A Product Review of Arthri Zen


Arthri Zen General Idea

This joint solution is claimed to be composed of distinctive mixture of plant extracts that guarantee to alleviate your pain by relaxing the joints and the muscles. Arthri Zen also claims that it helps lessens swelling and achiness.


Defining Arthri Zen

preview-full-shoulderAs mentioned, Arthri Zen is made from herbal extracts that are meticulously mixed to come up with the ultimate solution for join aches and swelling. It is said that with this blending, the potency of each extract is strengthened, making the overall formulation strong and effectual. Arthri Zen is a topical cream that’s used through application to the affected parts of the body where pain reprieve is required. As its company asserts, Arthri Zen generates gains to those who are struggling with arthritis, back pain, knee pain, muscle pain, sciatica and others. This is said to be accomplished by changing the pain signal and improving the drainage of surplus fluid. With this, the swelling is significantly lessened. Arthri Zen can even moisturize the skin because the skin where the product is applied feels softer after.


About the Company

This particular topical solution is produced by RZN Nutraceutical. The company’s creator and the current principal scientist is Mark Lubin is the person behind Arthri Zen’s formula.


Understanding How the Product Function

Arthri Zen is claimed to function by obstructing the pain signals in the brain, which then leads to the alleviation of pain. It has components that improve the flow of the fluid build-up, which adds up to the swelling and uneasiness felt. When the excess fluid is drained properly, the swelling disappears and nerve irritation in the area where pain is felt is also decreased. Plus, Arthri Zen has menthol which is believed to possess natural pain alleviating properties. This works by leading the brain to be tricked thanks to its cold and warm sensation. It enters deep down the tissues and muscles and gives a soothing experience that makes the pain go away.


Arthri Zen may have these gains:

The topical cream may aid in the decreasing of muscle pains

The topical cream may aid in the reducing of joint aches, swelling and tenderness

The topical cream may aid in the enhancing of one’s mobility and elasticity

The topical cream may also lessen the rigidity of the joints

Arthri Zen gives a sensation of being massaged thanks to the warmth felt in the joints and muscles

Arthri Zen aids in making the worn out muscles and joints comfortable


What are the Components in the Product?

Below are the elements present in Arthri Zen’s formula:

5% Menthol

Methyl Glucose Sesquistearate:





Willow Bark

Natural Oil of Wintergreen (Gaultheria procumbens)

Avocado Oil (Perseagratissima)

Stearic Acid

Aloe (Aloe barbadensis)

Grape Seed Oil (Vitisvinifera)


Shea Butter (Butyrospermumparkii)


Arthri Zen Instructions for Proper Usage

Arthri Zen has to be applied deliberately to the skin. This is because it has menthol. Just put a little quantity on the skin and weigh if you can handle the warm sensation. You can add more of it if you feel like it is needed. Don’t use excessively because this can irritate the skin. Gently massage Arthri Zen methodically to ascertain fair allocation of the product. This will also help Arthri Zen enter deeply into the joints and muscles.


Safety Precautions and Health Reminders

Only use Arthri Zen slowly

The maximum use of this product is only 3-times per day, or as instructed by your doctor

Wash your hands thoroughly after using it, unless your hands are where the pain is and your hands are the ones that need treating

If you have allergy to any of the components mentioned above, don’t use Arthri Zen

Arthri Zen is not recommended for open wounds

Keep away from your eyes, mouth and nose

Do not bind the spot where Arthri Zen was used so firmly with a bandage

Arthri Zen is not ideal to be used alongside heating pads

It is not recommended for expecting or lactating women


Duration for the Visibility of Results

The company asserts that Arthri Zen will take effect within 30 minutes to an hour after using it, though this may differ depending on the person that uses the product. Generally, the topical cream boasts in its capacity to deliver immediate respite from pain.


What about Allergic Reactions or Adverse Effects?

Thus far there aren’t any allergic reactions reported nor does it have any serious adverse reactions. Some unpleasant effects that could possibly be caused by Arthri Zen are skin irritation, redness and burning sensation.


Arthri Zen Scent

preview-full-jointThough there is menthol, it doesn’t leave any strong scent thanks to the inclusion of shea butter, wintergreen oil and grape seed oil in the formulation. These components actually help to make the product smell nicely and are also the ones that make Arthri Zen useful in terms of moisturizing the skin.


Arthri Zen Long-Term Results

Wouldn’t it be ideal if you could use a topical cream that could treat joint pains and could use it for long-term care as well? Unfortunately, Arthri Zen can’t. In fact, it is not recommended for prolonged use due to the possibility of skin irritation. Arthri Zen is effective in treating joint and muscles pain, but the effect is momentary.


What about Clinical Studies/Research Performed?

There were clinical studies and tests performed to prove the effectiveness of the product. One of these was conducted by Palm Beach Research Center. The result was positive given that the control group utilizing Arthri Zen accounted a reduction in joint and muscle aches immediately after it was applied into the affected area.


Bottom Line

Arthri Zen is ideal if it’s instant pain relief you’re seeking. It seems to be well-liked by users since most of the feedbacks are good. There’s also a clinical study and test that could back up the company’s claims about its efficiency. You can select to buy a single tube to try its effectiveness. If you feel that the product’s performance is disappointing, then you can always look for other alternatives.