Reasons to Rethink Your Drink

man in business suit holding glass of alcoholic drink

Recent studies suggest overconsumption of alcohol can lead to things like low fertility. Other than alcohol affecting your fertility, alcohol has been linked to various other conditions and diseases. Here are just a few to help you rethink your drink.


♦   Colorectal cancer. Your chances of contracting this form of cancer is increased by 10-20% if you drink 3-4 alcoholic beverages daily.

♦   Breast cancer. Men can get breast cancer too. For every ⅔ of a drink that you consume daily, your risk rises by 7-10%.

♦   Oral cancer. Drinking 3-4 drinks daily increases your chances by 311%, when compared to not drinking.

♦   Esophageal cancer. Drinking 3-4 drinks daily increases your chances by 93%, when compared to not drinking.

♦   Liver cancer. 3-4 drinks daily increases your risk by 40%, when compared to not drinking.

Stress urinary incontinence

This is when your bladder leaks slightly every time you cough or sneeze. This is 2.4 times more likely in people who consume alcohol regularly.


Alcohol consumption and depression go hand in hand. The neurological effects that alcohol has on your brain increases your chances of suffering from symptoms of depression.

Hemorrhagic stroke

This is a type of stroke where your blood vessels break open. If you drinking more than four alcoholic beverages day, your chances to experience this type of stroke in your lifetime is raised by 200%.


Having only two drinks a day can increase your risk of pneumonia by 13%. The more you drink, the higher your risk becomes.

male friends toasting with their beer glasses heard about ProgentraHigh blood pressure

Two drinks a day increases your chances of high blood pressure by 25%. High blood pressure can lead to more issues including heart disease and a decline in your sexual performance. The more you drink, the higher your risk becomes.

Heart rhythm problems

This can be especially detrimental to your cardiovascular health. If your cardiovascular health is poor, it is a direct relation to your sexual health. With poor blood flow, you will notice problems in your body everywhere. If you drink more than 2 drinks daily, you increase your risk by 15%.


The more alcohol you drink the higher your chances are of having issues with your pancreas. Pancreatitis tends to pop up “randomly” and you will need surgery immediately. There is no other choice when you experience pancreatitis, but to get rid of your pancreas.

Liver cirrhosis

The higher your alcohol consumption is the more likely you are to contract liver cirrhosis. This can lead to liver failure.


At least 7% of American adults are addicted to alcohol. The most common forms are alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence. If you drink more than four beers on a daily basis, you are addicted to alcohol. You should consult your doctor about ways to help yourself and your health.


35-70% of people who have an addiction to alcohol, meaning that they drink excessive amounts daily, have insomnia. This is much more than the general population. Insomnia can lead to a lower work perform, sexual performance, and much more. You need your sleep to function properly and insomnia prevents you from getting enough sleep.

man clasping chest suffering from heartburn due to excessive drinkingHeartburn

Alcohol can affect the barrier between your stomach and esophagus. This leads to acid reflux and heartburn. Heartburn is a common problem of adults and can be hindering for everyday life.

Leaky gut

Alcohol can affect the barrier of your stomach, i.e. your stomach lining, and your intestinal lining. This allows more molecules to enter your body that you normally don’t need. This excess of molecules leaves you feeling bad and can create serious health problems.

Disrupted nutrition

The more alcohol you drink, the harder it is for your body to absorb vital nutrients. You need these nutrients to live a long, healthy life. Without vital nutrients your body loses muscle mass, strength, and bone structure.


Alcohol is many empty calories and people who drink excessively tend to be overweight, i.e. beer belly. Most people do not think of beer as calories and do not adjust their eating habits to match the amount of calories their alcohol is. Although it is not perfect science, alcohol and weight gain do link up.


Many of these issues are issues that people struggle with on a daily basis. Sometimes these conditions are life threatening, and sometimes they are only a minor inconvenience. Other than these issues, excessive alcohol consumption can lead to even more. Excessive alcohol consumption can cause injuries, including but not limited to, drunk driving accidents, violent injuries, falls, and even drowning. Did you know that 31% of all fatal driving accidents involve alcohol? It is estimated 90,000 people die in the United States every year from alcohol related injury and other causes.

This is a long list of problems that come from excessive alcohol use, but they can happen to anyone, even if you do not drink alcohol. None of these are sure science because every person is different and have different reactions to alcohol consumption. You should still be weary as these studies have concluded that excessive alcohol consumption is bad for you, no matter what.

There are some benefits to alcohol, but they are only benefits if the alcohol is consumed in moderation. There is only a small amount of evidence that alcohol actually provides the benefits that are claimed. These benefits include heart disease, diabetes, and ischemic stroke, the one that happens because of blood clots. You will only get these benefits if you drink your alcohol is small amounts, meaning one beer or glass of wine a day.

If you believe you may have a problem with alcohol, contact your doctor. They will be able to help you get on a path of recovery and treat any current condition you may have from your alcohol use. If you believe you may have any of these conditions, contact your doctor right away and set up an appointment.