Is Rexburn Effective?


At a Glance

Rexburn is basically a NO2 supplement that purports to increase your muscle mass while also helping you improve your sexual performance. This is said to be accomplished by augmenting blood flow in the body, which of course, is vital to boost muscle mass and sexual functions. Additionally, Rexburn is also said to enhance the manufacturing of hormones, leading to firmer erections and greater physical training.

More on Rexburn

preview-full-03-sexRexburn is one of those supplements out there that tout to boost your nitric oxide levels, so that your blood vessels dilate, which paves the way for improved transportation of oxygen and other vital nourishing components. Rexburn says that boosted oxygen and nutrient delivery are great for the muscles in terms of augmenting their size.

Rexburn’s site also mentioned about the product being helpful in increasing a man’s testosterone levels. But what exactly is a testosterone? It’s a hormone that gives a man his manly physical and biological qualities. It heightens muscle mass, makes the voice deeper, and it’s also responsible for facial and body hair.

Since supplementation of testosterone alone means you need to take steroids, which is prohibited, products such as Rexburn tout to make use of natural components that are claimed to be potent enough to cause testosterone increase.

Rexburn also claims that it can trigger themogenic effects, which constitutes to the boosting of heat via metabolic stimulation.

Do the Components Work?

On the official website, a product label is not included. With this, there’s no way to know of the supplement’s comprehensive list of ingredients along with their respective dosages. That’s why it’s hard to know if Rexburn is really effective since it’s hard to gauge with no information on its ingredients and dosages.

Generally, supplements like Rexburn use similar components. They typically utilize such ingredients as L-arginine, fenugreek, tribulus terrestris, beta alanine, tongkat ali, and in some instances they even use stimulants such as bitter orange for a quick energy surge. Even though some of these components have the potential to address erectile dysfunction since they’re able to increase nitric oxide, it’s a different story when the goal is to boost testosterone levels, which is harder to achieve.

Rexburn Cost & Availability

preview-full-shutterstock_364290842Rexburn is only available through an 18-day free trial. In this arrangement, you’re able to get a bottle of the supplement containing 60 capsules for free, except for the $4.95 shipping fee.

While you think this is a great deal, wait until the trial is over. Because when this happens, you’ll be charged for the full amount which is $99.95. That’s a lot more costly compared with a lot of similar supplements.

Simultaneously, you will be listed in their autoship plan. This constitutes to you getting a monthly supply of Rexburn with your credit card being automatically billed $99.95 for every delivery.

Moreover, Rexburn provides a 30-day money-back guarantee, less shipping and handling. You just need to call their customer support at 877-773-5152. However, the refund policy is only applicable to unused or unopened items.

About its Arbitration Agreement

If you read its Terms & Conditions page, you’ll know that by purchasing their product, you’re automatically bound to their arbitration agreement. This means your rights as customer are restricted, disabling you to go to court.

Final Verdict

Rexburn presents appealing claims, but all products do. The important thing to consider is its potential to generate substantial effects just how they’re advertised. For one, Rexburn is manufactured by a company we’re not aware of. There’s no information online about its manufacturer online.

Second, there’s no product label so we don’t know the exact ingredients included in its formula and we’re not aware of their respective doses, either. So, that’s an issue as it’ll be hard to gauge its effectiveness and side effects.

Third, Rexburn is only available through a free trial with subsequent autoship enrollment. While not all companies who use this method of purchasing are scams, it’s crucial that customers are cautious.

In the end, it takes a lot of hard work to boost your muscle mass. You need to undergo more intense trainings and you also have to practice a healthier lifestyle. It’s better to see an expert in fitness in order to help you do the right thing when it comes improving your physique. If you think that your testosterone levels are below normal, the best course of action is to see a doctor and not to explore supplements you’re not familiar with. This way, the doctor can properly check your symptoms and come up with a diagnosis. With a diagnosis, you can receive a more appropriate treatm