A Man’s Guide to Pleasurable Anal Sex with Women

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Anal sex always seems like the true crowning glory for men. The moment we get to slip it into the back door is a moment of pure pleasure and achievement. When it comes to bum fun, we’re game. However, women often complain about it being painful and uncomfortable. Similarly, they don’t drive all that much sexual pleasure from it as they do not have strongly sensitive erogenous zones in this area. With this in mind, if a lady agrees to let you in the sacred backdoor, you need to be courteous enough to make sure it is as enjoyable for her as possible. Try starting with these little tips.

 1. Don’t just go for it

preview-full-first_time_anal_sex_guide_497This is extremely important. The anus is an extremely tight hole and needs to be relaxed before you can put your penis in there. Equally, it is an exit hole only so the woman needs to be prepared beforehand if this is going to take place so that she can evacuate. Otherwise, it may happen during the sexual encounter, or she will be stressed that it might happen, which will cause her to be tense. Always ask first, never just leap for the gold.

 2. Bring lube

As mentioned, this is a small area. It will also only really provide its own lubrication when something is planning to exit. On this count, it is not like a vagina and it is not so easy to warm up. Making sure you have lube will mean that your penis can slide more easily into place. Make sure to be generous with the lubrication.

 3. Start with a finger

Although you might want to dive right, you need to relax the sphincter in order to fit a whole penis inside. To do this, you need to do it slowly, by gently caressing the hole. Use your finger to stroke the outside and gently push your finger in to loosen the butthole. Try to simultaneously pleasure her vagina as this will help her to relax, and will send messages to the whole area to stop contracting the muscles.

 4. Find your position

While you might think doggy style is the perfect route in, it takes the control away from her. In fact, many girls like to be on top when they are receiving anal as it allows them to control the speed and depth that your penis enters. Ask her what she would prefer and may trial a few positions with the tip of your penis first.

 5. Just the tip

preview-full-analStart with just the tip as you will be able to feel how she responds to this. You may feel her butthole clench, in which case, you want to be more gentle and slow down, as you will need to work on relaxing it more. However, you may find that it is easier to slide in than your thought. In which case, employing just the tip for a while will help her to relax and get used to the new sensation.

 6. Multiple orgasms

If you truly want her to get the full experience for anal sex, try to stimulate her clitoris at the same time. This will give her sexual vibrations all through the body and will cause her to orgasm in a multitude of different ways.

 Anal sex can be an exciting adventure with a woman, and it can be something that changes the dynamic of your whole sex life. The whole experience is easier if you have a strongly erect penis, so try taking Sexual Overdrive to make sure your erection is on top form.