How Effectual is Al Sports Nutrition Recover Pro?


Recover Pro is a BCAA supplement developed by the company Al Sports Nutrition. BCAAs or branched chain amino acids are essential in muscle growth and recovery because they’re the building blocks of protein. They’re able to boost protein synthesis, the recuperation of muscles after intense workouts, and the stamina of the user’s body during training. BCAAs have also been demonstrated to decrease body fat.

How Does It Work?

As mentioned, BCAAs are crucial for muscle development being the building blocks of protein. Their primary significance is widely recognized by athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts. They’re a staple in the industry because of their capacity for improved protein synthesis and muscle recovery. There are three BCAAs – Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine. Leucine is the most essential of these three because it is the one that’s mainly accountable for the stimulated activation of mTOR signaling passageways, which impacts protein delivery and fusion. Nonetheless, the other two BCAAs are also vital in the process as their inclusion can promote optimal effects. This is the reason Al Sports Nutrition has a ratio of 4:1:1 for Recover Pro rather than the standard 2:1:1.

Ingredient Profile

A scoop of Recover Pro contains 8 grams, which consists of the following: 4 g Leucine, 1 g Isoleucine, 1 g Valine. Other components that make up the other 2 grams are citric acid, natural/artificial flavors, acesulfame potassium, sucralose, quercetin.

However, Recover Pro also seems to include fillers in its formula. Looking at the ingredient profile above, 6 of the 8 grams are BCAAs, so that’s 75 percent. However, it also indicates that the remaining 25 percent is filler components.

Recover Pro Cost

The good thing about this supplement is that it’s reasonably priced. It has a market price of $18 for a container that can make 42 servings, though you can possibly get it for a much lower price if you just dig deeper for other deals.

Recover Pro Taste & Mixability

The taste is quite good and it mixes greatly too considering it’s a BCAA supplement. For one, its lemon flavor has a delicious savor in the mouth when mixed with 15 oz of cold water. We can assume that this is because of the fillers involved. They’re able to conceal the aftertaste of BCAA, so it has a smooth taste and feel when being consumed. Recover Pro is also available in raspberry flavor, which is great, too, in terms of taste and mixability.

Is it Effectual?

Recover Pro has its claims of effectiveness that can help users achieve their fitness, physical, and health goals and the supplement appears to be living up to its promise. It is effective as a BCAA supplement. Users are able to feel a notable difference with the use of this product. It’s good for using alongside a post-workout supplement. Using Recover Pro also makes you experience the recovery your body undergoes after training, which is its main purpose in the first place.

Recover Pro is also useful when it comes to developing lean muscle mass. Leucine is the one that’s mainly in-charge when it comes to providing anabolic effects in BCAA. It also is the main catalyst of protein synthesis and is even capable of boosting insulin after training. Recover Pro is also said to be helpful in boosting the body’s endurance that many users report that the use of this supplement has helped them increase their performance when working out. With Recover Pro, consumers are able to make themselves more productive when training. Plus, Recover Pro is effective in a way that it helps users sustain their muscle mass while shedding fat.

Bottom Line

Recover Pro is truly a decent BCAA supplement. It’s good for the stamina and it significantly helps the body to recover after an intense workout. It has many positive feedbacks from customers. It also helps that it tastes great and it mixes well, which makes it a convenient drink. Its price isn’t so bad. For only below $20 considering its effectiveness, Recover Pro is something worth trying. Some customers have issues about the fillers involved in its formulation though. As explained earlier, only 75 percent of Recover Pro’s formula is BCAAs and the rest is fillers for its additional flavoring. Still, Recover Pro utilizes the ratio of 4:1:1, which is something that’s not usual in BCAA supplements. It is available in two flavors – lemon and raspberry, which are both tasty.