recommended-male-enhancements-page5-featuredWhich Male Enhancement Product Should I Buy?

See which male enhancement supplements you should take based on your health targets. Read our take on the best male enhancement supplements of 2016.

This has been a great year for male enhancement supplements. We’ve seen the best results from male enhancement pills, and sales have hit an all-time high. It appears that the longstanding belief that male enhancement products are fakes or scams are now slowly disappearing, thanks to the  leaps in research and technology that finally allowed supplement companies to create products that actually work.

Male enhancement supplements are probably one of the hardest supplements to judge, since the results are not always quantifiable. A deeper understanding of the science involved is key to identify the best male enhancement products on the market today. We’ve seen a surge in customers in the male enhancement market, but there’s an even greater number of people who want to buy their first male enhancement pill, but like most of our readers, these individuals are trying to identify the right product to buy.

As we mentioned in many of our articles, not all male enhancement supplements are created equal. Male enhancement pills have varying points of emphasis for their formulas, and majority of the products created today are not designed to provide solutions for all the user’s needs. In this article, we will feature our top male enhancement picks to help you decide which male enhancement supplement is right for you.

1. TenGenix

TengenixTenGenix is one of the reasons why 2016 is a big year for male enhancement supplements. For one, it has been reviewed numerous times by reputable supplement review websites, and found that the ingredient composition of TenGenix is the best this industry has ever seen. Unlike your typical male enhancement supplements, TenGenix was not simply created overnight. It was continuously developed throughout the years to yield the best male enhancement formula that brings consistent results.

One of the reasons why TenGenix is the best male enhancement supplement is because it has something for everyone – it is specifically designed to meet the needs of any man looking for a male enhancement supplement.  Whether it is libido increase, sexual endurance, or size, TenGenix has it all.

It all begins with a fast-acting formula that sets the perfect conditions for penis enlargement. Fast-absorbing ingredients quickly affect the user in a span of only 30-40 minutes, making it a top supplement for individuals who have problems getting it up. After which, Nitric Oxide boosters and PDE-5 inhibitors work cohesively to deliver a highly-effective vasodilation effect, which is further intensified with the effects of libido boosters. The concept is to consistently increase the blood volume and pressure to create the conditions that would increase size through the expansion of the elastic tissue that make up the penis. The systematic effects of the TenGenix ingredients make it a great choice for any individual looking for the right male enhancement supplement.

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2. Biomanix

BiomanixBiomanix is one of the breakthrough products this year, marking an early lead in sales in the first quarter, combined with an almost-viral popularity increase that dwarfed the rest of the competition. The buzz has been going on since last year, when several individuals shared their experiences with Biomanix. Last year, Biomanix was only available on trial basis, and it took about a year to finally make Biomanix available to the public. It’s one of those products that gained popularity far before it was made available.

One of the reasons why Biomanix was the top choice in male enhancement supplements for many individuals is the definite size increase that people got after taking Biomanix. Men shared an increase of about 2-3 inches after consistently taking Biomanix, a result that was totally new for many male enhancement customers, since it was one of the first male enhancement products that yielded a definite size increase.

The technology that powered Biomanix to success is the Accelerated Expansion Technology, which focuses on increasing blood flow to the artery that feeds blood to the penis. This is done through a two-step vasodilation that starts with L-Arginine, followed by dual-purpose PDE-5 inhibitors and aphrodisiacs. The result is an increase not only in blood volume, but also in blood pressure. The increase in blood flow creates an expansion in the penile tissue that becomes permanent after taking Biomanix consistently for about 3-6 months. If you are looking for a male enhancement supplement that would definitely help you increase size, then Biomanix is your best choice.

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3. FCK Power

FCK-PowerFCK Power is one of the veteran products in this list. FCK Power has remained strong since it was introduced a couple of years ago, and despite the strong opposition from new products, it held its own and proved to be a reliable male enhancement supplement at any given day. Before the new products made their move into the market, FCK Power had already stirred up the competition with its loud, in-your-face advertising, combined with real user reviews that convinced many users to purchase the product.

FCK Power is a balance of vasodilators and aphrodisiacs. The idea is to create a gradual growth in penis size by allowing more blood to flow to the penis. The function of the aphrodisiacs is to increase sexual pleasure and sensitivity to sexual stimulus. The natural erection process helps increase blood volume and pressure to the penile chambers, which results in a rapid increase in penis size. FCK Power is a great choice for men looking for a consistent male enhancement supplement that has provided reliable results through the years.

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4. Sexual Overdrive

Sexual-OverdriveSexual Overdrive is a male enhancement supplement that focuses on libido more than anything else. As the name implies, it drives the user into a sexual overdrive, which results in a dramatic increase in sensitivity to sexual stimulus, sexual pleasure, and sexual endurance. For many individuals, these effects are enough to satisfy their needs for a male enhancement supplements. The benefits that sexual overdrive provides as far as sexual satisfaction is concerned is unparalleled, and it makes it a great choice for anyone who is looking for a male enhancement supplement that focuses on sexual pleasure.

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5. Blue Lightning

Blue-LightningBlue Lightning may be the odd selection on this list, but it has definitely earned its spot. Blue Lightning is a fast-action pill, which makes it a great choice for anyone who simply wants to be ready when the time comes. Some individuals are in the market for effective, fast-acting male enhancement supplements that can be used as a substitute for traditional meds. Blue Lightning has ingredients which can be absorbed by the body in as fast as 30 minutes, which rivals the effects of the best meds on the market today. Blue Lightning also comes in easy-to-carry blister packs – great for anyone who wants to be spontaneously ready for sex.

There you have it! Our selection of the best male enhancement products based on your needs. There are many duds out there, so be careful and do your research first before placing your order. All it takes is a simple Google search to find out everything you need to know about the product. For more information about the latest supplements, make sure to bookmark and visit our site regularly!