Cell Phones and their Health Risks

group of friends busy on their cellphones

The modern life that we so-called enjoy in the present calls for the use of electronic gadgets to make said life easier, simpler, and more convenient. That’s why almost every person in the world uses a cell phone on a daily basis. By 2019, the global number of mobile users will reach the five billion mark.

Years ago, only adults own cell phones. Now even kids and toddlers have mobile phones of their own as means of portable entertainment. With all these mobile devices that are easily made available to everyone of all ages, should we be worried about health risks?

Absolutely. It’s crazy and irresponsible not to. Smartphones are the most widely used cell phones these days. With the advent of the internet and the rise of social media, a cell phone to call and text is simply not enough.

On the other hand, smartphones are also one of the few devices that produce high radiation levels. For instance, putting your smartphone, or any cell phone in that regard, in your pocket can be detrimental to the reproductive organs. That’s just one of the risks, albeit not yet conclusive.

Here are 5 other ways cell phones can damage your health:

1. It increases the risk of cancer

A research in Sweden signifies that decades of cell phone use can triple the risk for brain cancer. Of course, there are also other studies suggesting that there’s no solid evidence associating tumor with cell phone use. Research on whether cell phone use can have a negative impact on the brain and its functions is still ongoing. Nevertheless, it wouldn’t hurt if you make conscious efforts to try to lessen your cell phone use, especially when not necessary.

2. It results in poor sleep

man on his phone while in bedRecent studies suggest that cell phone use can negatively impact your supposedly restful sleep. These studies imply that people with smartphones in the bedroom sleep less each night. Moreover, the radiation from cell phones is also more detrimental to children than adults. One study reported that a kid’s brain tissue and bone marrow, in reality, take in a higher amount of radiation than those of adults.

3. It makes us prone to diseases

In all honesty, people don’t often think about how clean or dirty their mobile phones are. This is bad news considering the latest research shows that cell phones could be as dirty as public toilet seats. And since mobile phones produce heat, it’s something that bacteria consider a great breeding spot. Thus, consider disinfecting your phones since the germs present in there can always bring infections.

4. It affects people psychologically and socially

Many studies have evaluated the way mobile phones change the way people think. Eventually, it was found that cell phones hamper one’s normal socialization. Averagely, young adults check their phones at least 60 times each day. This alone is an indication that being hooked to such devices could lead to addiction problems, affecting one’s psychological and social capacities.

5. It brings possible spine misalignment

office workers tinkering on their phones

If you’re glued to your phone most of the time, chances are that all those tilting down for many hours per day to look at your screen can have physical repercussions, which include neck and back pain as well as migraines. If you’re feeling some pains in these areas and you confess to spending so much time on your phone, then you know what you need to do to get rid of the physical discomfort.

Final thoughts

As years progress, more and more health institutions and communities are recognizing the possible side effects of excessive mobile phone usage. In fact, WHO stated cell phones are “possibly carcinogenic” back in 2011. The number of studies suggesting potential danger with regards to the use of mobile phones continues to proliferate, which clearly sends a strong message of caution.

This is one of the reasons there’s now re-evaluation of safe radiation exposure limits for mobile phones, which is something that hasn’t been looked at since 1996. It’s also time people start seeing the use of phone as a liability especially with regards their health and well-being.

By and large, cell phone use means exposure to a significant level of radiation and radiation is bad news. In order to protect yourself from potential dangers that radiation can generate, you need to make conscious efforts to reduce the amount of time you spend using such electronic device. If you’re at home, you can put your phone in speaker mode to minimize your exposure to radiation.