Naturally, your weight loss management plan should include eating a healthy and a well-rounded diet. This doesn’t just refer to just plainly eating fish or chicken with salad. There are herbs and spices that can significantly help you lose weight and these aren’t just claims. There’s scientific proof to the usefulness of such, not just for added nutrition but for helping with weight loss, too.

Basically, herbs and spices are the ideal way to spice up your food without the additional calories, sodium, sugar, or other harmful additives, which you have to get rid of in the first place if you’re trying to lose weight. By adding natural flavor to your food, you get to enjoy its taste. Studies show that if you don’t like the taste of the food you eat, there’s less probability of you committing to any diet, regardless of your discipline.

Herbs and spices don’t just make your food tastier. It’s also been found that they can help increase your metabolism and boost your body’s mechanism to torch fat at a faster pace. Here are 9 herbs and spices that can do great wonders for your health and make you more likely to shed pounds.

1. Turmeric

This spice is able to boost your body heat, which can increase your metabolism. The faster metabolism you have, the easier it is to lose weight. You can also gain a lot more from using turmeric, such as it helps people combat Alzheimer’s disease.

2. Cinnamon

Cinnamon has been demonstrated in studies to stabilize blood sugar, repress your appetite and cravings, and make you feel satiated for a longer period of time. Such benefits can definitely help you lose weight since your tendency to eat too much and frequently is controlled thanks to this spice.

3. Cayenne

Just like turmeric, cayenne is the kind of spice that can increase your body temperature, which leads to a faster metabolism. As a matter of fact, sprinkling some cayenne into your food can help you torch up to 100 calories in every meal.

4. Cumin

This spice can significantly help you shed pounds. Based on the latest research performed on eight women, adding one teaspoon of cumin to your meal each day can help you torch up to three times more fat. This discovery is incredible considering this spice is everywhere.

5. Ginger

Ginger also helps regulate your blood sugar, just like cinnamon does. This means that by ginger consumption through being added to your meals, you’re able to avoid a spike in your blood sugar levels eating a meal loaded with sugar or carbs. Ginger can also increase your body temperature, leading to a faster metabolism, just like turmeric and cayenne.

6. Garlic

Eating garlic can help your body torch greater amount of fat, according to a researched performed on mice. Though this isn’t proven on humans yet, there shouldn’t be any problem with adding this spice to your food for tastier meals.

7. Black pepper

Black pepper has many fat-torching properties that can help you lose weight. Plus, it’s also been shown to hinder the creation of new fat cells. So, if you’re not using black pepper as a spice for your foods, you’re definitely missing out on the variety of benefits it can give you.

8. Cardamom

This one of those spices which has the capacity to augment your body’s temperature, which results in the increase of your metabolism. Fast metabolism can always come in handy when it comes to weight loss.

9. Dandelion

This plant is now a favorite among chefs as means of bringing an extra flavor to food and drinks. What’s more is that dandelion turns out to be useful for losing weight, too. It’s been shown that it can decrease bloating while boosting your consumption of vitamins A, C, and E. It can also increase your intake of the minerals iron and potassium.

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Product Overview

Insul-3X is a weight loss product manufactured by Nutrition Scientific. It claims to aid in weight management through the increase of insulin sensitivity, reduction of your sugar indulgences and junk foods. With all these, you’re guaranteed to achieve a slimmer waistline and a flatter stomach, as asserted by the supplement’s maker.

This is said to be accomplished through the utilization of efficient components that are in sufficient quantities. Nutrition Scientific is also straightforward in telling customers that it’s also necessary to follow a well-rounded diet and moderate workout routine in order to see a notable outcome.

Understanding How the Product Function

To understand the body’s mechanism, let’s start with what happens after eating. Basically, after consuming carbs, the body disintegrates them into simple sugars called glucose. The predicament is that glucose cannot penetrate the cells naturally where it can be transformed into energy that can be used up.

Then there comes insulin. This hormone is secreted by the pancreas as soon as blood sugar levels augment. This helps the glucose penetrate the cells.

Defining Insulin Resistance

If you consume a high amount of carbs, your insulin levels are raised for a long time, regardless if it’s simple or complex carbs. If this happens frequently, it could cause insulin resistance.

This is when there’s not sufficient insulin to work, that’s why glucose continues to linger in the bloodstream. As a matter of fact, over 3 million people suffer from this medical state every year. If this is ignored and ends up being undiagnosed, it can lead to type-2 diabetes.

Is this Condition Curable?

Even though insulin resistance may cause more serious health problems, fortunately it can be addressed by lessening its severity or even completely eliminating it. This can be achieved though weight management, following a nutritious diet, and working out on a regular basis.

What are the Components?

Based on the product label, Insul-3X has the following components:

Proprietary Blend 1,500mg: White Kidney Bean Extract (Paseolus Vulgaris), Apple Cider Vinegar (powder), Gymnema Sylvestre (powder), Cascara Sagrada (powder), Garcinia Cambogia Extract, Chitosan, Aloe Vera (powder)

Will there be Adverse Reactions?

The good news is that the components present in Insul-3X’s formula aren’t dangerous. So, the only side effect you can possibly expect from using the supplement is minor stomach discomfort.

Insul-3X Price

This particular supplement can be bought with these selections:

1 Bottle (60 capsules): $49.85

3 Bottles: $113.82

5 Bottles: $149.95

Each purchase of the supplement also provides a free copy of Slim Down Diet Smoothies, as well as a 90-day money-back guarantee, less shipping and handling. The refund policy also applies to used or opened bottles. Contact customer support at 855-336-1098 or email them at

The Rise of Similar Supplements

Nowadays there’s the rising demand for anything weight loss or fitness related. Recently, we’ve seen several products and fitness plans being launched. They’re all guaranteeing insulin regulation and management. Some of these supplements include Thinsulin and SugarDown, among others. If you’re keen in looking for more selections, you just need to search for it online.

The prices of these products usually go from $30 to $50. There are also some of these that go as steep as $80.

Several of these nutritional products have one thing in common and that is the fact that most of the components involved in their formulations don’t have enough scientific proof that they can generate the positive effects being claimed by their manufacturers.

Can Insul-3X Help You Control Insulin and Eventually Lose Weight?

As mentioned, Insul-3X is produced by the company Nutrition Scientific. The company also makes other supplements for health improvements. They even have sugar-free chocolates. Its URL has been listed back in 2013, but there’s no About section on their official site, so we weren’t able to get to know the company further. We also looked them up online, but nothing came up. The company is also not registered with the Better Business Bureau.

Despite the fact that we don’t know a lot about the manufacturer, we believe it’s a plus that they did mention about the importance of following a nutritious diet and regular exercise regimen if the consumers want to encounter notable effects. Given this, the company doesn’t present their supplement as some kind of a miracle product.

On the other hand, it’s difficult to measure the efficacy of supplements in general if there’s also healthy diet and regular exercise involved. Could the results be because of your modified, healthier lifestyle? Or is it because the supplement is effective? Then there’s the question whether diet supplements are even necessary, or should people just stick to healthy eating and workouts.

As for Insul-3X, though a few of its components have the potential to generate weight loss effects, most of these ingredients aren’t backed by any clinical proof.

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Fatty hips, otherwise known as love handles, are one of the biggest problem areas people have when it comes to losing weight. This area along with the belly are arguably the hardest areas to lose fat on the body, so it is no surprise that many people have problems in doing so.

A major problem lies in how people approach this issue, in that they think intense, fat burning workouts are the only, and most effective way in doing so. While fat burning workouts are a great weapon to add to the arsenal, there is much more you need to do. The first step is to understand why you have the problem in the first place.

Love Handles Are Indicative of More Serious Health Problems

Many people are dismissive of their love handles because that is where fat first accumulates in many people, and they may not be fat elsewhere so they ignore it. A major issue many people suffer from is something we like to call being “skinny fat”, where you don’t appear to be obese, and just have a little chunk in the midsection and hips.

These people may not be obese or even overweight, and thus are under the false pretense that they are healthy. The problem with this is that fat in the midsection can cause other problems like diabetes outside of just not looking great.

These conditions can lead to other issues down the line, and are reason enough to get rid of these love handles, so what is the best way in doing so?

Be More Concerned About What You Eat

A major problem revolving around this issue is that the main solution to the problem is going to the gym or exercising to lose all of those calories and thus fat.  Many people do not realize that just one small snack can completely out do all of that work they did at the gym, because they are under the impression that they are burning more calories or doing more work than they actually are.

Many of the calorie counters or trackers at the gym you typically find on cardio equipment are just simply inaccurate, and a poor way to determine calories lost. A better way to control your weight is through diet.

One of the first things you should do is to eliminate all additional sugars you eat in your diet. Many people are too concerned about calories themselves and not where they come from, which plays a huge role in metabolism and fat gain.

These sugars are not only empty calories that are just going to amount to more fat gain, but also spike your blood sugar in the process which can lead to things like insulin resistance, more fat gain and potentially diabetes.

Exercise More Often to Supplement Your Weight Loss

While exercise isn’t going to lose the weight all on its own, it certainly will help to do so. Many people make a mistake here as well, in choosing the wrong program to lose their love handles.

The number one mistake people make in trying to lose weight in any problem area, is to target that area. This is a horrible strategy because spot removing fat does not work. Not only that but by targeting the problem area you will be building up that muscle underneath, which will make your hips in this case look even fatter.

To best get rid of the fat in your love handles, you want to do exercises that are going to burn the most calories in the shortest amount of time to get the most out of your workout. The best programs for this are going to be ones that involve some type of interval training high intensity exercise.

These exercises revolve around keeping your heart rate at about 80-90% of its maximum capability, which means you are continuously burning calories at a high rate throughout the exercise. You can pretty much do any type of exercise you want in this program, which is one major benefit here.

The key being to do so at a fast pace, with moderate effort to keep your body stressed. This will ensure that you see the best results possible, with the least amount of time needed to do so.  Most people are under the impression that weight loss requires hours of cardiovascular exercise daily, but if you know how to approach it properly it can be done without being such a time sink.

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About Flat Belly

From its name alone, you’d know what this supplement is for. Flat Belly is obviously a weight loss supplement that claims to use natural components in order to help you lose weight.

For one, our bodies have the natural mechanisms to control fat. Even as each one has his or her own fat monitor, its function varies in every person. To further, the colon serves as the doorkeeper between the foods we consume and what are assimilated in the body. The longer unhealthy food items remains in the colon, the more possible it is to accumulate fatty deposits.

This is where Flat Belly comes into picture. It purports to purify the colon to achieve a cleaner and healthier digestive system. In this article, we’ll talk more about Flat Belly’s features and whether its ingredients are effective for losing weight or not.

More on Flat Belly

The company behind Flat Belly states that their supplement can help you lose weight by eliminating toxins in your colon. They claim that a clean colon constitutes to a healthier digestive system, which is crucial to stop the accumulation of fats. When this happens, it is easier to shed pounds because the digestive system helps you get rid of the fatty deposits in your body.

Moreover, Flat Belly eradicates extra fat from the foods you consume before it is delivered throughout the body. This colon-purification method of weight loss has been said to have undergone scientific studies and have been proven to work. It is also reported that this method is one of the most harmless means to attain a slender body.

What are the Components?

The ingredient profile is the core of any supplement. Without it, no product would come into being. As for Flat Belly, being a weight loss supplement, its components are mostly loaded with fiber that can be helpful in colon-cleansing. These components are as follows:

Psyllium husks
Flaxseed Powder
Oat Bran powder
Papaya leaves
Aloe vera powder

Apart from the aforementioned components, Flat Belly also features its very own proprietary mixture, which is contained in each supplement. However, how Flat Belly is formulated is not public knowledge. There’s no information about it online. What we do know is that this proprietary substance is mainly in-charge for the soaking up of fiber to maximize its positive benefits.

What’s the Final Recommendation?

Flat Belly seems to be a promising weight loss supplement. It contains harmless components, so you’re ensured that you’re losing weight safely. On the other hand, there’s a proprietary blend, which means there are components in Flat Belly we’re not aware of, but companies may do this because they want to keep their formulation concealed, so that the secret behind the effectiveness of their supplements stays private. At least this is another perspective we can try to look at. Overall, caution is still crucial when it comes to choosing a weight loss brand.

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Choosing the correct exercise program is a priority for most people looking to lose weight, and unfortunately they tend to get fixated on their routine while neglecting to help themselves lose weight by changing other habits.

When it comes to your diet and exercise program, you inevitably ask yourself the question of which is more important: your exercise routine or your diet? The answer really is simple, your diet is by far and away more important to your weight loss goals then exercise is.

Stop Getting Fixated on Calories Burned at the Gym

One of the major reasons why diet is more important is because you simply do not burn that many calories through exercise on average. Unless you are a long distance runner or some other athlete that trains for hours a day, chances are that you are eating too many calories.

preview-full-shutterstock_270033200People tend to over eat after workouts as well, again which ties back to their over estimation in the amount of calories that they’re actually burning through exercise, versus what they think they are burning.

The vast majority of calories we consume during the day is during inactivity, where our body just needs calories to function alone. For most people this accounts for 75% of the calories they burn daily, and the other 25% is burned through activity.

Another problem people make is that they think calories in and calories out are equivalent, when this is simply not true. For example, some people will look at a 300 calorie cookie and think that they need to burn off 300 calories to burn it off, which makes sense logically.

What they aren’t accounting for however is how eating this cookie loaded with sugar is going to affect their blood sugar levels, spikes of insulin and additional fat they are going to add on as a result. It is easy to get caught up in the raw numbers, so don’t get too consumed with calorie counting in a vacuum.

You’re Overestimating Calories Burned and Underestimating Calories Gained

preview-full-shutterstock_269268941Besides the issue of getting fixated on calories, many people end up counting wrong which defeats the whole purpose anyway. Most people overestimate how many calories they burn off at the gym and as a result over eat afterwards.

It can be really tempting to reward yourself with a calorie rich burger or cheese steak after a hard workout because you’ve earned it, right? The problem is that whatever you are eating more than likely is going to contain more calories than your burned in your entire workout, and will end up ruining your deficit.

There is nothing wrong with refueling your body after a workout, just make sure you aren’t eating excessive calories to do so.

What Habits Can You Change to Improve Weight Loss?

1- Prepare Your Own Meals When Possible

The best way to control your diet is to make as many meals on your own as possible. It is the only way you know for sure what is going in your food, and can best control calories, fat, salts and other nutrients that can affect your weight loss.

If you don’t have a lot of free time, making bulk meals on the weekend or whenever you have free time is a good way to feed yourself without having to cook each and every day.

2- When You Go out to Eat, Make Better Choices

Some people don’t want to eat every single one of their meals at home, and others have to dine out whether it be for business, or socially. You don’t have to avoid restaurants altogether to lose weight, but you do have to know what to look for.

Make sure you are avoiding salads with fatty or sugary dressings which can appear healthy but in reality can be the worst item on the menu for your weight loss. Try to avoid sauces when possible also.

3- Tailor Your Routine to Your Needs

Although exercising alone isn’t going to cut it when it comes to losing weight, it can help you get there if done properly. Many people make the mistake of choosing the wrong routine when trying to lose weight.

To put it simply, the more you exert yourself, the more weigh you will lose. This means you want to focus on high intensity exercises, and less on low intensity exercises like walking. High intensity exercises are a better use of your time, and will better help you meet your goals.

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Most people are now aware of how high blood sugar leads to health problems like type ii diabetes, but they aren’t fully aware of all the causes behind it. The glycemic index is one too that we use when it comes to our foods and determining how they affect our blood sugar levels.

The glycemic index tells us how fast the food is being converted in to sugar, the larger the number the faster it is being metabolized. The way the this works is that virtually every food you eat has some kind of carbohydrate in it, just at very different concentrations depending on the food item itself.

Some foods like meats for example which consist of protein, fat and virtually no carbohydrates score a 0 on the scale for example. Knowing the glycemic index of our foods is not only important in regulating our blood sugar, but foods with a  low index also keep us full for a longer period of time which helps us regulate our hunger. This allows us to eat less over time, and better maintain our weight and health.

Carbohydrates Are Not All Equal so Know the Difference

There are two different types of carbohydrates out there, and knowing the difference in what they are and how they affect our bodies can greatly aid you when it comes to maintaining weight.

preview-full-shutterstock_451539895Most people know that sodas and added sugar can spike their blood sugar levels which can lead to obesity and diabetes. Traditionally we were told to avoid simple sugars and to eat complex carbohydrates because complex carbohydrates consist of longer chains of molecules, and thus takes the body longer to break down.

These complex carbohydrates taking longer to break down means that the body is supplied with a more even amount of these carbohydrates over an extended period of time. This greatly differs than simple sugars that are easily broken down and thus spike blood sugar levels as a result.

This idea is a great in theory, however many of these complex carbohydrates we eat today especially many of the grains we eat, are not highly processed and refined. This processing leaves these grains in a different state than they are naturally, and thus when we digest these refined grains they act more like simple sugars than complex carbohydrates.

This is why in choosing the best foods in our diet when it comes to maintaining our blood sugar levels, we should look at the glycemic index of the food and no the type of sugars it contains. Basically there are other components of the food outside the sugar chains themselves that contributes to how they are processed by our bodies and thus how our blood sugar levels are affected.

Foods With a High Glycemic Index that You Should Avoid

As mentioned earlier many people know that table sugar has a high glycemic index, but other alternatives that are usually seen as healthier options have high glycemic indexes as well. This includes items like honey which is generally viewed as a health food.

preview-full-shutterstock_457174822Dried fruits are another food we want to avoid that are generally considered healthy. The problem with these foods are more psychological than physical, and have to do with portion control.

Most people don’t view a single raisin as an entire grape, or a dried apricot as an entire apricot because visually they are much smaller. This causes people to eat more of these than they would fresh fruit, and in turn consume more sugar which spikes their blood glucose.

Condiments are another food item people usually neglect when it comes to their blood glucose levels because again they are minor and are deemed insignificant. Condiments can be especially problematic when you eat out at restaurants because you have no idea what they are using, or how much.

Remember to not only take the sugar content of the food in to consideration, but other components like fiber content and other nutrients as well. This is why berries which are very high in sugar but also fiber are considered healthy to eat as opposed to fruit juices for example.

Also keep in mind that your body does in fact still need some carbohydrates, so don’t eliminate foods high in carbohydrates completely from your diet.

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Lipocor – General Idea

This weight loss product claims to facilitate losing of weight by delivering essential fatty acids to the body. This is because the body also requires fatty acids in order to construct muscle tissue, control oxygen use, and deliver cholesterol.

Generally, Lipocor could enhance your health, but it’s unlikely to generate prominent weight loss results. The components in this supplement promote capacities that could generate loss of weight, though these don’t straightforwardly result to torching of fat. Also, 2 softgels of Lipocor constitute to 20 calories. This just adds to your calorie intake, which isn’t ideal if you’re trying to maintain a low-calorie diet plan.

On the other hand, making use of fat to torch fat is a conception that holds promise.

More essentially though, an inadequacy in essential fatty acids translates to the possibility of your body storing excess fat.

So, the question is – does this method, as unconventional as it is, can make a significant difference in terms of weight loss? Read on to find out.

What are the Components in Lipocor?

The natural components found in Lipocor’s formula are said to encourage the makings of lean muscle, suppress one’s appetite, and even decrease one’s body fat sans the inclusion of stimulant, which can only lead to some side effects. Let’s further examine what Lipocor is made of:

Cropped midsection of a tanned caucasian couple holding each other with the ocean in background

Safflower Oil – this is unscented and colorless oil that delivers health gains through the presence of the essential fatty acid, the conjugated linoleic acid or the CLA. It is claimed to lessen the total body fat and boost the lean body mass as well. In turn, your body’s composition and structure are further enhanced. On the other hand, CLA could exacerbate the insulin resistance in a highly overweight person.

Safflower oil supplementation is also touted to decrease extra fat around the waist. In various researches, it has been shown that CLA could only generate unexceptional body fat loss. Thus, you can anticipate for an improvement in your health from the use of safflower oil, but not in weight loss.

Fish oil – as you may know, fish oil is filled with omega-3 fatty acids that are vital to the body’s health, specifically the essential fatty acids of EPA and DHA. Both of these fatty acids can aid in making your cells work more suitably.

Furthermore, Omega 3s can reduce the insulin that’s needed in the body, which then enables more fat to be utilized for energy, which is way better than getting preserved. These fatty acids also improve your heart’s condition and reduce triglycerides. This in turn may inadvertently produce weight loss effects. It was shown in a research that incorporating fish or fish oil in your diet could result to more significant weight loss compared to a diet without it.

In the case that you don’t get sufficient amount of omega 3s, consumption through supplements is the best alternative you can find. Just keep in mind that such supplementation may trigger side effects, such as feeling nauseous, feeling bloated, and burping more than usual.

Flaxseed Oil – this oil is where ALA, a precursor to omega 3s, is found. ALA could enhance your heart’s condition, as well as decrease high lipid levels. Though it does not straightforwardly result to weight loss, this may help you enhance your overall wellness.

Evening Primrose Oil – this oil gives two vital omega 6 fatty acids – LA and GLA. Both of these fatty acids aid in the development of brain and avoidance of swelling in the body, which typically happens when you gain weight. Plus, GLA has also showed to aid in the prevention of regaining the weight you’ve already lost.

Borage Oil – this oil also has GLA, which is believed to be helpful in decreasing swelling and holding off weight gain. Even as GLA may trigger bloating, nausea, or stomach upset, it’s not specifically detrimental to one’s health. As a matter of fact, borage oil is naturally produced in the body.

L-Carnitine – this ingredient, which originates in the liver and kidneys, aids in the conversion of fat into energy. To add, carnitine combats detrimental particles in the body. Some even say that it augments your workout performance, as well as decreases fat mass while also boosting muscle mass. On the other hand, the clinical proof that verifies this claim is not sufficient to make this determination. Commonly, your body already creates adequate carnitine, but some individuals could find taking carnitine supplementation advantageous.

CarallumaFimbriata – this plant was originally utilized by Indian hunters as means of satisfying their need for food and water while hunting. This plant is believed to be capable of controlling your desire for food and other cravings, as well as improve your endurance.

Lipocor Product Features

preview-full-Diet-weight-loss-phentermine-diet-pills-12For one, this particular weight loss supplement has natural oils and herbs that can help to enhance your overall health and facilitate weight loss at the same time. Using diet pills could help you shed pounds, but the effects can be fleeting and the components don’t help with the user’s general health. With Lipocor, the ingredients are something that the body also needs for overall health.

On the other hand, there aren’t a lot of customer feedbacks discussing Lipocor’s performance online. Thus, we can’t know how it functions when used by real customers, which is kind of important for prospective buyers. We also think it may be an issue that the quantities of the components are part of an exclusive blend. So, we can’t know for sure if each of the components consist the proper dosages and concentration.

As mentioned earlier, even though Lipocor has a potential in helping you improve your general health, it possibly will not generate any significant weight loss results. While the components promote bodily processes that may cause weight loss, they don’t actually trigger fat burn, at least not directly.

Purchasing Lipocor

Purchasing this supplement could be not as easy as you think. It is not accessible from it’s the product site or other retailers such as eBay or Amazon. Since it is discussed on a number of websites for nutrition retailers, you may purchase it via independent distributors.

What’s the Final Verdict?

As stated earlier, Lipocor could enhance your health. But when it comes to weight loss, it’s likely not to generate significant weight loss effects. If you want this supplement simply for its health benefits, you can opt to just consume greater amounts of healthy oils. You can also take omega 3 supplementation if deemed necessary.

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Introducing TheaTrim

This product is a dietary supplement that touts to utilize a blend of components. These components are said to be capable of rousing thermogenesis, which then results to weight loss and boosted energy. Aside from this, TheaTrim is also purported to enhance your mood and improve your quality of life.

All things considered, the official site of the supplement is loaded with scientific terms and huge statements. Some of these describe TheaTrim as a cutting-edge thermolipolytic and focal catalyst. It further tells visitors that the product encourages “stored fat utilization through strategic neurochemical pathway manipulation,” and that it “encourages total body recomposition.”

Simply put, it is being touted that TheaTrim disintegrates fat molecules, which causes the body to torch said molecules at a more accelerated place. The result is weight loss.

What are the Components in the Product?

Based on the information on its product site, TheaTrim went through a year of research and formulation before being launched. It also has a blend of components claimed to be supported by clinical proof. This includes:

Vitamin B12 250mcg

It was not explained why Vitamin B3 is involved in the formulation of the supplement. But WebMD says that it has a potential to solve Vitamin B12 deficiency, some kinds of anemia and macular degeneration, though it is also said that the proof demonstrating Vitamin B12 to be useful in weight loss or boost energy is weak and lacking.

InstEnergy Rapid Absorption Excitatory Blend 278mg

what-is-the-best-weight-loss-plan-for-women-oceanside7-blue-tape-400 (1)It contains the following: Infinergy Dicaffiene Malate, TeaCrine Nature-Identical Theacrine, Caffiene

Based on the information of the product website, this exclusive blend has the capacity to increase your energy levels, enhance mental focus, and decrease tiredness with the use of Purus Labs’ patent-pending TeaCrine component. This has similarity to caffeine, but without the tolerance unlike the regular kinds of caffeine.

TeaCrine started to be promoted by Purus Labs in August 2014. The company, however, asserts that this “nature-identical” source of theacrine functions similarly to caffeine with the purpose of boosting energy levels. But in contrast with regular forms of caffeine, TeaCrine is said to be not addictive.

On the other hand, said in an article that the 2012 research referenced by TheaTrim’s company was performed on mice and not on people. The said article arrived a conclusion saying: “Theacrine is pretty much brand new to the supplement industry and as the FDA continues to crack down on stimulants, it is poised to become one of the next big ingredients (similar to AMP Citrate). Theoretically, Theacrine could provide some sort of alternative to Caffeine, particularly in those individuals who are highly tolerant from habitual intake.”

SAMe (S-adenosylmethionine) 125mg

coconut-oil-for-weight-lossTheaTrim’s page touts that SAMe has the potential to enhance overall wellness courtesy of the effects it can cause on norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin. This ingredient, on the other hand, is not clinically proven to create results advertised by TheaTrim’s manufacturer, just that it can possibly help with depression, osteoarthritis, AIDS-related nerve problems, fibromyalgia, pregnancy-related liver disorder, and sexual dysfunction.

Citrus Bioflavonoid Complex 125mg

The said component which is 40 percent Hesperidin is touted to help avoid the disintegration of caffeine molecules, so that the effects last a longer period and help customers shed pounds. Furthermore, while there are a few studies demonstrating the potential of hesperidin, there’s still inadequate proof that supports the assertions of TheaTrim.

White Willow Bark Extract 80mg

This component is touted to collaborate greatly with caffeine to encourage blood flow and decrease swelling. However, there’s no clinical proof that it’s effective for what TheaTrim’s claims other than curing back pains.

Rauwolfia Vomitoria Root Bark Extract 500mcg

TheaTrim’s site also said that this component has the potential to facilitate weight loss by getting rid of fat. Given this, we found a study conducted back in 2008 demonstrating that there was weight loss on the Wistar rats used after being injected with “aqueous extract of R.vomitoria root bark.”

But SuppWithThat said that the standardized version of Rauwolfia vomitoria, the Rauwolscine, is comparable to Yohimbine in terms of the chemical composition. As for Yohimbine, WebMD says that: “Some people take it hoping that it will improve their athletic performance or help them lose weight. However, these uses have not been studied.”

Important reminder: Wikipedia said that Rauwolfia vomitoria has a benzoquinone named 2,6-Dimethoxybenzoquinone. This is a detrimental toxic chemical compound. What’s more is that it is said that “every part of the tree is toxic.”

TheaTrim Proper Use

The company behind this supplement recommends taking 1 serving of TheaTrim with food to evaluate your tolerance. Afterwards, you can take up to 4 servings each day, though it is not advised to take over two servings at a time. It is also not ideal to take TheaTrim within six hours of bedtime.

Customer Reviews/Testimonials/Feedbacks

Since TheaTrim is a newly released product in the market, the user feedbacks online are limited. We found a few reviews, and TheaTrim got all 5-star ratings from the available feedbacks. The users who left perfect rating appreciated the supplement for its efficiency in boosting energy and mental alertness with no side effects of uneasiness and crashes.

TheaTrim is created by Purus Labs. It is mainly headquartered in Dallas, Texas. It is however not registered with the Better Business Bureau.

Things to Consider

Bear in mind that due to the stimulants in TheaTrim, your heart rate and blood pressure will rise. Given this, the company gives this following warnings and precautions:

“Do not use if you are currently pregnant or nursing, have had or have a family history of heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke or any other disease, or using an MAOI, prescription drug, order over-the-counter drug, particularly for any cold and sinus. If you are a competitive athlete and/or subject to drug testing, consult with your sanctioning body prior to use to ensure compliance.”

TheaTrim Cost and Money-Back Guarantee

If you buy this from the manufacturer, the cost is $55.95. But it’s also being offered by other independent online resellers, some offer TheaTrim as low as $30.

The company Purus Labs does not have a refund policy. What they provide is a 30-day exchange regulation. In general, the refund policy depends on the store you bought TheaTrim from.

To request for an item exchange, contact the customer support at 855-MAX-MEAT (629-6328).

Final Verdict: Is TheaTrim a Value for Money?

It’s a general advice to consult your doctor prior to taking any supplements. This is to make sure that you’re generally healthy and there wouldn’t be any medical issues. As for TheaTrim, it is relatively new in the market and there’s no strong clinical proof that its ingredients work in achieving what its company is claiming. Plus, the stimulant content is high, which means that if ever you go through with this supplement, you need to do carefully. This only means that there could be unpleasant side effects as a result of the said stimulants. Those who are sensitive to such compounds should think twice prior to proceeding with using the product.

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Getting to Know RightSize

preview-full-whey-protein-shakes-are-great-pre-and-post-workout-drinksRightSize is nutritional shake that is said to be good-tasting and offers a healthy approach to losing weight. It is claimed that with RightSize, you can shed up to 18 pounds in the next 90 days. Also, this weight loss shake is said to be filled with over 20 vital vitamins and minerals, so that you body is provided with adequate nutrition while losing weight.

To obtain this, the product asserts to include a mix of fiber and protein to repress your desire for food. These are assimilated very slowly by the body, which results to your feeling satiated for a longer period of time while sustaining your energy. RightSize Smoothies are also touted to have a low glycemic index. This can aid in the reduction of the urge to consume foods that are high in calories, which of course, are unhealthy in all levels.

This weight loss shake is offered in three various options. Your selection, of course, will depend on how much pounds you’re looking to shed.

0-Day Plan – Purports to be suitable for those looking to instantly shed a few pounds and to have healthier eating habits.

60-Day Plan – Purports to help you shed 10-12 pounds and to devote yourself to a healthier lifestyle.

90-Day Plan – Asserts to help you shed 20 pounds or more and to help you maintain your overall health.

The RightSize site said that this product has 15 grams of protein, 6 grams of fiber and 180 calories if taken with fat-free milk. There’s no gluten and nut in this smoothie as well. The components in RightSize are as follows:

Soy protein isolate, crystalline fructose, resistant maltodextrin (soluble dietary fiber), cocoa (processed with alkali), canola oil, corn syrup solids, natural and artificial flavors, silicon dioxide (an anti-caking agent), carboxymethylcellulose gum, xanthan gum, salt, sodium, caseinate (a milk derivative), green tea extract, dipotassium phosphate, acesulfame potassium, soy lecithin, mono-and diglycerides, ginger root extract, sucralose, cinnamon bark extract.


Proper RightSize Intake

To shed pounds, take RightSize instead of eating breakfast and dinner since it is a meal replacement shake. You will also see more significant results if you eat healthier and work out at least three times per week. RightSize smoothies are easy to prepare and only take a bit of time.

First step is, pour 8 ounces of fat-free milk into the RightSize shaker bottle. Add one scoop of RightSize shake and combine with the milk. Shake well and enjoy its delicious taste.

This weight loss shake is purported to have higher protein content than to 21 cups of spinach and as much fiber as six cups of kale. It is offered in various flavors like Cocoa Bean, Leano Cappucino, Skinni Vanilli, and Slenda Berry. The official site of this product also contains 100 numerous recipes that can created with RightSize smoothie mix. This way, you get to taste different flavors and not get bored with the same taste. Aside from this, the website also provides other helpful weight loss features like a calorie/BMI counter, exercise chat and tips for dieting and working out.


RightSize Cost and Money-Back Guarantee

See below for the pricing options:

30-Day Plan (includes free blender bottle): $87.90

60-Day Plan (includes free blender bottle and take-and-go containers): $159.80

90-Day Plan (includes free blender bottle and take-and-go containers): $215.70

RightSize also provides their meal replacement shakes through a 14-day trial for a price of $10 plus $9.95 to cover for shipping and handling. The trial is said to contain a supply that can last for 30 days. When the trial finishes, you will be registered in the autoship program, so that your supply of RightSize smoothie will be replenished per month. Given this, your credit card will also be charged $87.90 every month.

Furthermore, all supplements made by RightSize is offered with a 30-day money-back guarantee, less shipping and handling fees. To request for a refund or discontinue your autoship enrollment, you can call the customer service at 888-217-5259.

Also, RightSize shaker bottles can be purchased at CVS stores, both the physical and online store. The cost is cheaper than when you purchase it from the company.


Consumer Reviews/Feedbacks/Testimonials

Based on the user feedbacks on such sites as,, and, the RightSize smoothie seems to have a poor online status. The most usual criticisms from customers are the trouble they go through to discontinue their autoship registrations, as well as the challenge of processing refunds, numerous unwarranted and unexplained credit card charges, and inefficiency of the product to generate weight loss results.

Meanwhile, several customers also reported efficiency with RightSize, saying the product helped them shed pounds and that the flavors are delicious.


Is RightSize Effective for Losing Weight in 90 Days?

If you’re not new to the weight loss universe, you’re surely already aware that there’s a lot of marketing fuss when it comes to different weight loss products. This is to garner people’s attention. As for RightSize shake, it claims to help you shed up to 18 pounds in 12 weeks. Could this be true? Below are factors you need to think about:


Healthy Way to Lose Weight

preview-full-image_galleryWebMD said that shedding 3 or more lbs per week the natural way with proper nutrition and exercise is safe. So, the weight loss you can obtain from using RightSize shake as promoted by the company is deemed safe. Still, you also have to consider, as WebMD stated: “if you take in 1,050 to 1,200 calories a day, and exercise for one hour per day, you could lose 3-5 pounds in the first week, or more if you weigh more than 250 pounds. It’s very important not to cut calories any further — that’s dangerous.”

This is crucial since you’ll be replacing two meals with RightSize shake. With this, there’s also the possibility that your calorie consumption becomes too low that it’s already considered unhealthy. For this reason, it is essential that you see your healthcare provide before proceeding with RightSize smoothies.


Is this a Permanent Solution?

It is important to remember that such products, weight loss shakes, are not generally considered a permanent answer to weight issues. If you want a long-lasting result, do not rely on such products. There’s only healthy eating and regular exercise to help you lose weight and maintain your healthy body afterwards. So, if you’re willing to change your eating habits and devote yourself to a more active lifestyle, then that’ll certainly help you with your weight problems.


Setting Expectations

The company does a good job for saying that users can expect to shed three pounds every week as this is more realistic.

On the other hand, the effects of this meal replacement shake vary from one person to another. Thus, some could lose more pounds compared to others. Some others may not even see any noticeable results at all, as reported in some customer feedbacks.


Final Verdict:

RightSize Smoothies may help you lose weight just as long as you also help yourself by eating healthy and engaging in regular exercise. Bear in mind that only permanent change in your diet routine and physical regimen can you see significant weight loss results.

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Cropped midsection of a tanned caucasian couple holding each other with the ocean in background

Garcinia Purely Trim Overview

This weight loss product is a newly introduced supplement in the market that asserts to be made from pure and natural components. Garcinia Purely Trim also touts to promote weight loss in the healthiest way possible by accelerating the supplement’s assimilation in the body. With this, utmost weight loss can be anticipated while metabolism is also improved.

Furthermore, Garcinia Purely Trim has hydroxycitric acid or HCA. This substance is naturally found in cambogia garcinia and is believed to slow down lyase and stop the body from converting carbs into fat. Also, HCA is also believed to boost serotonin levels so that your mood is enhanced and your food cravings repressed.

Are these claims for real? We think not so much. Below are our reasons:

Is Garcinia Purely Trim Effective?

preview-full-shutterstock_281029745We think it’s not as effective as it claims to be. For one, we’ve written a lot of articles about this famous ingredient. We’ve collected significant information and details about garcinia cambogia and during our research we’ve come to conclude that there’s no substantial proof that this component can directly cause weight loss. There’s just nothing that scientifically supports it. The claims that garcinia cambogia can help in weight loss are nothing but claims made stronger by the marketing hype that many garcinia cambogia supplement manufacturers create themselves.

Furthermore, when garcinia cambogia was featured on the daytime show Dr. Oz, the host suggested that such supplements have at least 50% HCA while others have 60%. On the other hand, Garcinia Purely Trim does not divulge how much HCA is exactly in this supplement. There’s no information indicated on the product website.


Garcinia Purely Trim & its Marketing Ploys

Since there’s no scientific data backing the claims of Garcinia Purely Trim, the company created their official site in a way that’ll be more appealing to customers, so that you’re likely to make a decision out of emotional impulse and not really a conscious, informed one.

What we’re saying is that Garcinia Purely Trim’s product site includes an image of a physically appealing model placed in the upper-left hand corner where your line of vision naturally sits, so that when you visit the site you create this idea that that’s what you’ll like if you purchase their product.

In the middle of the page, there’s the caption that says “simply a fast way to burn fat”. This gives the idea that losing weight is that easy, that ingesting a pill is what it all takes to create a significant physical and health change. There’s also the statement that Garcinia Purely Trim is out of stock because of the high demands from customers, making you feel that you have to get the product ASAP.

Then you read that you can get a “free” trial, so you just go for it because you’ve been affected by the emotional ploys that were used to mislead customers.

Does Garcinia Purely Trim Produce Results?

As of this writing, Garcinia Purely Trim basically was a newly released weight loss supplement. It was also advertised through a faction of third-party partners. Since these members get commissions from every sale closed, they frequently resort to making false consumer feedbacks that may seem credible in the beginning when these are actually just another marketing tactic by the manufacturer.

On the other hand, we’ve made evaluations on the most prominent garcinia cambogia products. This includes GC180 XT, Garcinia Cambogia 360, Slimera Garcinia Cambogia and many more.

Among over 170 reviews from customers, garcinia cambogia products get average ratings of only 1.5 stars. The typical grievances of these supplements are ineffectiveness, being expensive, and the trouble they go through to discontinue trials and autoship enrollments. Since Garcinia Purely Trim is generally similar to such products, it’s likely that you’ll encounter the same unsatisfactory experience.

Garcinia Purely Trim is created and produced by OnTheGo Brands LLC. However, the product and even the company itself are not registered with the Better Business Bureau.

Garcinia Purely Trim Money-Back Guarantee and Cost



The supplement can be acquired via its trial that lasts up to 14 days with a cost of $4.93 for shipping and handling. If you get this trial, you will get a 30-day supply of Garcinia Purely Trim. After the trial session finishes, your credit card will be charged $89.93 for the single pack of Garcinia Purely Trim you’ve gotten initially. You’ll also be automatically registered to their autoship plan, which will enable you to replenish your supply of Garcinia Purely Trim monthly, charging your credit card $89.93 each month.

It is significant to remember that we think free trials are devious means to get you purchase the product thinking it’s free only to end up with you paying the total cost anyway. You’ll also be enrolled in autoship plans charging your credit card every month while also making it hard for you to discontinue your enrollment. That is why we basically advise customers to stay away from manufacturers that sell their products through autoship programs.

As for the money-back guarantee, it is not indicated on the website if there is, so there may be no refunds available for Garcinia Purely Trim. If you want to discontinue your trial or your autoship plan, call the customer service at 800-686-5213.

Is Garcinia Purely Trim Genuine?

Since Garcinia Purely Trim contains no scientific proof that its component garcinia cambogia can bring any weight loss changes, it is apparent that everything being said about this supplement is part of the manufacturer’s marketing gimmick to gain attention. Also, Garcinia Purely Trim can only be acquired through its free trial and eventually becomes part of their autoship program. These are strong signs that this product is not for real. Plus, weight loss can only be achieved through proper nutrition and regular workouts. Any products saying otherwise aren’t genuine.


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