Increase Your Happy Hormones Now


We naturally want to feel good. Even when the situations prove to be unpleasant or challenging, we prefer to be capable of handling things with positivity. We know for a fact that negative emotions wouldn’t solve anything. They wouldn’t make things better. Nevertheless, these are also strong emotions that we find difficult to overcome. Our reaction to situations can be something that we’re not able to control more often than we care to admit.

While occurrences in life can be out of our hands sometimes, we can work on our resilience to deal with them with more fortitude. One of the ways to achieve this is if we do our mightiest to make the best out of every situation, which is possible when the body itself produces more happy hormones. Naturally, emotional responses have something to do with brain chemicals. We can take advantage of this connection by making lifestyle changes that can result in further secretion of the brain chemicals that help improve our mood and promote happiness.

Here are 10 ways you can do to increase the happy hormones in your brain:

1. Allot time with friends

Social connection can bring a sense of comfort. Basically, the feeling of trust triggers the release of oxytocin. When you’re with people you’re close with, you naturally feel great because of the bonding experience you share with them.

2. Hug someone

Hugging someone you trust also triggers the neurons in your brain. This is why hugging brings a sense of comfort. Hugging a friend, a special someone or a family member also brings more oxytocin. Thus, there’s a lot of happy hormones that get released just by the simple act of embrace.

3. Complete a project

Finishing up something you’ve started months or even years ago can bring a sense of accomplishment that’ll make you feel great entirely. If you’re into creative writing and you just haven’t practiced it because you need to work other jobs that can pay the bills, finishing a short story or even a screenplay after years and years of putting it on hold can liberate you from the chains of an unfinished task.

4. Try aromatherapy

Essential oils can help work magic when it comes to boosting your mood by calming your mind. The use of aromatherapy can bring about the release of endorphins that trigger a short-lived elation, which helps conceal physical pain.

5. Laugh more

Laughter will set off your endorphins, too, so why don’t you do it more if you’re aware that it has a better chance of making you feel better than being grumpy. Sure, you want to laugh naturally, not because you have to. But indulging in some funny shows or films can do the trick. Even funny videos of cats and dogs on YouTube can be irresistible.

6. Spicy foods

Spicy foods can also set off endorphins, so the more of these hormones the better you’re equipped with life dealing. Thus, if spicy foods can contribute to endorphins being released, then, by all means go crazy on chili peppers if that’s what it takes.

7. Be calm

While this is hard seeing we’re often outnumbered by emotions and outbursts, you should take this as a challenge. When you’re feeling stressed or anxious, make conscious efforts to change your emotional status. You can meditate, listen to music, watch funny videos, water the plants, or anything that you know can relax your mind even for just a bit. Don’t just wallow in negativity especially when you have a choice. If you don’t and you just let your stress accumulate, your cortisol levels will go up, which isn’t good health-wise.

8. Proper diet

A healthy and a well-rounded diet ensure that everything in your body functions normally. Bottom line is that a healthy body is a healthy mind. Even if there are external factors threatening your emotional equilibrium, you’re still well-equipped to face challenges when you’re healthy.

9. Bask in the sun

The radiant rays of the sun can get you a dose of serotonin. Plus, the Vitamin D it provides is also vital for making the bones stronger, combating depression, and increasing the immune system. Just make sure you don’t overexpose your skin. Remember, the UV rays are also present to ruin the fun.

10. Work out

Exercise releases all kinds of happy hormones, such as dopamine, estrogen, and serotonin, among others. When you get your heart rate elevated, from running, for instance, the endorphins are triggered, too. So, working out is basically a party where all the good ‘ol hormones gather round to make your life less wrecked and more groovy.