberry lemonade). Just combine one serving of Evogen Carnigen with 4 ounces of cold water and drink right away.

Evogen Carnigen Cost & Money-Back Guarantee

preview-full-shutterstock_374999587When you buy Evogen Carnigen directly from the company, a 4.44oz container costs $34.95. This is equivalent to approximately 90 servings. You can also find this product offered at Amazon at a lesser price.

On the company’s page, we didn’t find any information about their refund guidelines. It wasn’t also indicated in their Terms & Conditions page. For queries and other concerns, you have to send them an email to info@evogennutrition.com or send a message using their online form since there isn’t any phone number listed.


Is Evogen Carnigen Effective for Muscle Recovery & Fat Elimination?

In its claims of weight loss, carnitine can aid in the transportation of fatty acids for them to be torched as fuel, but this does not directly mean fat loss as there’s inadequate proof that can support such claim. Moreover, carnitine has been demonstrated to be most effectual for people who have carnitine deficiencies, but as soon as the levels of carnitine are stable, there aren’t any notable health gains anymore.

As SuppWithThat.com states:  “Carnitine does possess the mechanisms by which it “should” burn fat, but has yet to demonstrate actual weight-loss potential in a clinical setting.”

But in terms of muscle recuperation, SuppWithThat says “Carnigen should be quite effective, given that the research in that area is unanimous.” Thus, carnitine has been demonstrated to be effectual in restoring muscles and helping with recuperation.


Evogen Carnigen & Hany Rambod

If you’re keen in Evogen Carnigen, you possibly already know about Hany Rambod and who he is. If you don’t, here’s who he is: Hany Rambod has a history in the world of bodybuilding. He worked as a trainer for 12 Olympia titles. He also worked as a trainer and prep coach for top athletes in the field. More importantly, Hany Rambod is the creator of Evogen. This surely adds integrity to some of their assertions.


What Users Have to Say about Evogen Carnigen?

Going to Bodybuilding.com’s forum, we encountered several feedbacks where many customers said they are pleased with Evogen Carnigen’s taste and that the supplement worked in giving them an edge during their training. In general, they’re saying that Evogen Carnigen lives up to its promise.

On the other hand, these reviewers were actually just given free samples for their reviews. Apart from these, we didn’t find any other feedbacks discussing Evogen Carnigen capacity as a fat loss and muscle recovery supplement.


Final Verdict: Is Evogen Carnigen the Real Deal?

preview-full-shutterstock_270033200 (1)Evogen Carnigen is one of the carnitine supplements returning to the fold once again, basically because there’s some scientific data supporting their assertions. Still, Evogen Carnigen will possibly be less efficient for fat loss, though it has been shown to work greatly for muscle recuperation. If you’re primary goal is weight loss, then this supplement may not be ideal, but if it’s for muscle recovery, Evogen Carnigen is suitable for your needs. There’s no information whether there’s a refund or not, so you have to reach out to the company to clarify on this. But since it’s also available on Amazon, you can also choose to acquire it from there.