Kegels Aren’t Just For Women

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You haven’t been paying enough attention to your pelvic floor muscles.

        That’s the case, if you’re like most American men, anyway. It’s not like there’s a pelvic floor day like there’s a leg day or back day to skip — even if you wanted to do so. You probably haven’t given much thought to your pelvic floor muscles. You might not even know what they are.

        The pelvic floor muscles are complex and surround the base of your penis and create a foundation for the bladder, your bowels and are important to your sexual health. They’re a network of muscles, and they need exercise just like any other in order to remain strong. Otherwise they’ll weaken and atrophy over time.

        Signs that your pelvic floor muscles have started to weaken include sudden onset of erectile dysfunction or the frequent, urgent need to urinate. Other symptoms can include fecal incontinence and dribbling after urination. This is especially problematic when it occurs away from the toilet. If you’re experiencing these issues, you should make an appointment with and go see your doctor. That way you can rule out other potentially more worrisome sources for those problems.

Note that you can also experience weakened pelvic floor muscles due to more than just atrophy.

        You could experience direct injury there, or have to rehabilitate the muscles after surgery to that area. But if the source of your issues is weakened pelvic floor muscles, then you can work on that on your own. No outside help needed.

crotch area of man taking Progentra regularly        If you’ve been having trouble in the bedroom, and you’re growing more worried about your erections not being as strong as they used to be, then you can find some significant help in strengthening your pelvic floor muscles. Studies have shown that muscles that focus on this muscle grouping have seen significant long-term resolution of erectile dysfunction issues. And this is a way to do so naturally, without having to resort to going to your doctor for a prescription drug.

        There are very simple ways to strengthen these muscles. And strengthening them helps with coordination, stamina and flexibility in that area making squatting easier, walking for longer distances not a problem and sex more enjoyable. Furthermore, there is evidence that doing exercises that benefit this complex network of muscles has the potential to help with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. So, what’s the simple way to exercise them? Well, have you heard of kegels?

Kegels are most often associated with women. Especially with older women who have experienced multiple childbirths.

        They’re used to strengthen the pelvic muscles — especially after childbirth. Childbirth is a very extreme and violent process that can leave the pelvic muscles stretched and weak. In order to tighten everything back up again, women do kegels. Healthy women prior to childbirth do them too, and it’s supposed to have some pretty intense effects on sex, for the the woman and the man. The pelvic floor muscles have an incredible ability to be rehabilitated with exercise — quickly regaining strength and elasticity.

For men, in order to first start doing kegels, you have to figure out how to target them.

        It’s recommended that you stand naked in front of a mirror. Then, without using your hands or your abdominal muscles, engaging only your pelvic muscles, try to lift your testicles. You want to avoid engaging your gluteal muscles or your inner thighs. If that’s not working, then another way to find the right muscles is to attempt to — while you’re urinating — try to stop your stream mid-urination. (Though please note that you should not do this every time you do kegels as it can cause bladder problems such as infections if you stop urination midstream too often and the action is, generally, considered unhealthy).

        You can also try to engage your sphincter, like you’re holding in a particularly heinous fart. If you’re doing it right, you should note that your testicles have lifted and that your penis has shifted, lifted or shortened with the tightening of your pelvic floor muscles.

        Once you’ve figured out how to do this, you won’t need to be naked or in front of a mirror anymore, thankfully. In fact, you’ll be able to do them anytime, anywhere, and no one needs to know. And doing the 3 or 4 times per day — with 10 sets each — you can see some pretty significant gains.

man doing squats and better kegels with Progentra pillsOf course, there are a few more notes to make sure that you’re doing it right and not going to injure anything.

        In order to do this properly, you need to make sure your not engaging any additional muscles, but also — as with any exercise — don’t hold your breath. Proper breathing will help with the exertion and keep you from hurting yourself.

        As stated above, you might find yourself wanting to contract your abdomen or your upper thighs or your butt in order to aid in the movement of your testicles, but then you’re not focusing on the right muscles. You need to target the right group or they won’t get the workout that they need. Focus on your pelvic floor muscles and only your pelvic floor muscles. And, if you’re doing it right you should see benefits in some other exercises you do — any that involve jumping or squatting, for instance. Furthermore, you should see benefits in your core strength as well as your coordination and balance when running or walking.

Doing kegels isn’t just for women anymore.

        Men can see significant benefits from focusing some time and energy into performing exercises to strengthen their pelvic floor. You can see physical benefits — fighting fecal and urinary incontinence. You can also see sexual benefits like harder and more intense erections, lower rates of erectile dysfunction, and lower incidence of premature ejaculation. This should benefit you with a better sense of self.  It’ll give you more confidence with women and with you self. It could even end up giving you a better and healthier sex life. So, try it out. You’ll be very happy you did.