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Sex is supposed to be one of the most enjoyable activities you can do with your partner. For many people, however, this is not the case at all. Sexual performance anxiety is a real terror that can haunt you even after the deed is done. And it can be quite traumatic, too.

When one has sexual performance anxiety, sex is often unsatisfying, not just for the one suffering from the anxiety but also for the partner. When the partner is dissatisfied, it can be an added burden and further worsen the anxiety. Hence, it becomes a vicious cycle that’s extremely difficult to overcome. Nevertheless, there are ways to deal with it.

#1 What’s Causing You To Be Anxious About Your Performance?

Sexual performance anxiety may come about as a result of various factors. To overcome your anxiety about sex, identifying its roots is a big step forward. For many people with sexual performance anxiety, the root cause can be traced back to their early sexual encounters.

Did your first ever sexual partner laugh at you because your penis is way too small compared to her expectations or because you were fumbling when you were trying to penetrate her vagina? That kind of experience can have long-lasting traumatic effects. And it wouldn’t be a wonder that you developed sexual performance anxiety because of it.

Having a poor genital body image or genital appearance dissatisfaction is one of the common factors leading to sexual performance anxiety. It’s a debilitating fear that your penis simply won’t measure up – either to your standards or your partner’s.

An unhealthy genital self-image is often linked to anxiety and embarrassment as well as sexual dissatisfaction and sexual aversion. On the other hand, a healthy genital self-image is associated with more frequent sexual activities and better relationships.

If this is what’s causing you to be anxious about your sexual performance, you should ask yourself if your penis size sums up your value as a person. You’ll most probably answer in the negative.Intellectually, the concept is easy to understand. But many take a long time in realizing that sex isn’t just about penis size.

#2 Vaginal Intercourse Is Not The Only Way To Have Sex

couple having sex in bed after man takes Progentra supplementOthers may think of having a small penis as a disadvantage. Why don’t you try thinking of it as an opportunity to focus on the other aspects of sex? Even men afflicted with micropenis get to have satisfying sex, so there’s no reason why you can’t. Focusing on kissing and foreplay may even make sex more satisfying for your partner.

You can also improve your tongue skills. Oral sex is actually a very intimate form of sex and it helps improve intimacy and relationship satisfaction better than regular sex does. Think of it this way. If you can make your partner climax three times in a row just by using your tongue, chances are she won’t be coherent enough to criticize your penis size afterward. Better yet, she will most likely think of it as one of her most unforgettable and most pleasurable sexual experience.

#3 Relax, Seriously

Stress, in any form and whatever the cause may be, negatively impacts your mental state. This, in turn, can lead to poor performance in bed and contribute to sexual performance anxiety. In fact, stress can even cause situational erectile dysfunction.

Your body produces more epinephrine when you’re experiencing stress. The increased levels of epinephrine then inhibit your erectile response. Stress also prevents your smooth muscles to relax, thereby restricting sufficient blood flow to your penis. This, in turn, causes erection problems. Fortunately, the condition is temporary and usually goes away when the stressor is no longer present.

The point is, if you’re already suffering from sexual performance anxiety, you don’t want stress to further worsen the problem. Therefore, you need to relax so you can perform better in bed. You can try playing romantic music to help distract you away from your worries. You can also make use of aromatherapy by lighting scented candles. These can help you relax and, even better, help set the mood.

#4 Get Physically Active

The good thing about exercising regularly is that it has several positive effects on your sexual function. First off, regular physical activity improves your cardiovascular health. And with a healthier heart and healthier blood vessels, you get better penile blood flow. In fact, exercising regularly is associated with improved erectile function.

Secondly, regular exercise can help you build your stamina in bed. Moreover, if you improve the condition of your core muscles as well as your thighs and buttocks, you can expect yourself to be able to thrust stronger and faster. Exercising regularly can also help improve your flexibility which should help you perform better in various sex positions.

man sitting on edge of bed having sexual performance anxietyAnd if you’ve got sexual performance anxiety because you’re not satisfied with the way your body looks, what’s a better way to improve your physique than regular exercise? Aside from improving your physical health, exercise is also a good way to improve your mental health.

It is widely known that regular physical activities increase the brain’s production of endorphins which means it makes you feel happier. Moreover, exercising regularly can help improve the balance of neurotransmitters and hormones in the brain. This helps relieve stress, anxiety, and even depression.

#5 See A Therapist

Wanting to have better sexual interactions is a normal thing. And if you’re suffering from sexual performance anxiety, it’s only natural for you to seek the help of specialists. Therapists, especially those specializing in sex problems, can guide you toward a better understanding of your condition and help you overcome it.

Moreover, just the act of talking to someone else about your problem can already help relieve your anxious feelings. One of the goals of therapists is to address psychological and emotional issues related to the problem, so you can expect your therapist to help you sort things out mentally and emotionally.

Another advantage of consulting a sex therapist is that they can give you great advice on techniques you can use to perform better sexually. You may even be given a homework on sex exercises that you and your partner can enjoy together.

man with head phones speaking multiple language progentra effects

Knowing a second language is a real lady-grabber. There’s just something about being able to speak another language that reels a woman in. It may be that you seem more exotic, well-read, or able to teach her a lot. She may also think that you have traveled far and wide, are extremely adventurous, disciplined, and have an amazing personality.

Here are nine of the ways that knowing a foreign language can make you sexy.

#1 Intelligence

Learning a language isn’t for brain sloths or those who lack focus. Just by speaking another language you seem more knowledgeable. For instance, if the both of you are going to a restaurant and you order in the native language, let’s say, French, she will think that you know more about the dishes, are familiar with the restaurant, and can get a deal if needed. Even if you’ve never been to the restaurant or you don’t even like French food, just by speaking the language, you can put yourself ahead of other guys.

And, on top of that, learning a second, third, or fourth language requires a lot of cognitive ability and flexibility. This will boost your brain health as you age, which will make you just as desirable down the line.

#2 Passion

Non-English languages tend to have a certain rhythm to them. Whether it’s their inflection, tone, or that they sound like their speaking poetry, women, often, adore foreign languages and poetry. But even if they don’t enjoy poetry, they will love how you sound and think it’s very sexy.

#3 Ability To Say Anything

sexy lips with international flags multilingual Progentra effectsKnowing another foreign language you can keep mystery in a relationship. You can speak a little bit of whatever language you know and your lady will have no idea what you’re saying. You may be saying the sexiest thing she’s ever heard of, but because she doesn’t speak the language you can keep her in the dark. Give her a smoldering look or a sexy smirk and say a few sentences. Her curiosity will have her wanting you a lot. This mysteriousness is very sexy in your relationship and she’ll appreciate it.

#4 Sharing Knowledge

When you know a second language you can teach her things she doesn’t know about such as your home country or the country you visited, exotic cuisine, and if the two of you are traveling, she won’t have to figure everything out by herself.

#5 Children

There’s evidence that children of bilingual parents or a bilingual father are more attractive. So, not only will your children have the goods in the looks department, they’ll also rule the language department. Your genes will live on.

#6 Pronunciation

When speaking a second language this might bleed into your original language, English. She will love those quirky pronunciations and your accent in general. If English is your second language, she’ll want to teach you all about her culture and phrases that are common to her. Teaching you will be very sexy to her, so you might want to feign ignorance. A lot. Also, your pronunciations will differ from hers and she’ll find it so hot.

#7 Travel

learning second language check memory boost as Progentra effectsShe can travel with you to your home country or to the country you visited where you learned the second language. If you didn’t visit a country or your home country is America, she’ll enjoy learning some of the words you know and being able to share the commonalities of the language. Just being around you will make her feel worldly.

#8 Higher Income

Many jobs will pay more dollars for a bilingual employee. They don’t have time to wait for their current employees to learn another language because they’re losing the business from speakers of other languages. For that matter, their current employees may not want to learn another language, anyway. But, here you are, spouting a foreign language, fluently. Take their money, just do it. Not only are you leading the pack in intelligence, travel, and handsome/gorgeous children, you’ll be making a lot more money. While your woman isn’t with you just because of your money and may have a career of her own, your increased income will help the two of you live more comfortably.

#9 Dedication

Whether you’re an English speaker learning another language, or a non-English speaker learning English, the sheer amount of dedication you put into it will make your woman bothered in a good way. Learning a language is no easy feat; it takes years to perfect the pronunciation, syntax, and nuances. This will show her that you have ambition, focus, and the ability to delay gratification. When trying to show off your second language, without letting her know you’re doing it, slip it into conversations. Just let it come up “naturally” when she’s around. Other than talking to a waiter/waitress, you can suggest a foreign film and before she turns on the subtitles, start translating, or grab some random food and read the label. Just make it look super chill and watch how pleasantly surprised she gets.

Here are just a few of the reasons why your woman will love you if you know a second language. Did I mention there’s a language you can learn where you never have to open your mouth? Yeah, there is, it’s sign language. This is a beautiful language that differs from country to country. Sign language will have her filled with curiosity as you communicate with no words. She’ll love learning how to spell her name, watching amazing Deaf actors and learning about their culture, and whispering naughty things without taking her lips from yours.

There’s no time like the present, as they say. Brush up on your language skills. Grab Rosetta Stone, for European languages, or go to your local library and pull out all of the resources they have for the second language of your choosing. Join groups to meet native speakers and enjoy all of the benefits that come with broadening your world.

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You want to be a dynamo in bed. Everyone does. It’s just one of those simple basic facts about life.

        You want to take your partner in your arms, lay her down on the bed, and rock her world. It’s both an unselfish and selfish desire. You definitely want to bring her pleasure. There’s no doubt about that. But there’s definitely a nice ego boost in bringing her to a bed-shaking, toe-curling, mind-blowing climax. Bringing her to orgasm gives you self-confidence. And it lets you off the hook because she got you there. You want to make sure she did too.

        Well, data suggests that she’s a lot less likely to get there than you are. And that gets you paranoid about her pleasure. You don’t want her faking it — especially not to just get you to stop. That’s pretty much the worst case scenario and a major blow to your manhood.

So, what can you do? What steps can you take to make sure that she’s getting off too?

man using Progentra having an intimate moment in the tub with wife

It’s the foreplay, stupid.

        I’m not just talking physical contact here. You need to set a mood. Light some candles around your place. Make the bed. Get your chores out of the way. If there are kids in your life, you make sure that they’re elsewhere — being watched by a responsible adult. Then let her know how sexy she looks before you have dinner. Set the mood early to get things going as soon as possible. You’re playing the long game here. Some couples use pornography as an aphrodisiac, but both men and women can suffer from some body dysmorphia — or at least body-negativity — related to seeing what’s going on with the performers in porn. It can get you going, but it can also slow you down. You’re potentially setting yourself up for failure, so maybe avoid it for at least just this night.

        An important aspect of this that may seem counter-intuitive based on the subject matter is that you need to stop worrying about her pleasure. I’m not saying here that it’s all about you. You don’t want to break up the flow of things with any increased pressure or anxiety, so son’t check-in on her. Don’t ask her if she’s wet or aroused or getting close. All of these things could ascot as clues to her that you’re getting impatient, or that you can’t read her body’s signals of arousal. She’ll let you know how it’s going and so will her body. Some basic clues include increased temperature, or raised hair follicles on her body. Take note of the touch and temperature of her skin. Get to know it. If you put in the work, each time you’ll get better and better at taking note of her arousal and if she’s getting close — without having to check in on her, interrupting the flow and spontaneity of a great time together.

        The best thing you can do to help her reach orgasm is to go slow and to find a good, slow rhythm. You need to move around her body, at first knot lingering in any one place for too long. If she’s not fully aroused yet, hunkering down and going to town on her clitoris right away could be an even longer, slower game to play. In fact, if she’s not properly aroused, that can be downright abrasive and painful. If you’re feeling a little lost, don’t check in — we’ve already noted that this is a terrible idea. Instead, ask her for some outright guidance. Take note of what she likes. Take note of her physical responses to the stimulation. Learn from your mistakes and next time will be even better. But that doesn’t mean that this time is a failure yet.

Don’t go right for penetration.

        Let her get in on the fireplace with you. Show her the best ways to grab you, touch you, massage you. The better she is at it, and the better a response she gets from your anatomy, the more confident she will be. Bringing her pleasure gets you aroused. Same for her. It’s a two way street. If she sees you getting aroused and erect, she’ll have comparable sexual reactions of her own.  Then, get verbal about it. Let her know how good it feels. Don’t fake it — you don’t want to be setting any negative precedents there — but do emphasize what’s working. She’ll take the hint and come back for more.

man giving his partner better orgasms because of Progentra        Still don’t go for full penetration. Tease her. Tease her vulva with your hard, erect penis. Keep it shallow. Or you can let her take charge and get on top, doing it to herself to get herself ready for some full penetration. If you just jump right in, you could ruin all of your long, hard work so far. You could undo all of the ground work that you’ve setup. You need to follow through with the slow game.

        Now that you’re getting into the swing of things. You are getting into the swing of things now right? Did I not mention that? Well, you should be all in now. But now’s the time to start hitting other areas. Don’t just focus on the obvious. Keep hitting those areas that you did when you were taking it slow. They’re all erogenous zones and all pretty important. You obviously need to put some focus not the clitoris in order to generate an orgasm, but kissing her neck, grazing her ear, digging your nails in to the small of her back — they’re all good. Find other ways to stimulate her, and she’ll let you know what’s working.

Keeping your rhythm steady is important.

        While men can find significant pleasure in stopping and starting, women rely on steady rhythm and pressure to reach orgasm. Don’t tell her you need a road map — throwing up your hands and asking her outright what it is you should be doing — instead et her know you’re thinking of her. Try something. Ask her how that feels. Try something else. Ask he if she wants it harder. But if she sounds like she’s getting close, keep up that rhythm and pressure. She’ll get there. And she’ll let you know when she does. And it’ll be a great feeling for both of you.

At a Glance

Testosterone levels naturally decline with age. This begins when men reach their 30s. With the decline comes unpleasant side effects, such as reduced muscle mass, weight gain, fatigue, loss of sex drive and difficulty sustaining an erection. Naturally, men would want to reverse these effects and this is why there are so many testosterone boosters in the market. Such supplements, as implied, are design to produce more testosterone levels in your body, so you regain your normal count.

Of course, these effects aren’t good. Not only do these take a toll on a man’s physique and vigor, it also negatively affects a man’s sex life due to the decreased sexual functions. Fortunately, there are testosterone-boosting supplements to help men undo these effects and regain their masculine looks and capacities. One of these supplements is Massive Vitality. It is manufactured by a company called The New Health Corporation, which is mainly headquartered in Sarasota, Florida.

Understanding How It Functions

Based on the information on the website, this supplement makes use of a component that’s manufactured by the government. It is said to be developed in a laboratory or facility that’s worth $3 million. According to the official page, Massive Vitality also boosts testosterone levels by 70-140% within a 3-week period. It also boosts the topmost anti-aging hormone, which is the DHEA, by 47 percent. Nonetheless, the studies cited here aren’t 100 percent clear and there aren’t links given, either, to confirm the veracity of these researches.

What are the Components?

It’s good that the website has a complete list of the components found in Massive Vitality, which are as follows:

Horny Goat Weed – boosts the quantity of nitric oxide in the blood. This then heightens blood flow to the penis, which gives you harder and long-lasting erections. The blood also flows more prolifically to the muscles. Hence, this ingredient is said to be effective in increasing your sexual functions and physical performance during workouts.

Tribulus Terrestris – boosts the quantity of luteinizing hormone released by the pituitary gland. This then serves as a code for the testes to generate more testosterone.

DHEA – a precursor to testosterone, it is claimed to decelerate the process of aging.

Fenugreek – claimed to be efficient in boosting testosterone levels.

Ginseng – included in the formula to augment energy levels.

Zinc – it is a vital ingredient to help in the body’s mechanism to generate testosterone.

Magnesium – another crucial mineral that aid in the body’s chemical reactions.

Suggested Dose

It is suggested to take two caplets of Massive Vitality once each day with food. If you use this every day, you can anticipate reaping the maximum benefits of boosted testosterone. It can also help you improve your health by reducing bad cholesterol and lowering your cortisol levels.

Product Features

The components present here are from natural sources.
It has components, which can help boost testosterone levels.

Nevertheless, there aren’t many user feedbacks online that can help prospective buyers make an informed decision. People usually rely on the reviews of other customers to figure out if a specific product is right for them or not. Promotion for this supplement is a bit over-the-top as well, though it is expected since many supplements use the same marketing strategy.

Place to Purchase

Interested consumers can acquire the supplement directly from the company site. One bottle can last for a month’s supply for a price of $48. Purchasing two bottles of Massive Vitality will get you another one for free, which is a good deal. If you purchase three bottles, you’ll get two bottles free.

In Summary

While Massive Vitality seems to have the potential to work as claimed, it doesn’t have any features that make it stand out among the rest. It’s just one of the many testosterone boosters out there. It’s worth trying though because of the natural ingredients, which means there aren’t any side effects. It also has amazing deals in which you can get free bottles if you buy 2-3 bottles of Massive Vitality.


At a Glance

Rexburn is basically a NO2 supplement that purports to increase your muscle mass while also helping you improve your sexual performance. This is said to be accomplished by augmenting blood flow in the body, which of course, is vital to boost muscle mass and sexual functions. Additionally, Rexburn is also said to enhance the manufacturing of hormones, leading to firmer erections and greater physical training.

More on Rexburn

preview-full-03-sexRexburn is one of those supplements out there that tout to boost your nitric oxide levels, so that your blood vessels dilate, which paves the way for improved transportation of oxygen and other vital nourishing components. Rexburn says that boosted oxygen and nutrient delivery are great for the muscles in terms of augmenting their size.

Rexburn’s site also mentioned about the product being helpful in increasing a man’s testosterone levels. But what exactly is a testosterone? It’s a hormone that gives a man his manly physical and biological qualities. It heightens muscle mass, makes the voice deeper, and it’s also responsible for facial and body hair.

Since supplementation of testosterone alone means you need to take steroids, which is prohibited, products such as Rexburn tout to make use of natural components that are claimed to be potent enough to cause testosterone increase.

Rexburn also claims that it can trigger themogenic effects, which constitutes to the boosting of heat via metabolic stimulation.

Do the Components Work?

On the official website, a product label is not included. With this, there’s no way to know of the supplement’s comprehensive list of ingredients along with their respective dosages. That’s why it’s hard to know if Rexburn is really effective since it’s hard to gauge with no information on its ingredients and dosages.

Generally, supplements like Rexburn use similar components. They typically utilize such ingredients as L-arginine, fenugreek, tribulus terrestris, beta alanine, tongkat ali, and in some instances they even use stimulants such as bitter orange for a quick energy surge. Even though some of these components have the potential to address erectile dysfunction since they’re able to increase nitric oxide, it’s a different story when the goal is to boost testosterone levels, which is harder to achieve.

Rexburn Cost & Availability

preview-full-shutterstock_364290842Rexburn is only available through an 18-day free trial. In this arrangement, you’re able to get a bottle of the supplement containing 60 capsules for free, except for the $4.95 shipping fee.

While you think this is a great deal, wait until the trial is over. Because when this happens, you’ll be charged for the full amount which is $99.95. That’s a lot more costly compared with a lot of similar supplements.

Simultaneously, you will be listed in their autoship plan. This constitutes to you getting a monthly supply of Rexburn with your credit card being automatically billed $99.95 for every delivery.

Moreover, Rexburn provides a 30-day money-back guarantee, less shipping and handling. You just need to call their customer support at 877-773-5152. However, the refund policy is only applicable to unused or unopened items.

About its Arbitration Agreement

If you read its Terms & Conditions page, you’ll know that by purchasing their product, you’re automatically bound to their arbitration agreement. This means your rights as customer are restricted, disabling you to go to court.

Final Verdict

Rexburn presents appealing claims, but all products do. The important thing to consider is its potential to generate substantial effects just how they’re advertised. For one, Rexburn is manufactured by a company we’re not aware of. There’s no information online about its manufacturer online.

Second, there’s no product label so we don’t know the exact ingredients included in its formula and we’re not aware of their respective doses, either. So, that’s an issue as it’ll be hard to gauge its effectiveness and side effects.

Third, Rexburn is only available through a free trial with subsequent autoship enrollment. While not all companies who use this method of purchasing are scams, it’s crucial that customers are cautious.

In the end, it takes a lot of hard work to boost your muscle mass. You need to undergo more intense trainings and you also have to practice a healthier lifestyle. It’s better to see an expert in fitness in order to help you do the right thing when it comes improving your physique. If you think that your testosterone levels are below normal, the best course of action is to see a doctor and not to explore supplements you’re not familiar with. This way, the doctor can properly check your symptoms and come up with a diagnosis. With a diagnosis, you can receive a more appropriate treatm


Introducing Hugegenic

Hugegenic is a male enhancement supplement that claims to improve your sexual capacities and overall performance in the bedroom by giving you greater erections, boosting your penis size, and even allowing you to experience more profound orgasms.

In the website of the product, there’s a poll indicating that more than 87 percent of women think men with larger penis are better lovers than those with smaller ones. The bigger the penis is, the greater the sexual performance is. With this means satisfaction, which is essential in a relationship. For this reason, a lot of men with small penises, even the ones with average penises, opt to use natural male enhancement products to give their manhood a greater chance. Hugegenic is one of the options available in the market right now? The question is – is this supplement a great contender? Does it have the right components in order to stand out among the competition? Let’s find out:

How Efficient Is Hugegenic?

This particular male enhancement solution asserts to give their users bigger and sturdier penis. With enhanced manhood, users are able to gain more sexual confidence in bed. Plus, Hugegenic also claims to help with sexual endurance.

preview-lightbox-shutterstock_662146459The components in Hugegenic’s formula include L-lysine, Maca Root, Ginseng, and Zinc, which are all well-known ingredients when it comes to male enhancement supplements. This is because these components are helpful in terms of boosting the blood circulation to the penis, increasing sex drive, and providing the penis sufficient fuel in order to widen the two chambers within for the growth of muscle tissue.

The said growth of muscle tissue is the reason why you’re able to have a bigger and firmer penis, as well as sturdier erections, greater sex drive, and higher sexual arousal that makes you more intense in your sexual performance, which brings nothing but utmost sexual gratification, not only for you but your partner as well.

We tried Hugegenic in for ourselves just to be sure. After one week of Hugegenic intake, we noticed a sex drive boost by 78 percent, a 1.1 inches boost in length and circumference of the penis, and an improved sexual arousal by 87 percent. With such sexual gains, you’re able to have a happier and a more satisfied sex life, which also helps your overall quality of life, too.

Meanwhile, 3 weeks of using Hugegenic resulted to a sex drive augmentation by 117 percent, a 1.7 inches boost in penis length and circumference, and an enhanced sexual arousal by 122 percent.

The results are obviously too great to ignore. The positive effects it claims to generate are real. Considering the components used here are 100% natural, it also means Hugegenic is also safe for use. Speaking of its herbal components, it has a potency ratio of 210:1.

Understanding How It Functions

preview-full-shutterstock_539315842As mentioned earlier, it functions with the use of the components L-lysine, Maca, Ginseng, and Zinc. These ingredients are what’s giving the body adequate nourishing components for the purpose of boosting the generation of free testosterone, augmenting blood circulation to the two cavities of the penis in order to magnify the mass of the muscle tissue, and heightening the rate at which the system stabilizes hormones.

Due to these positive features, Hugegenic is successful as a male enhancement supplement. For this reason, Hugegenic is claimed to be 99 percent well-liked by the guys who have used as their sexual solution.

Is Hugegenic a Value for Money?

Generally, Hugegenic is a decent male enhancement product mainly because of its potent ingredients, which are already known in the market as components that can possibly bring out positive results. The said ingredients are also in sufficient dosages, resulting to its potency as a male enhancement supplement. Most reviews discussing Hugegenic’s effectiveness are positive, confirming that Hugegenic really has the potential to generate significant sexual improvement results. Due to the positive aspects of Hugegenic, it really is a must-try if you’re looking to have an edge in the bedroom.



Benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH is just fancy terminology meaning an enlarged prostate. Having an enlarged prostate is a common problem for aging men, and by the time most men are 60 years old their prostate will be enlarged to a certain degree. If you reach the age of 85, you will have a 90 percent chance of developing this disease so it is important that we are aware of it.

It is also worth pointing out that just because you have an enlarged prostate doesn’t necessarily mean that you will run in to sexual issues or any other issues related to your overall health. A good indicator of your potential to develop this disease is how you urinate.

Many men that have BPH also exhibit problems in the lower urinary tract, which include trouble urinating, urinating too frequently or the feeling of having a full bladder after you have already gone to the bathroom.

As the problem of the large prostate progresses, the potential for sexual problems including erectile dysfunction increase as a result too. Many older men experience a lot of frustration going through problems involving their lower urinary tract which usually coincide with their sexual issues as well.

If you are a guy, you should be familiar with this disease, even if you think it is a long ways off. the problems associated with BPH can be experienced in men as early as their 40s, so it is in your best benefit to find out about this sooner than later.

So What is the Prostate Gland and Why is it Important?

The prostate gland is one that is unique to men, anatomically it is in the same position on a man as where the uterus would be on a woman.

The prostate gland is important to men’s sexual health because it secretes most of the ejaculatory fluid. The prostate causes many issues in men because of its location, and that it continues to grow as we age.

preview-full-shutterstock_409898650The prostate gland is located right below the bladder, so as it grows it exhibits pressure on the bladder. In some cases this becomes so extreme to where the prostate can effectively push urine out of the bladder through the constricted urethra, a particular form of incontinence.

If the prostate gets to this size where it is exerting this much force on the bladder, it can cause much more serious problems other than incontinence like bladder damage, kidney damage and the development of kidney stones as well.

When the prostate first enlarges, the bladder can usually still push urine through the constricted urethra, yet is takes more force and energy to do so. As a result, over time the muscles in the wall of the bladder thicken and weaken, which causes the individual to further strain themselves in trying to urinate.

This building up of the muscle wall causes the bladder itself to be able to hold less overall volume of urine, which increases the frequency of urges to go to the bathroom as well. This happens even when the bladder is not full, further frustrating and annoying the patient.

What Steps Can You Take to Reduce the Chances of Developing BPH?

One thing you can do to reduce the chance that you develop BPH is to take supplements in the form of alpha blockers. These alpha blockers are designed to relax smooth muscle, the same type of tissue found in your urethra, which the urine passes through.

preview-full-shutterstock_458875147Alpha blockers also work within the prostate itself, which relaxes the muscles of the prostate and thus reducing the pressure exerted on the bladder. This also will reduce the frequent urge to urinate in the patient as well.

Many of these drugs that can fix incontinence fall in to the male enhancement category, as they perform in a similar manner that produces the same results.

One drug in particular that is very effective is one called Progentra. Progentra utilizes ingredients like l-arginine which is a vasodilator, which relaxes the smooth muscles in the penis allowing for more blood flow.

In turn, this vasodilator performs the same action on the urethra as well, because of how L-arginine works similarly in both functions.

Supplementation is the easiest solution when it comes to BPH as it isn’t as invasive, expensive or panful as other treatments available on the market.

_main_sexdriveOverview of Mancore Testosterone Replenish

Mancore Testosterone Replenish is a male enhancement supplement that is touted to be composed of promising components produced by a reputable manufacturer. Just like with other similar products, not everyone can experience benefits from taking it. Some could see beneficial gains, and some could not.

On the other hand, considering the list components solely, recommending Mancore Testosterone Replenish wouldn’t be so hard since it has promising ingredients that can generate effects beneficial for one’s sexual functions and overall performance. Mancore Testosterone Replenish may be a bit costly, but its steep price is justified by its high-quality formulation. It’s also good to know that this supplement is backed by clinical studies.

Mancore Testosterone Replenish is essentially developed for older men since testosterone levels start dropping when men hit their 30s. When there’s lower testosterone level, this constitutes lower energy, muscle mass and sex drive.

Furthermore, this specific supplement claims to fight the natural deterioration of testosterone levels. So that men’s vitality, energy, and sexual capacities are retained despite their age. But does this really work?


The Company behind Mancore Testosterone Replenish

The company behind the Mancore brand is not other than Complete Nutrition, the sole producer and seller of Testosterone Replenish. Complete Nutrition is a company known for its development of various products in the nutritional supplementation industry. The said company can be found in many parts of North America.

It was established in 2004 and currently offers over 200 products. It has an accreditation with the Better Business Bureau. The company is well-known for taking care of its customers through an efficient customer support. Its products are generally regarded as of high-quality and seem to be reliable.

What are the Components in Testosterone Replenish?

The formulation of this supplement consists of seven totally natural components that are said to be useful in increasing energy and testosterone levels. These are deemed to be efficient ingredients, since a supplement’s component profile is regarded as the very core of a product. Without the essence of the ingredients, no supplement can exist. Below are the components involved in Testosterone Replenish’s formula:

Zinc (7.5 mg) – it is a popular mineral that is vital to enzyme activation and the fusion of protein. Zinc is mostly found in several testosterone-boosting products; however, its genuine impact on testosterone levels hasn’t been completely determined yet. Whether it can help increase testosterone levels or not is an issue that’s not yet officially verified.

Tribulusterrestris – this ingredient has been utilized traditionally for many years to cure sexual problems in men. It is also believed to be efficient in enabling the production of testosterone to be augmented. In a study, it was found that supplementation of this ingredient for a 20-day period helped boost blood testosterone during the first 10 days. This is a promising result, of course, which has led many to believe that Tribulusterrestris does work wonders.

White Button Mushroom – this component has been demonstrated in researches to increase free testosterone levels. This is achieved by obstructing the enzymes that convert testosterone into estrogen. Plus, white button mushroom also reduces cholesterol and cures multiple problems related to the heart.

Long Jack Root – also called as the “Asian Viagra” and eurycomalongifolia, is a well-known herbal remedy for sexual problems in men. In studies, it has been demonstrated that supplementation of this component can enhance the quality of one’s erection, as well as heighten one’s sex drive.

Cordycepssinensis – this ingredient is an Asian mushroom that has been demonstrated to essentially boost testosterone levels in mice. Nevertheless, it was tested on mice and not on humans; at least we weren’t able to find any studies wherein the component was tested in people. Hence, we’re unsure of its true effectiveness when used by people.

Stinging Nettle Leaf – this can be comparable to white button mushroom as it also augments free testosterone levels. This is made possible as it hinders specific compounds from attaching to and converting testosterone into estrogen.

Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) (25 mg) – this ingredient serves as a precursor to sex hormones. Several clinical tests verify that higher amount of DHEA constitutes to higher testosterone levels.

Plus, DHEA has also been found to be useful in terms of reducing body fat mass.

prowess1__resizedWhat are the Adverse Reactions?

Though there may be side effects associated with the use of Testosterone Replenish, these manifestations aren’t serious. This includes nausea and stomach upset.

On the other hand, caution must be applied when taking DHEA since it’s said to trigger hair loss and high blood pressure.

Plus, not all ingredients of Testosterone Replenish have its corresponding dose. With this, it’ll be challenging to assume the probability of these adverse reactions.

Testosterone Replenish Proper Dosage

It is recommended to take one capsule in the morning at about 8 oz of water. Do this around 15-30 minutes prior to eating your breakfast.

Take another one in the afternoon with 8 oz of water, same as in the morning, 15-30 minutes before eating your supper

It is important to note to not go over 2 capsules daily.

Testosterone Replenish Cost

In the present, this specific supplement is only available at Complete Nutrition shops scattered around North America. The price range goes from $90-$100. This is for a bottle that contains 120 capsules. The bad news is that the product doesn’t have any refund policy.

What’s the Bottom Line?

It’s great that Testosterone Replenish has promising components in its formula. On the other hand, we’re not aware of the exact dosages for all these components. Thus, it’s hard to weigh the efficiency and even the adverse effects of these components. But basing on the ingredients solely, Testosterone Replenish is still a must try if you’re looking for something that can enhance your sexual performance and overall quality of life. Though it’s a bit costly, it’s a value for money because of the benefits you can get from it. It’s definitely a worthy investment.


Introducing Zyrexin

Zyrexin is produced by the very same manufacturer that created Penatropin. Zyrexin is claimed to be a new supplement that is made with a quick-acting formulation that can help you obtain results as fast as an hour just after taking it. In contrast with Penatropin, Zyrexin is not a product that should be taken on an everyday basis. Based on the information on the official product site, usage of Zyrexin is quite simple. You only need to take the supplement one hour before having sex and you can expect to notice the results by feeling the improved state of your erections. You will also feel a boosted sex drive. With these positive effects, you can also expect for your sexual performance to be much better.

shutterstock_136740908It’s not common to see fast-acting products in the market. In the few fast-acting items we have come across with, half of them failed to divulge their complete list of components, meaning some components are concealed from users. These hidden ingredients are usually prescription drugs, thus, the concealment because they’re prohibited from being used as supplement ingredients. Not only are they illegal, they also pose a massive medical risk for those consumers. The good news for Zyrexin users is that there isn’t any FDA warning or announcement about the said supplement that consumers should worry about. In this article, we’ll get to know Zyrexin and its features. This is to help those who are thinking of trying the product to make an informed decision.

Is Zyrexin Effectual?

Essentially, fast-acting products function differently. This usually is with the involvement of a formula that is immediately soaked in by the system. A swift assessment of the supplement indicates that its profile does not greatly vary when compared to other male enhancement products that are intended for daily consumption. Zyrexin contains similar components and there’s no extraordinary formula included that can enable the components to undergo quicker absorption.

The components in Zyrexin’s formula are as follows:




Ginko Extract


shutterstock_136670735It is interesting that L-Arginine, Yohimbe, and Epimedium are all potent components of the greatest male enhancement pills. However, none of these components are recognized to deliver immediate results to consumers. L-Arginine and Yohimbe, well-known vasodilators, accumulate its effects over some time. Vasodilators require plenty of time to function. This is because expanding your arteries too quickly may radically decrease your blood pressure. Epimedium, meanwhile, is a prominent aphrodisiac. This could enlighten why some consumers notice a bit of progress in their sex drive after ingesting Zyrexin.

Moreover, it is remarkable that Zyrexin has the same color as Viagra, which is famous for its moniker as the blue pill. Perhaps, the makers of Zyrexin want to use Viagra’s prominence to attract mainstream attention as well. Nevertheless, Zyrexin is not associated with Viagra and customers shouldn’t expect the same effects that Viagra is capable of bringing.

Customer feedbacks on Zyrexin on prominent stores such as CVS and Walmart show that the supplement is not really well-received by several customers. As of this writing, it has 2 out of 5 score on On, it has a score of 3 out of 5, on average.

Final Verdict

Just remember that when a supplement is too good to be true, then it probably is. Nothing is perfectly convenient and flawlessly effective. There has to be a catch. The greatest male enhancement pills are intended for regular dosage in order to see noticeable results. For some few products that are designed to be quick-acting supplements, the results are fleeting. The only result you can expect from such so-called fast-acting pills is a bit of increase in your sex drive. If you’re okay with that, then you can try Zyrexin for yourself. But if you’re looking for something more permanent and more notable in terms of the results, then fast-acting is not the ideal solution for you. If you’re seeking for the most excellent male enhancement pills, go for the ones that have credible and effectual formulas.


Product Overview

preview-full-shutterstock_136670735When it comes to purchasing a brand of a male enhancement product, how do you make your selection? Many people actually rely on their first impressions, especially if it’s their first time and they’re not sure of which one is good. They rely on their gut feeling. Surely, it gives customers a sense of assurance if a certain product is sold by well-known retailers like GNC or Walgreens. It is only normal for several users to presume that reputable stores such as GNC only offer supplements of premier quality. But in reality, this is not always true. It is better to perform thorough research about products before deciding which one to buy. It’s not very wise to rely on brands and assume that the ones sold in well-known stores are efficient.

In this article, we’re going to tackle about a specific male enhancement product, Viaxus. It can be found on GNC and online stores like Amazon. Apparently, Viaxus is largely distributed by mainstream physical and online stores. Strangely, although you can purchase this supplement online, there’s really not much information about this product when you search it on the internet. In order to find customer feedbacks discussing its safety and efficacy, we had to do comprehensive digging and extensive research to find customer reviews. Reading the experiences of real consumers helps a great deal when the purpose is to really get to know this product. Of course, real buying customers are expected to be honest when it comes to sharing their experiences with a certain supplement.

What are the Components in Viaxus?

The center of any nutritional product is the components it contains. Fortunately, the company behind Viaxus has divulged the components present in the product. Even the quantity of each ingredient is also disclosed. This is a positive sign that this supplement has nothing to conceal. Plus, supplements that inform their customers of the ingredients and their dosages allow the consumers to make an informed and conscious decision. This also enables customers to find the product reliable and trustworthy.

On the other hand, this context of openness and honesty can create both positive and negative repercussions. Since Viaxus contains familiar components, it becomes simpler for customers to know what to anticipate from this supplement. Below are the components contained in Viaxus’s formula:

Epimedium Sagittatum (Horny Goat Weed) 150mg
Cordyceps Sinensis 130mg
Ashwagandha 100mg
Tribulus Terrestris 100mg
Maca Root 100mg
Asian Ginseng 80mg

Based on the information on the label, proper use of Viaxus is one capsule daily on an empty stomach. Then you must take another capsule one and a half hour before sex.

Is Viaxus Effectual?

preview-full-shutterstock_362215277Firstly, Epimedium is a recognized aphrodisiac and is believed to increase testosterone levels. It works as long as used properly (right dosage). Let’s say that the Epimedium in Viaxus is about 40% Icariin, the active component in Epimedium, this means that it only has 60mg of Icariin, which is extremely low compared to the minimal required dose, which is 110mg for a 150-pounds male. Many other ingredients in Viaxus also have lower dosages than the required amounts in order to generate significant results.

Furthermore, Tribulus Terrestris is greatly potent as a component in male enhancement pills, but just as long as the quantity ranges from 200-450mg dose each day. The rest of the components also have lower dosages than what’s minimally required. The company, on the other hand, recommends doubling your intake in order to rectify this predicament.

Lastly, a box of Viaxus containing 40 items has a price of $69.99. When you consume this product two times daily to get maximized outcome, it can cost around $3.50 daily.

What’s the Bottom Line?

It’s good that the full list of components present in Viaxus’ formula is disclosed for the customers to see. This helps you set your expectations of what results to experience, as well as let you know how many of the supplement you’re required to consume in order to produce effects. We think that Viaxus has promising features and that it can really help men solve their sexual issues concerning their sexual functions and performance. But as mentioned, taking 2 capsules of Viaxus each day can cost you about $4 daily. So, if this is something that you’re willing to compromise with and something you know you can keep up financially, then Viaxus is worth trying. On the other hand, there are also cheaper alternatives that are also quite effective. The bottom line is that Viaxus can possibly produce positive results as a male enhancement supplement, but it’s quite costly to maintain compared with other similar products.