Confidence Isn’t Your Middle Name, But It Should Be

confident good looking man content with Progentra supplement

Confidence is highly desirable, both in men and women. People love to know that you love yourself. This may give them hope they can love themselves and reach their potential. You are a confident man, but how? Let’s look into some ways you display your confidence, assert your opinions, and get respect purely just by how you carry yourself.

First, a definition. What is the difference between self-confidence and self-esteem?

Self-confidence is a belief in our judgments and decision-making abilities.

Self-esteem is how you measure your self-worth. It is tied to your emotions about yourself.

Okay, now those 10 ways.

#1 You Believe In Your Decisions

Your value your own decisions over other people’s. Even if your decision is made from intuition, you still put your decisions before others. You often choose a path and stick with it because you know you are intelligent and have enough experience to make the right decisions for your life. No one knows you like you do, so no one knows what will make you happy. Your goal in life is to make the best decisions for your life, not to ask for permission.

#2 You Ignore Negativity

positive confident man who takes Progentra relaxes on chairA part of remaining happy is to either ignore or remove negativities. Your confidence stems from a positive belief in yourself. Being around negative people and immersing yourself in the news can place a dark cloud over you, ruining your forward momentum. You surround yourself with positive, upbeat people who enjoy companionship, are ambitious, and share their resources.

#3 You Accept Your Mistakes

Everyone has made mistakes. Each day every person makes at least one error. You don’t dwell on your mistakes or allow them to affect your self-esteem. You focus on learning from your blunders because you know they are teaching opportunities. Each slip up belongs to you and so does the teaching opportunity.

Always ask yourself, “What have I learned from my mistakes?”

#4 You Focus On Your Strengths

When you are putting a price on your strengths, don’t give yourself a discount. Focus on the intellectual, personal, physical assets that you possess. Each helps you grow more into yourself and use your skills to help mankind. What are all of the positive traits you have? List them out. These are the assets you can share with the world.

#5 Gratitude Is Key

Gratitude is directly related to humility. It buoys your spirit as you focus on what you have, not what you don’t have. When you look at the positive things in your life and focus on them, you will find each day is filled with hope and new opportunities. This hope supports your confidence and puts a smile on your face. Your humble demeanor can be used to bring positive people in your life. If you feel down, ask yourself, “What are some good things happening to me right now?”

#6 You Value Yourself

When you look in the mirror, instead of seeing your flaws you focus on your strengths. You may list your positive aspects and decide what steps you need to take to improve your weaknesses. The mirror does not fill you full of shame, it helps you appreciate yourself more. Your confidence comes from knowing your worth and living up to your criteria for success, whatever they may be.

#7 You Accept That Change Is Inevitable

People who struggle accepting change often live in a state of misery and anxiety. They try very hard to control their surroundings, other people, and themselves, all in the hope of keeping things the same. But, as a confident man, you know change is needed for evolution. At times, you seek out change to challenge yourself so you can continue improving. When you look in the mirror today, you will see a man, and when you look tomorrow, you will the same man, but he will be slightly different. He will have aged a few hours, smiled a few more times, and laughed well into the afternoon. You ask yourself, “What am I doing to change that is positive?” and “What am I learning?”

That is the change you focus on and it excites you every morning.

#8 You Know You Are Worth Of Happiness

confident well dressed man happy with Progentra pillsThis may be the biggest sign of a confident man. You radiate joy during the day because you know you are worthy of it. You will have a very difficult time attracting a partner, money, or success if you don’t believe you are worthy of happiness. Without the belief you are worthy, you won’t go after these things you want in life. Even if you received these things you may feel you don’t deserve them. When happiness comes, you are able to accept it fully, no questions asked. And that is an amazing thing.

#9 You Care For Yourself

Tied to your worthiness of happiness is your body. Taking care of it, now, will positively affect your happiness in the future. You buy products that will accentuate your features, hair, and skin. You exercise in order to keep your body in good shape, so you may live longer with a higher quality of life. In addition, taking yourself allows you to be more effective during your youth and build the life you want in the future.

#10 Imperfections Are Built-In

As a confident man, you know imperfections are cooked into your DNA. They are unavoidable and do not mean there’s anything wrong with you. There are thousands of other men who have your same flaws and they’re doing well. Many years ago, you integrated your flaws into yourself and accepted them fully. Without the concern with your imperfections, a lot of anxiety and stress is no longer your burden.

Being confident is more than reachable. It takes a strong will to be yourself, not let others take control of your life, and love the life you have.