Does Prolexin IGF Work?

About the Product

Prolexin IGF is another muscle-building supplement that touts to give you an edge with your training. This supplement also utilizes Deer Antler Velvet as its main component. Those who aren’t new in the world of fitness, sports nutrition, and bodybuilding, Deer Antler Velvet is pretty much one of the widely recognized products presently. Though the clinical proof isn’t fully established yet, there are many men, which include professional athletes, testifying to its efficacy when it comes to its capacity to increase physical functions and performance. As a matter of fact, the active ingredient here is IGF-1, which is actually one of the prohibited ingredients imposed by many professional athletic organizations. This only means it is highly potent.

Product Mechanism

This particular supplement claims to maximize your force and stamina, boost your lean muscle mass while decreasing your fat buildup, and even raising your sex drive. It also promises to accelerate the process of muscle repair and augment your muscle development. Plus, the Deer Antler Velvet in Prolexin IGF has its substantial component, which is IGF-1. It is linked to Human Growth Hormone. The increase in your strength, muscle growth, and recuperation come from IGF-1.

Other ingredients in this supplement are also said to be capable of increasing nitric oxide and testosterone levels. Both of these are crucial in boosting physical functions for either physical or sexual purposes. When your nitric oxide is increased, the blood flow is also augmented, leading for the muscles to get more oxygen and nutrients that they need in order to function optimally and recuperate fast. Moreover, boosted testosterone levels provide users further energy, endurance, and libido.

Ingredient Profile

The official page of Prolexin IGF does not deliver a full list of components, but it shows some of its most significant ingredients, which are as follows:

Deer Antler Velvet – the most active ingredient in Prolexin IGF, it comes from the soft outer coating of deer antlers, which has IGF-1. It has been demonstrated in studies to be effectual in improving physical functions.

L-Arginine – it boosts nitric oxide levels to improve blood flow.

Prolexin IGF also contains several vitamins and minerals to aid in the sustenance of nutrients in the body.

Product Features

It is claimed to boost athletic and sexual functions and capacities.
It is in spray form, which ascertains of its fast results.
The components present in the formula are natural.

However, as previously stated, the scientific substantiation regarding the efficacy of Deer Antler Velvet is still inadequate. Regardless, the ingredient remains to be popular due to actual testimonials of many users, including professional athletes. Also, Prolexin IGF is offered via a free trial, which means there’s an autoship plan to follow. Prolexin IGF is also kind of pricey.

Place to Purchase

If you want to try Prolexin IGF, you can avail one directly from the company via their free trial. When you get their free trial, you initially pay for the shipping fee to get a month’s supply of Prolexin IGF. But after the trial expires (14 days) and you didn’t cancel or do anything, you will be charged for the full price, which is $87.53. You will also be listed as one of their recipients of their autoship plan, which means you’ll keep on getting a monthly supply of Prolexin IGF with your credit card being charged for $87.53 plus the shipping cost every time.

The Takeaway

If you’re wondering whether Deer Antler Velvet can help you gain notable changes, you can try Prolexin IGF at your own risk. There’s comfort to the fact that the ingredients here are from natural sources, so there wouldn’t be any serious adverse reactions. On the other hand, Prolexin IGF is more expensive compared with similar supplements available in the market, so that may be an issue.