FCK Power Review: Is it Effective?

FCK Power Review: Is it Effective?

FCK Power Review: Is it Effective?

FCK Power Summary


FCK Power is promoted as being the ultimate sex weapon which will eliminate the need for any other solution. This company says that it has created the perfect blend of ingredients to increase the size of erection; improve firmness; and kick stamina up several notches.

They claim that these properties stimulate testosterone production and give the libido a hard core boost. These compounds are said to be hand selected because they are known to increase nitric oxide levels and promote healthy penile circulation.

They further asset that they have formulated their product with heightened levels of all of these ingredients. This is a review to explore the company claims and the scientific data behind them.


FCK Power Ingredients and FunctionsMucuna pruriens


Horny Goat Weed is known to function as a vasodilator to facilitate healthy body and penile circulation. Vasodilators have the ability to increase penile firmness and size. It is also proven to improve both the libido and sexual performance.

Muira Pauma can be found in ancient South American medicine because it possesses the capability to not only enhance your libido, but help you achieve firmer erections more frequently.

Mucuna Pruriens is also known as Velvet Bean and is an actual member of the legume family. It has been to shown to increase sperm motility and count. This bean offers dopamine which increases testosterone and modulates cortisol reducing stress.

Yohimbine is obtained from the bark of a tree native to Central African. It is proven to be cardio-protective and facilitates healthy blood flow in the body, especially around the genital area. It has the capacity to intensify desire and enhance sexual performance.

Maca Root has been proven to stimulate sexual desire; build stamina; and kick energy level butt. It also offers many benefits for those suffering from erectile dysfunction and/or compromised testosterone levels.

In studies, Panax Ginseng was shown to stimulate the libido and boost testosterone manufacture. It increased sperm motility through enhanced nitric oxide levels as well. It is well known that NO enhancement can improve the penis size and firmness while erect.


FCK Power Dosage


The package advises users to take 2 capsules each morning at the same time for best results.


FCK Power Pros and Cons


FCK Power Pros


  • The manufacturer provides a 30-day money back guarantee.
  • The ingredients in this formula are scientifically validated.
  • It is simple to find the order page to order this product.
  • There are tons of positive consumer reviews for FCK Power.
  • The manufacturer provides a great trial offer.


FCK Power Cons


  • Consumer are responsible for all shipping costs associated with refunds.
  • This product is only available through online sources.
  • FCK Power is a popular supplement and must be reordered religiously as stock runs out quickly.


FCK Power Shop Spot


Consumers may order this product from the FCK Power company website. They offer the first bottle free, if consumers pay only S&H.


FCK Power ConclusionLaboratory trials


All of the ingredients in FCK Power have been clinically tried and validated for the effectiveness of the claims. The company also offers a pay S&H only trial of their product. It seems very likely that this formula could provide male enhancement advantages.