How to Get Rid of Love Handles-The Most Effective Ways to Do So


Fatty hips, otherwise known as love handles, are one of the biggest problem areas people have when it comes to losing weight. This area along with the belly are arguably the hardest areas to lose fat on the body, so it is no surprise that many people have problems in doing so.

A major problem lies in how people approach this issue, in that they think intense, fat burning workouts are the only, and most effective way in doing so. While fat burning workouts are a great weapon to add to the arsenal, there is much more you need to do. The first step is to understand why you have the problem in the first place.

Love Handles Are Indicative of More Serious Health Problems

Many people are dismissive of their love handles because that is where fat first accumulates in many people, and they may not be fat elsewhere so they ignore it. A major issue many people suffer from is something we like to call being “skinny fat”, where you don’t appear to be obese, and just have a little chunk in the midsection and hips.

These people may not be obese or even overweight, and thus are under the false pretense that they are healthy. The problem with this is that fat in the midsection can cause other problems like diabetes outside of just not looking great.

These conditions can lead to other issues down the line, and are reason enough to get rid of these love handles, so what is the best way in doing so?

Be More Concerned About What You Eat

A major problem revolving around this issue is that the main solution to the problem is going to the gym or exercising to lose all of those calories and thus fat.  Many people do not realize that just one small snack can completely out do all of that work they did at the gym, because they are under the impression that they are burning more calories or doing more work than they actually are.

Many of the calorie counters or trackers at the gym you typically find on cardio equipment are just simply inaccurate, and a poor way to determine calories lost. A better way to control your weight is through diet.

One of the first things you should do is to eliminate all additional sugars you eat in your diet. Many people are too concerned about calories themselves and not where they come from, which plays a huge role in metabolism and fat gain.

These sugars are not only empty calories that are just going to amount to more fat gain, but also spike your blood sugar in the process which can lead to things like insulin resistance, more fat gain and potentially diabetes.

Exercise More Often to Supplement Your Weight Loss

While exercise isn’t going to lose the weight all on its own, it certainly will help to do so. Many people make a mistake here as well, in choosing the wrong program to lose their love handles.

The number one mistake people make in trying to lose weight in any problem area, is to target that area. This is a horrible strategy because spot removing fat does not work. Not only that but by targeting the problem area you will be building up that muscle underneath, which will make your hips in this case look even fatter.

To best get rid of the fat in your love handles, you want to do exercises that are going to burn the most calories in the shortest amount of time to get the most out of your workout. The best programs for this are going to be ones that involve some type of interval training high intensity exercise.

These exercises revolve around keeping your heart rate at about 80-90% of its maximum capability, which means you are continuously burning calories at a high rate throughout the exercise. You can pretty much do any type of exercise you want in this program, which is one major benefit here.

The key being to do so at a fast pace, with moderate effort to keep your body stressed. This will ensure that you see the best results possible, with the least amount of time needed to do so.  Most people are under the impression that weight loss requires hours of cardiovascular exercise daily, but if you know how to approach it properly it can be done without being such a time sink.