A Product Review of Garcinia Purely Trim

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Garcinia Purely Trim Overview

This weight loss product is a newly introduced supplement in the market that asserts to be made from pure and natural components. Garcinia Purely Trim also touts to promote weight loss in the healthiest way possible by accelerating the supplement’s assimilation in the body. With this, utmost weight loss can be anticipated while metabolism is also improved.

Furthermore, Garcinia Purely Trim has hydroxycitric acid or HCA. This substance is naturally found in cambogia garcinia and is believed to slow down lyase and stop the body from converting carbs into fat. Also, HCA is also believed to boost serotonin levels so that your mood is enhanced and your food cravings repressed.

Are these claims for real? We think not so much. Below are our reasons:

Is Garcinia Purely Trim Effective?

preview-full-shutterstock_281029745We think it’s not as effective as it claims to be. For one, we’ve written a lot of articles about this famous ingredient. We’ve collected significant information and details about garcinia cambogia and during our research we’ve come to conclude that there’s no substantial proof that this component can directly cause weight loss. There’s just nothing that scientifically supports it. The claims that garcinia cambogia can help in weight loss are nothing but claims made stronger by the marketing hype that many garcinia cambogia supplement manufacturers create themselves.

Furthermore, when garcinia cambogia was featured on the daytime show Dr. Oz, the host suggested that such supplements have at least 50% HCA while others have 60%. On the other hand, Garcinia Purely Trim does not divulge how much HCA is exactly in this supplement. There’s no information indicated on the product website.


Garcinia Purely Trim & its Marketing Ploys

Since there’s no scientific data backing the claims of Garcinia Purely Trim, the company created their official site in a way that’ll be more appealing to customers, so that you’re likely to make a decision out of emotional impulse and not really a conscious, informed one.

What we’re saying is that Garcinia Purely Trim’s product site includes an image of a physically appealing model placed in the upper-left hand corner where your line of vision naturally sits, so that when you visit the site you create this idea that that’s what you’ll like if you purchase their product.

In the middle of the page, there’s the caption that says “simply a fast way to burn fat”. This gives the idea that losing weight is that easy, that ingesting a pill is what it all takes to create a significant physical and health change. There’s also the statement that Garcinia Purely Trim is out of stock because of the high demands from customers, making you feel that you have to get the product ASAP.

Then you read that you can get a “free” trial, so you just go for it because you’ve been affected by the emotional ploys that were used to mislead customers.

Does Garcinia Purely Trim Produce Results?

As of this writing, Garcinia Purely Trim basically was a newly released weight loss supplement. It was also advertised through a faction of third-party partners. Since these members get commissions from every sale closed, they frequently resort to making false consumer feedbacks that may seem credible in the beginning when these are actually just another marketing tactic by the manufacturer.

On the other hand, we’ve made evaluations on the most prominent garcinia cambogia products. This includes GC180 XT, Garcinia Cambogia 360, Slimera Garcinia Cambogia and many more.

Among over 170 reviews from customers, garcinia cambogia products get average ratings of only 1.5 stars. The typical grievances of these supplements are ineffectiveness, being expensive, and the trouble they go through to discontinue trials and autoship enrollments. Since Garcinia Purely Trim is generally similar to such products, it’s likely that you’ll encounter the same unsatisfactory experience.

Garcinia Purely Trim is created and produced by OnTheGo Brands LLC. However, the product and even the company itself are not registered with the Better Business Bureau.

Garcinia Purely Trim Money-Back Guarantee and Cost



The supplement can be acquired via its trial that lasts up to 14 days with a cost of $4.93 for shipping and handling. If you get this trial, you will get a 30-day supply of Garcinia Purely Trim. After the trial session finishes, your credit card will be charged $89.93 for the single pack of Garcinia Purely Trim you’ve gotten initially. You’ll also be automatically registered to their autoship plan, which will enable you to replenish your supply of Garcinia Purely Trim monthly, charging your credit card $89.93 each month.

It is significant to remember that we think free trials are devious means to get you purchase the product thinking it’s free only to end up with you paying the total cost anyway. You’ll also be enrolled in autoship plans charging your credit card every month while also making it hard for you to discontinue your enrollment. That is why we basically advise customers to stay away from manufacturers that sell their products through autoship programs.

As for the money-back guarantee, it is not indicated on the website if there is, so there may be no refunds available for Garcinia Purely Trim. If you want to discontinue your trial or your autoship plan, call the customer service at 800-686-5213.

Is Garcinia Purely Trim Genuine?

Since Garcinia Purely Trim contains no scientific proof that its component garcinia cambogia can bring any weight loss changes, it is apparent that everything being said about this supplement is part of the manufacturer’s marketing gimmick to gain attention. Also, Garcinia Purely Trim can only be acquired through its free trial and eventually becomes part of their autoship program. These are strong signs that this product is not for real. Plus, weight loss can only be achieved through proper nutrition and regular workouts. Any products saying otherwise aren’t genuine.