Is CytoSport Monster Blend Genuinely Effective?

About CytoSport Monster Blend

Monster Blend is a muscle-building supplement by Cytosport that promises to generate amazing benefits with its significant concentration of protein. The supplement is for boosting muscle recuperation and protein fusion, so that you’re able to increase your chances of developing your lean muscle mass.

To find out whether Monster Blend is a value for money or not, let’s dissect the supplement further to check if it contains worthy ingredients in their sufficient doses for the purpose of making a great deal of difference in your body.

What are the Components?

This particular supplement delivers the normal 25 grams of protein in each serving. It also contains low calories and gives 6 grams of carbohydrates. Get to know the components in Monster Blend by checking below:

Milk Protein Isolate (15 grams): This type of protein has been filtered, resulting to lactose being eradicated. The result is claimed to be 90 percent protein by weight. It also has casein and whey proteins. Plus, the amino acids contained here are of premier quality.

Whey Protein Isolate (10 grams): Whey protein is a highly typical protein powder that is mostly used in several protein powders for athletic purposes since it is believed to be effective in augmenting lean mass and muscle protein fusion. The overall outcome here is enhanced muscle enlargement.

L-Leucine (1 gram): This is one of the 3 branched-chain amino acids that contribute in boosting the recuperation of muscles. It is also specifically researched for its capacity to activate protein fusion. When protein synthesis is increased, it constitutes to improved muscle development as well.

Protease Enzymes (ProHydrolase) (125 mg): This component is involved in Monster Blend’s formula in order to increase protein catabolism and help with efficient digestion and absorption.

On the whole, the component profile of Monster Blend is great. There’s nothing distinctive about it, but at least it’s reliable. This is ideal for those who have issues with consuming dairy products since both types are isolates, plus there’s also ProHydrolase.

Proper Use of the Product

Proper use of this protein supplement is like any other protein product – either before or after your training, whichever you prefer. Combine 1 scoop of Monster Blend with 8 oz of water 1-3 times each day, depending on your body’s daily protein needs. Each one has different protein requirements, so you have to assess your individual needs. If you prefer to augment the calorie content in each serving, you can do so by combining Monster Blend with milk or you can also add some peanut butter for supplementary protein, depending on your preference.

Monster Blend Cost & Accessibility

This particular muscle-growth supplement is offered in two bottle sizes – a 23-serving and a 43-serving bottle. The prices of these are $38 and $47, respectively. The price can vary depending on where you buy Monster Blend. As for the supplement’s flavorings, there are only two: vanilla and chocolate.

What’s the Final Recommendation?

By and large, Monster Blend is a standard protein supplement. There’s nothing distinctive about its ingredients, but they’re reliable and they’re in sufficient doses. These are enough reasons to give Monster Blend a try as far as quality goes. It’s also great that this protein powder is reasonably priced. It’s ideal for people who are fine with average supplements with budget-friendly costs, too.

Since Monster Blend only has two flavors, it won’t match your preference if you’re into more varied tastes. As mentioned, Monster Blend is an average protein powder. Its ingredients are typical, but they’re also decent. They’re a must try if you’re fine with dependable protein powders with reasonable prices.