A Product Review of Testosyn


General Idea

By now you’re already aware that using testosterone boosters don’t come without a price and the price is usually the adverse effects that come with use of such products. This is true especially if it involves testosterone drugs as means of prescriptions.

preview-full-shutterstock_391822855However, it’s not the case for the product called Testosyn. A lot of customers actually love the supplement, saying it works and without serious side effects. These people are using Testosyn either to improve their training performance or to supply their bodies with testosterone to counteract their reducing T levels as a result of aging.

This just testifies that despite the negative connotation on testosterone boosters, there are still a few that work. It is important to note that products like Testosyn are developed to promote and increase the production of testosterone and substitute them.

Testosterone-boosting products are widely used by bodybuilders mainly because they’re able to help in terms of sustaining and developing muscle mass. Such products can also help boost one’s sex drive.

What are the Components in Testosyn?

Tribulus Terrestris (300 mg) – this ingredient functions by instilling a luteinizing hormone into the body, which rouses the manufacturing of testosterone. This component has been traditionally used for decades and is still here. Testosyn is claimed to be highly potent thanks to the high dosage of tribulus terrestris.

Fenusterols (300 mg) – this is an extract originating from fenugreek seed. It has a couple of testosterone-enhancing saponins, which are vital in the creation of free testosterone.

Horny Goat Weed (100 mg) – this ingredient does not directly aid in the process of muscle development, but it’s present in Testosyn’s formulation as means of increasing the generation of testosterone.

The rest of the components in Testosyn are pretty much fundamental. It’s great that the ingredients are contained in decent quantities.

Of course, there’s also the final component, which is the BioPerine. This is the one responsible for transporting the ingredients in Testosyn to where they’re needed.

More Info on Testosyn

Official site

preview-full-shutterstock_533382487Testosyn’s product site is helpful in terms of detailed information. All the necessary data such as contact information, consumer chats, refund policy, and supplement details are presented well. It’s also impressive that Testosyn’s manufacturer was able to supply their product’s label, complete with a list of ingredients and the respective amount to each of the component. Supplement companies rarely do this and it’s great that Testosyn’s is one of the few ones that understand the relevance of this information.This way, customers are able to review the ingredients in order for them to make an informed decision.

There are several supplement manufacturers out there that can’t be trusted. An impressive site, educational videos and efficient customer service are solid signs that a manufacturer is legit. The good news is that Testosyn has these qualities.

Customer Support

The contact information for their customer support is on top of their home page. When we tried to call this number, it only took 30 seconds for someone to answer and the customer representative was able to present helpful information to our queries.

Refund Policy

The company behind Testosyn does provide a 90-day money-back guarantee. This is more than the usual 30-day guarantees that other companies provide.

Purchasing of Product

You can acquire Testosyn directly from the manufacturer in order to avail of the 90-day satisfaction guarantee. But there are other options, too, which are as follows:

Store Price Shipping Buy Now
esupplements.com $49.95 Free Buy Now
XPISupplememnts $59.99 Free Buy Now
Amazon $50.00 Free Buy Now

Is Testosyn a Great Deal?

Testosyn is one of the few testosterone boosters that work without serious side effects while being legit.You can purchase it over-the-counter after all. It comes from reputable company, which is XPI. This also hints that the product can be trusted. Plus, the company provides a product label complete with names of components and their dosages.

Its price is also reasonable, for an efficient testosterone booster for a price of almost $60; Testosyn is really a good deal, something that’s rarely available in the industry.