How to Improve the Sex in Your Relationship


Whether you have been in a sexual relationship for two months or twenty-two years, there are always going to be ways to improve that relationship. The problem is that always making sure that both people in the relationship are on the same page regarding sex is not an easy task. Things need to be talked about, negotiated and discussed. You need to make sure you understand each other and what both of you want in that relationship. Here are some ways you can start improving the sex in your relationship.

Maintenance on the Relationship

preview-full-Yamata-no-orochi_largeOne of the first things that need to be done when focusing on having a great sexual relationship is to provide maintenance to the entire relationship. If you only focus on maintaining the sexual aspect of the relationship, you are likely to hit a brick wall. If your partner feels like and knows that you support and appreciate them, they are much more likely to be more open about having a great sexual relationship with you.

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Examining the Relationship

Sometimes the problem in one’s sex life doesn’t come from the sex itself. There are often other issues in the relationship that need to be examined. It takes vulnerability to open oneself enough to have sex with another person, especially on the women’s part. Even if you have been with her for a long time, if there is something that is making her close up, this needs to be examined and solved before your sex life will improve.

Letting Go

Another reason that your sex life might not be going so well is that either your or your partner is stressed. Stress can do some damaging things to the relationship, especially in the sex department. If she is stressed, give her a massage and let her vent for a bit. This might help her to feel more comfortable and relaxed. If you are stressed take some deep breaths and talk about it with someone. This can help you to let go of that stress as well. Getting the stress out of the relationship can improve your sex life.

Be Respectful

preview-full-Break-UpIf your woman does not feel like you are respecting her, you are unlikely to be getting any fun action with her. If you show her how much your respect and care about her, she may be up for the game. If you have recently disrespected her, it may take some time for her to open back up to you again. Just keep this in mind as you continue being respectful to her from now on.

Make Sex Important

While sex should not be everything in a relationship, it should be important. If you aren’t having sex enough, that could become a pattern. Once you slide into that pattern, things in your sex life could become pretty dull. Make it more important. Show your woman how much you want her and let her know how much you love making love to her.

Let Her Know How Great She Is

Sometimes women feel as if their men don’t notice them enough. If your woman is feeling like this that could be why your sex life isn’t going so well at this time. You can start making up for this by letting her know how great she is. On a regular basis, tell her things that you love about her. Let your know how much you admire her and how much you are attracted to her.

When you go through with these tips, you will find that your sex life is improved. Remember, it may not all happen right away but the sooner you get out of that rut in your sex life, the better it will be for the both of you.