Bread is not the evil that will destroy your healthy lifestyle as many people have come to believe. There are diets that call for the absolute banishment of bread from their pantry. Many people are ready to label it as the monster controlling your life and avoid it at all cost. Is bread really that bad?

No, bread is not that bad for you.

There are many types of bread that are unhealthy, but they’re not so much worse than white rice or pasta. When people are talking about bad bread, they’re only referring to the classic white bread. This bread has a high level of sugars that will saturate your bloodstream. The old white bread is not the only option anymore. Over the years, manufacturers have developed new ways to make bread. They have managed to produce actual healthy bread for all people. Here’s a list of breads that you should try as you get back confidence in this staple food.


Ezekiel is hands down the healthiest bread on the market right now. It’s also known as Bible bread or manna bread because it’s made according to a list of ingredients that are listed in the Old Testament. Religious people believe that it’s the only correct way to make bread. Even if you’re not religious, you can enjoy this bread because it’s both delicious and healthy. It’s a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals. This bread only contains sprouted grains with no added sugar. Its ingredients like grains, soybeans, and lentils are filled with fiber and other nutrients. It has all nine essential amino acids. It has very low-calorie counts per slice, about 80 calories. It helps to fight diabetes, prevent heart diseases and protects against fatty liver disease.

Oat Bread

Oat is a delicious whole grain food. It’s one of the healthiest sources of carbs. It has a nutrient called beta-glucan. Beta-glucan is a cholesterol-lowering fiber that can reduce certain cancers, diabetes, heart problems, and digestive problems. It has many other nutrients like vitamin E, iron, and calcium. Oat keeps you fuller for longer which promotes weight loss. Oat has a higher amount of protein than wheat which is good for people who are trying to gain muscles. Oat bread contains more than one type of oat including steel cut oats. It has 120 calories per slice.

Flaxseed Bread

Flaxseed bread offers an alternative way to get heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 is usually found in fish, but not everybody eats fish. It’s impressive that manufacturers have found a way to provide a nutrient found in fish through bread. Flaxseed is not only tasty, but it also reduces the risks of diseases like cancer, diabetes, stroke and other heart diseases. It’s low in calories – 50 calories per slice. That’s one of the lowest calorie counts found in bread. It’s also low in carbs, sodium, and sugar.

Purple Bread

Purple bread is not a widely known bread, and it’s new to the world. Its creation was announced back in March 2016 by its makers at the National University of Singapore. It has yet to reach the market. This bread was made from the format of the classic white bread. The scientists manipulated the formula by extracting anthocyanins in black rice. Anthocyanin is a naturally vibrant pigment found in rice and vegetables like grapes and blueberries. They infused the bread with it because it has a large number of antioxidants which can reduce inflammation, prevent the risk of cancer, diabetes, obesity and heart diseases. Purple has the same texture as white bread and the same number of calories. The new nutrient and other chemicals only slow down the rate of digestion. You get to release all the energy over a more extended period of time.

Sourdough Bread

Sourdough bread is ideal for people with mildly gluten intolerance or has problems digesting wheat bread. It’s costly and labor-intensive to make this type of bread. It takes a while to rise which increases lactic acid in the bread. It has the perfect pH environment to produce the enzyme phytase. Phytase is an enzyme that breaks down phytates. Phytates is an enzyme that binds to nutrients like zinc, iron, and manganese which slows down their absorption. The starter culture of the sourdough undergoes a long fermentation process. During that process, bacteria break down carbs and gluten in the bread. This increases absorption and makes it easier to digest.

Whole Wheat Bread

Whole wheat bread is the most popular bread in this list. It’s many people’s go-to healthy option for bread. It has a right amount of protein and fiber. Whole wheat bread provides you with all the benefits of whole wheat. It’s best in its original form, not the enriched form. To be whole, the wheat like other whole grains, have to have all three of its layers. If at least one layer is removed, it’s no longer whole.

It’s importing to read the label when purchasing whole wheat bread because some don’t have whole wheat as the main ingredients. There are some whole wheat breads with a large portion of high fructose corn syrup which is not a healthy ingredient. This bread provides a good amount of fiber, manganese, and magnesium. It’s healthy but is not suited for people with gluten-sensitivity.

Rye Bread

Most rye bread you will find is scams. They most often have refined whole wheat with small amount of fiber. True rye bread will have whole rye listed at the top of the ingredients and contain three varying levels of rye bran. Rye bread has a thick, filling crust. Studies have found that it’s more filling than most other breads, including whole wheat bread. It can also reduce body weight and cholesterol levels.

Gluten Free Bread

Gluten free bread is the only bread people with gluten-sensitivity can eat. It’s more expensive than all the other bread and has fewer nutrients. Most of them are made with cornstarch, rice flour, potato flour, and tapioca starch. They have a lot of fat and added sugar, but no taste.

There are certain ones made with chickpea flour, oat flour, or millet and quinoa. These have more fiber and are more filling. Both options are not ideal, though. It’s best to avoid them if you can tolerate gluten.

Brown Rice Bread

Brown rice bread has no dairy or eggs. It’s made with brown rice and the perfect option for people on a vegan or vegetarian diet. It’s also a better option for people with gluten-sensitivity. It has all the nutrients of brown rice like fibers, proteins, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and thiamine.

There are plenty of bread options available for everyone. Many of them are tasty and healthy, so try some of them and choose your next best bread.

Americans are obsessed with caffeine products especially, coffee. According to the National Institute of Health, about 85% of people in the USA drink caffeine on a daily basis. This include both adults and younger children through sodas. The number keeps rising yearly.

Coffee is one of the most caffeinated drink known so, it’s the people’s go-to whenever they want a dose of caffeine. The United States is one of the leading consumer of coffee in the entire world. The population drinks about 400 million cups of coffee per day. That’s more than $40 billion that the country is spending on importing coffee per year.

In 2012, The Food and Drug Administration had set on investigating this obsession and how it was affecting us. It was their first step after realizing that the country was undergoing a coffee crisis. Through the investigation, they found both good news and bad news.


Despite all these negative consequences, everybody does not have to give up their Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts cards instantly. The good news is that coffee has plenty of benefits on people’s health. The most widely known and most obvious benefit of coffee is its ability to enhance physical and cognitive performance.

Coffee drinkers become more energized after their first cup. They can think and act more quickly. The increased in energy also lead to an improved mood and reduced depression.

There’s quite a large quantity of less known benefits of coffee, though. The most important benefit is giving the human body protection against a chronic state of inflammation that happens with aging. This is the basis of many of the health-related benefits of coffee.

Inflammation is one of the factors in people getting chronic diseases as they age. The more coffee cups a person drink in his lifetime, the lower is his levels of activity in the inflammatory gene pathway. This protect people from developing diseases like hypertension, diabetes, and heart problems when they get in their older years. Lower inflammation level and regulation of insulation – provided by coffee – can also lower the risk of prostate cancer.

Studies have shown that coffee drinks have a lower risk of getting Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Both of these diseases are more common among older people. Neither of these two diseases curable or have a high survival rate.

Coffee is an excellent source of antioxidants which protect the body from damage caused by free radicals and fight off diseases. Its high caffeine content also give it the ability to boost the metabolic rate. A faster metabolism makes it easier for people to lose weight.

For people who enjoying drinking and eventually damage their liver, coffee might be the answer. Two cups of coffee a day may help to reverse liver damage from drinking. The dosage can also help with erectile dysfunction.

Coffee is neither the enemy nor a friendly product. It can cause harm because of its addictive nature. It also contains toxins and other chemicals that dehydrate the skin. It interacts with pills and its effects become more drastic as people get older.

It also provide a large amount of energy that many people find necessary to finish certain tasks. Its ability to reduce levels of inflammation in the body is beneficial against many diseases including incurable ones like Alzheimer’s. It’s also an excellent metabolism booster. Limiting coffee consumption to just two cups a day might be able to give the best of both worlds.

Consequently, whether people choose to pick that cup of coffee is a personal chose. Like all things in life it comes with its pros and cons. It’s always best to consult with a health care provider to find out how someone personal consumption of caffeine is affecting their health.


First, the bad news has a long list. Drinking coffee does not help with the aging process. In fact, it may be accelerating it. Coffee lowers the production of Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHE). DHE is a steroid hormone that protects against physical and physiological effects of aging.

It also makes people excrete fluid, and deplete the body of moisture. It’s slowly dehydrating the body. A dehydrated body becomes crippled and appear older than the person truly is. Therefore, it is necessary to drink a glass of water after every cup of coffee to wash away the acid. Sugar-free gum can also be used, though, because it reduces discoloration and boost saliva production to help preserve the teeth.

Coffee and other caffeinated drinks have high acidity level which is hard on the teeth. It can create small pores on the surface of the enamel that will eventually cause erosion.

If under medication, it’s best to skip that cup of coffee. It can interacts with many pharmaceutical medications like antidepressants and cause unforeseen side effects. Different drugs interact differently with coffee. Coffee may inhibit the effects of some while it increases the effects of others.

It also negatively affect pregnant women. Consumption of coffee while pregnant may cause deformities or other disorders in unborn babies. In some rare cases, consumption of coffee may be tied to stillborn babies.

Busy people use coffee to stay awake and work long hours. However, the consequences worsen as people get older. While young, the effect of coffee is minimal in the system. Younger people metabolize caffeine quickly.

It takes longer to dissipate in an older person’s system so the effects last longer. A cup of coffee in the morning can keep the person awake at night. It becomes a burden by keeping the person awake longer than desired. This can eventually lead to insomnia.

Coffee and any other caffeinated products are seen as drugs to the Food and Drug Administration. That’s because they are extremely addictive. People need more and more coffee to feel the boost of energy that they want.

It’s also difficult to quit it. People who have tried going cold turkey have experienced withdrawal symptoms such as shaking, sweating, and heavy fatigue. It’s safer to quit coffee by drink less and less over a period of time.

Whether you wanted to or not we all have taken vitamin supplements as a part of our morning routine one time or another. Either in fun gummy chewable or packed in a capsule or another odd shaped pill sat the vitamins needed to help our bodies function or so we thought. Our parents told us, our grandparents told us, our doctors told us, “take your vitamins” but we still didn’t want too. Was it because it was requirement somehow there was a need to break the rules as a child rebel? Or did we know even as children that for once the adults were wrong? For once and for all here is the breakdown of the pros and cons of vitamin supplements:


  1. Vitamins Help You Stay Healthy

It’s true vitamin supplements help reduce the chance of vitamin deficiency and symptoms relating to vitamin deficiency, as well as some supplements can be used to combat health conditions. In some cases, the body needs our help to add vitamins to our diet to nourish our bodies systems. Therefore, by not taking vitamins supplements people could be risking the natural function of their body processes. However, please be advised a doctor’s consult is recommended in the decision of either taking vitamin supplements or not taking them at all.

  1. Assist with Mental Health

Since vitamins allow a person’s body to function naturally, the mind would undoubtedly follow the body’s example. With a nourished body, the brain can operate at full capability without the need for rest. Since vitamins allow nutrients to be given, the body and the mind, therefore, has a chance to be a person’s best self. In addition, vitamins aid in memory, sense of smell, and improve attitude. Therefore, vitamins boost the way a person sees and walks through life.

  1. Vitamins Help A Child Grow

The reason children of young ages are asked to take vitamins is that vitamins help children develop. Children who are between the ages of six months and five years would gain from vitamin supplements especially vitamins A, C, and D. While some parents may not agree with introducing a substance into a child’s body that could potentially harm them, especially when food has been proven to have the best vitamins and minerals in it. Vitamins, primarily for children have been known to fill nutritional hols, give children natural energy, and make bones stronger.

  1. Even Smokers Would Benefit

While smokers may not seem like a likely beneficiary to vitamin supplement use, indeed, they are one of the top three people that gain an advantage from taking supplements. The smoke from a cigar or a cigarette will block the absorption of vitamins that should be taking place naturally. So by taking vitamin supplements, a person would be ensuring their vitamin safety. Some vitamins a smoker would need to consider, include vitamin C and D.

  1. Pregnant Women Benefit

As it’s widely known prenatal vitamins help both the mother’s body and the baby’s through this unique time of human experience, while the vitamins allow the mother to ensure that her vitamin necessities are well kept and at moderate levels to guarantee the baby’s safe and nutrient state inside her body. The baby, however, needs the vitamins to make sure he or she grows at the right pace. Prenatal vitamins are essential when dealing with pregnancy.


  1. There’s A Chance of Toxicity

Like most medications, if you consume too much, there will be side effects. However, when do you know when enough is too much? The amount should be listed on the bottle of the selected vitamin, or a doctor should be able to tell you. Although, everyone differs depending on age, weight, health, and lifestyle. For example, vitamins A, C, and D can cause toxicity symptoms, but they range from itching, headaches, upset stomach, to flushed skin. Just remember only to take what is listed on the bottle or what is recommended by a doctor, and the toxicity symptoms shouldn’t happen.

  1. Supplements and Certain Medications May Cause Reactions

Some supplements may change your metabolism and therefore may weaken the medication you’re taking, especially in children, since their metabolisms are so distinct mixing supplements, and medicine may wreak havoc on their bodies. Unless you are speaking to a doctor about mixing supplements and medications, it is not highly recommended since the effect it has on a person’s body.

  1. Pregnant Women Should Be Cautious Of Vitamin A

As it’s well known that vitamins usually help not hurt individuals with their bodily functions, however, an excess amount of vitamin A in pregnant women has had a unique effect on the baby’s born. Most of the babies have had congenital disabilities but also pregnant women who received too little vitamin A also had babies with congenital disabilities. So much vitamin A is needed? It turns out a safe daily middle number of 4000 IU’s is required, although the best source of vitamin A is not from prenatal vitamins but instead from food.

  1. Vitamins Can Be Expensive  

While it’s no surprise that something in the health industry is costly, it is worrisome. How do people pay daily for vitamin supplements when milk is just as important? Of course there is couponing and finding great deals on a local app but still overtime the price adds up. While it’s your choice to pick the highly recommend brand or the brand that’s fifty percent off, just realize it’s all going to add up one day.

Both pro’s and the cons bring up a lot of discussion about vitamin supplements, however, if a doctor recommends that either you or a loved one take a selected vitamin or mix it with a specific medication then take the advice in high regard. People gossip and spread rumors about particular products and services daily. A doctor will be able to answer any questions you have about vitamins supplements or their effects. So don’t hesitate to call a health professional today.

healthy man who takes Progentra eating a bowl of salad

More and more men are becoming the household food shoppers. When it comes to feeding your family, or just yourself, you need to look for the best ingredients and foods. These foods will help you to ditch the bland, boring foods that you have always eaten, and help you to try new, tastier foods. This food is all healthy and will be good for you, and the people you love.

When it comes to selecting the best foods, there is a strict criteria set. These foods will contain protein, good fats, fiber and will have the least amount of calories. These foods will also have less added sugars. These foods are, generally, unprocessed with healthy fats. The following foods are considered “the best” for men.


Green tea

Green tea is full of antioxidants that are very good for. It has been known to help with weight loss and helps to keep a healthy diet.

Sparkling water

Sparkling water, especially sparkling mineral water is good for you. It helps to give an extra something to your water so that you are less likely to crave sodas. You also get a small amount of needed minerals when you drink sparkling mineral water.

Chicken jerky

Chicken jerky tends to have less salt in it than the beef alternative. It is also fewer calories. Although it is a chicken substitute, it is still just as filling as beef jerky.

beef jerky in a glass bowlBeef jerky (all natural)

If you still want to eat beef jerky, make sure that you are going with an all-natural brand. This is helpful because they tend to have less sodium and are slightly healthier for you. You should also seek out original beef jerky instead of the flavored alternatives.

Drinkable yogurts

You should look for whole milk drinkable yogurts. You should not buy those that are made for kids. These tend to be full of sugar and preservatives. A whole milk option, that is made for adults, it is probably your best bet when you grab drinkable yogurt in the store.

Got Cravings?:

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is a good alternative to milk chocolate. Milk chocolate does not have any health benefits for you, it really only tastes good. Dark chocolate on the other hand is full antioxidants. It also has a few essential vitamins and minerals. If you are craving something sweet, grab some dark chocolate.

Dipped almonds

Almonds are overall superfood. They are packed full of protein and are a good snack in general. If you are looking to add something sweet to your diet, go for dipped almonds. Almonds are generally dipped in cocoa or espresso. There are other flavors out there, but no matter what, these are a good sweet and salty snack to add to your diet.


Gelato is much better for you than ice cream. It has much less sugar than its ice cream alternative. It is also made with natural ingredients so there is far fewer preservatives and other “bad” things in it.

Organic peanut butter

If you are going for peanut butter, make sure that you are buying the organic kind. If it is organic it is less likely to be filled with unnecessary sugars and preservatives. You are also more likely to only have peanuts in the mix instead of other alternatives.

Seaweed crisps

Seaweed is actually very good for you. It could be put into a green vegetable category. It has many antioxidants so it is very good for you. It also contains vitamin E, which is an essential vitamin that you should pursue for a healthy diet.

Fruit bites

Make sure that these are actually made of fruit. I do not mean to buy the ones that are advertised to kids, rather grab the ones that are dried fruit. Make sure to look at the nutritional label to see if they use large amounts of sugar to preserve these fruits or if they use healthy alternatives.

Looking for Protein?

Natural bacon

Look for a natural, thick cut bacon if you are going to continue to eat bacon. There are many natural options out there for meats. It just means that these meats are grass-fed, free range, animals. They generally eat better feed and are all around healthier animals.

Organic eggs

salmon egg and meat for good protein sourceIf you are buying organic eggs, it just means that there is less of a chance that they came out of a chicken mill. These eggs are supposed to be less likely to contain preservatives or dyes.


Salmon is a fatty fish, but is the good type of fat. It is packed full of omega-3s and vital nutrients. Salmon is basically the superfood of fish and is good for your brain, heart, and overall health.


Sardines are another fish that is good for you. They provide similar benefits as all other suggested health fish.

Whole milk

Whole milk tends to contain more vitamins and minerals than other milks or milk substitutes. It is also less likely to be full of preservatives as it is as close as you can get to milk straight out of the utter. If you are using milk, make sure to look for whole milk, especially for cooking purposes.


Chicken is the white meat that everyone should be using. It is better for your health than red meats, and packs a punch of protein into every meal. It is also easy to make and add to just about every meal. Look for organic, free range skinless chicken breast the next time you are in the grocery store.

Grass-fed beef

When buying beef, you should be looking for grass-fed beef. Grass-fed just means that the animals have not been eating feeds that are full of fillers and other not great things. Grass-fed beef is more likely to have lived a natural life than any other beef alternative.

Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese is a good thing to add to a meal, or even have as a snack. A cup of cottage cheese will give you just about your daily dairy needs and is filled with proteins.

Talk to your doctor before making any large dietary changes.


platter of delicious fresh sushi

Dieting can be tough because it often means that you have to start avoiding some of your favorite food choices. You may be able to get away with still eating some junk foods in moderation, but you will probably be avoiding these foods for the majority of the time, which can make you miss your old unhealthy lifestyle. Enjoying a diet is important because people who hate their diets are going to be less likely to stick to their diet plan. Therefore, it is important to find healthy foods that you can actually enjoy eating.


While it might be considered an acquired taste, sushi is a beloved meal across the United States and the good news is that it is usually very good for you. Some types of sushi contain fried sugars and carbohydrates, which basically just amount to a glorified french fry. However, other types of sushi can be incredibly beneficial to your health. For example, the fatty fish found in many rolls are famous for their crucial antioxidants that are capable of fighting diseases and making you feel significantly happier and healthier. Some fatty fishes including tuna and mackerel can be toxic in high quantities because they contain mercury, but they are not harmful in moderation. Salmon rolls, California rolls, sashimi, and vegetarian rolls are going to be your best sushi choices.

Other more fancy rolls are more likely to have extra ingredients and empty calories. You want to avoid anything with shrimp, mayo, cream cheese, and fried ingredients. Additionally, if you have a choice between white rice and brown rice, then you should stick to brown rice. As long as your sushi is packed with things like tofu, fatty fish, avocado, crab, cucumber, carrots, and other vegetables, the meal can be a great choice for you and most nutritionists would say that you can eat this meal about once a week.


Everyone wants to find a healthy snack that you can turn to when you are watching television or when you are simply craving something bowl of popcornto munch on. Unfortunately, most snacks are going to fill you up with calories without giving you any nutrients. Some snacks are actually healthy, but it can be a little depressing to eat salted almonds and peanuts when you really just want potato chips. However, popcorn can be almost as addicting as potato chips and it does not provide you with any unnecessary fat and carbohydrates. Research shows six cups of popcorn can leave you more satisfied than a single cup of potato chips.

Additionally, while popcorn may seem like junk food, it actually has nutritious whole grains and very few calories. The unhealthiest part of popcorn is definitely the toppings, so you want to try to stick to unsalted and unbuttered popcorn. If you feel as though you need your popcorn to have a little more savory flavoring, then you might want to consider sprinkling or melting some cheese on top of your popcorn. It may not be a snack that you are used to, but the taste will definitely be less disappointing than salted almonds are.

Dark Chocolate

Unsurprisingly, studies show the majority of men prefer milk chocolate to dark chocolate, but dark chocolate can still be a good replacement to any candy bar that you might be craving. Any type of chocolate has been linked to many health benefits, but research has demonstrated that dark chocolate is much healthier than milk chocolate. Milk chocolate makes you hungrier for sweet, fatty, and savory foods. It also causes you to eat about seventeen percent more calories two hours later. Dark chocolate, on the other hands, takes longer to digest and it eliminates some of your cravings.

dark chocolate bars are a good idea with Progentra supplementAdditionally, dark chocolate has a much stronger correlation than milk chocolate to certain health benefits. For example, it can prevent cancer and other chronic diseases. Studies have also demonstrated that cacao is extremely beneficial for your mental health. Since dark chocolate has a high concentration of cacao, it can help you manage and prevent psychological health concerns, including depression and anxiety. If you are really in the mood to be healthy, then you might want to eat nuts covered in dark chocolate. Alternatively, you can sprinkle some dark chocolate on your peanut butter.


If you enjoy any particular fruit or vegetable, then you definitely want to try eating a lot of it. Apples, berries, bananas, onions, spinach, broccoli, kale, red grapes, oranges and more all contain crucial vitamins and nutrients. However, any other fruits or vegetables are still key to a well-balanced diet, so should do your best to find a plant that you find tasty. Many people are beginning to choose avocado as a healthy and tasty fruit to add to their diet. After all, avocados are capable of providing many important health benefits. Studies show it can reduce hunger by up to 40% because it contains important fats, fibers, and other nutrients that make you feel satisfied. It can also give your immune system a boost and it can prevent certain chronic diseases.

You can eat avocado plain or you can use it as a spread on bread or crackers, but make sure you stick to whole grain breads and crackers. You can even make it into guacamole as long as you do not add too much salt because sodium can raise your blood pressure. Your guacamole can contain other fruits and vegetables that you might like including tomatoes, onions, and peppers. Some people even like adding watermelon to their guacamole.

When you try to make healthy food choices, you are going to have to avoid empty carbohydrates, processed foods, and ingredients that are not going to provide you with any important nutrients. However, it is actually much easier than you might expect to find meals and snacks that are both enjoyable and good for you. As long as you are creative about getting a well-balanced and tasty diet, you should be able to stick to your diet without feeling as though you have said goodbye to too many of your favorite meals.

pouring hot tea from teapot to cup

People drink tea almost daily now, not only because it is considered healthy but also because of convenience and the many flavors and exotic tastes tea offers. You can customize your tea based on your preferred flavor and depending on what kind of health benefit you’re looking for.

If you want to feel relaxed, chamomile tea could be your first option. If you want to feel alert, on the other hand, you may opt for teas that have a high caffeine content. Or if you’re working on losing weight, green tea may be your drink of choice. Among the many health benefits of tea, here are five examples.

#1 Antioxidant Properties

Brewed tea is known to contain many potent antioxidants. Brewed green tea, for instance, contains natural polyphenols called catechins. As an antioxidant, catechin is known to have wide-ranging effects and benefits almost every part of the body.

For instance, catechins are known to have protective effects on the cardiovascular and nervous systems as well as the liver. Catechins can also help stave off obesity, diabetes, and cancer. With regard to its cancer-fighting properties, green tea has been shown to lower risks of developing breast cancer, prostate cancer, and colorectal cancer.

 What’s really interesting about tea catechins is that these potent antioxidants are unique to chocolate and the plant Camellia sinensis, which is the source of the leaves used for making green tea, yellow tea, dark tea, black tea, and white tea. Moreover, these tea catechins are known to have more potent antioxidant actions that many antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables.

#2 Anti-aging Properties

The anti-aging effects of tea are an added benefit of its antioxidant properties. Due to its high antioxidant content, it helps protect the skin and the various bodily organs from oxidative stress.

Because of this beneficial effect of tea on the skin, some people even apply green tea directly on their skin. Manufacturers of cosmetic and beauty products are also using green tea extracts as a mainstream ingredient.

various herbal tea with great benefits like ProgentraAside from the anti-aging effects of green tea on human skin, it also benefits people who are suffering from acne breakouts. Since green tea has anti-inflammatory properties, it can help reduce acne-induced inflammation. Moreover, green tea is also associated with reduced sebum production, which can prevent further acne formation.

Another antioxidant benefit of green tea on skin health is its photoprotective effect. This means that you can actually apply green tea to your skin and it will work like sunscreen. Green tea antioxidants help reduce UV damage.

More importantly, green tea antioxidants protect the skin from DNA damage caused by UV radiation. And if you’re concerned about getting sunburned, you can also apply green tea topically on your skin – it will reduce the number of sunburned cells.

#3 Immunity Protection

Herbal teas and those made with Camellia sinensis leaves are known to benefit the immune system. In various animal studies, epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) which is the active ingredient in green tea, has been shown to help modulate the functions of immune system cells. Moreover, green tea was also shown to help improve the condition of animals with autoimmune diseases.

In one study involving mice with autoimmune encephalomyelitis, a dietary supplementation of EGCG led to decreased symptoms of the disease. In humans, the disease is equivalent to multiple sclerosis.

The researchers noted that EGCG acted on the lymphoid tissues as well as the central nervous system. And that it was this that caused the improvements in the symptoms of the mice. This suggests that green tea may be able to help prevent and treat autoimmune diseases.

#4 Energy Boost

Tea is traditionally known to have energizing effects, which may explain why green tea extract is now often used in sports nutrition formulations. Energy drinks or shots as well as protein powders now commonly contain green tea extract. The energy boosting effects of green tea are a natural result of its caffeine content.

man who takes Progentra happily sips his cup of teaThere have been many studies on the various benefits of green tea on athletic performance. Aside from boosting energy, green tea can also help reduce oxidative stress caused by strenuous physical activities.

One study involved young men who were not engaged in professional training for sports. The men were exposed to strength training for four weeks. The participants in the test group were given green tea extract supplementation, while those in the control group were given placebo.

Those who were given green tea extract supplementation showed higher antioxidant activities. The researchers suggest that green tea may help prevent oxidative damage caused by short-term muscular endurance tests. It may also be beneficial for athletes undergoing long-term strength training.

Aside from helping prevent exercise-induced oxidative damage, green tea may also help improve muscle recovery. In fact, green tea extract is used in sports nutrition products specifically because of this particular benefit. Similar to other health benefits of tea, its muscle recovery functionality has also been tested in clinical trials.

#5 Weight Management

When it comes to weight management, both the caffeine and catechin contents of green tea are involved. Green tea extract is used as an ingredient in weight loss supplements because it helps improve fat oxidation and increases energy expenditure.

Moreover, green tea is also associated with reduced lipogenesis which means it helps reduce the formation of fat or adipose cells. Green tea also helps reduce fat and carbohydrate absorption. Drinking tea is also associated with suppressed appetite and improved metabolism.

Various studies have shed light on how tea affects obesity and diabetes. In animal studies, African black tea was shown to be effective in reducing body weight as well as decreasing blood glucose levels in diabetic mice.

Green tea, black tea, and oolong tea have also been shown to reduce cholesterol levels in mice.  In other studies wherein obese mice were fed with green tea catechins, it was shown that fat oxidation was increased.

There have also been human studies showing that green tea helps increase fat oxidation. Studies have shown, though, that decaffeinated green tea extract does not produce the weight-reduction effects that caffeine combined with catechins produce.

man eating antioxidant rich berries and taking Progentra to prevent infertility

In clinical terms, infertility is diagnosed after a year of sexual intercourse without the use of contraceptives wherein the man is unable to impregnate his partner or the woman cannot conceive. Naturally, in infertile couples, specialists examine both the man and the woman to determine what may be preventing them from conceiving and to come up with a treatment program.

In diagnosing male infertility, sperm production and semen quality are analyzed closely. In recent years, specialists have also started looking at how nutrition impacts infertility, both for male and female infertility. Many studies have shown that sperm quality is positively impacted by a diet that’s rich in antioxidants. However, different antioxidants have varying benefits on male fertility. Read on and find out which antioxidants are the best in improving male fertility.

#1 Vitamin E

Antioxidants not only protect the body from oxidative damage, for men, antioxidants also help improve sperm quality. Vitamin E, for instance, not just helps prevent damage to the cell membranes caused by lipid peroxidation, oral supplementation with this oil-soluble vitamin also helps improve sperm count and motility.

This means that the more sperm you ejaculate and the better they swim, the better the chances of conceiving. Conversely, if you have a low intake of vitamin E, it can lead to low sperm concentration and poor sperm motility, which will then make it difficult for you and your partner to conceive.

To naturally boost your vitamin E levels, make sure you eat a lot of dark-colored leafy veggies like kale, mustard greens, and turnip greens, as these healthy foods have high concentrations of vitamin E. You can also snack on nuts like almonds, hazelnuts, and peanuts.

#2 Vitamin C

vitamin e and vitamin c antioxidant along with Progentra to prevent infertilityVitamin C is another vitamin and antioxidant that plays an important role in male fertility. If your levels of vitamin C are low, it can lead to higher rates of poor sperm cells with damaged genetic material. Just taking a 200 mg supplement of vitamin C daily for a week can already increase your sperm count by more than a hundred percent. So if you’re planning to have a baby soon, increasing your vitamin C intake can really help.

Citrus fruits and berries are not just delicious, they’re also excellent natural sources of vitamin C. If you’re into tropical fruits, you can also eat mangoes, papaya, pineapple, and guava. For vegetables, you’ll never go wrong with tomatoes, kale, broccoli, and bell peppers.

#3 Carotenoids

Previous studies have shown that eating fruits and vegetables can greatly help men who are having problems with their sperm count and quality. Aside from vitamins, there are also many other antioxidants in fruits and vegetables that contribute to the improvement of a man’s fertility, and carotenoids are just an example.

For carotenoids, lycopene and beta-carotene have both been tested to find out how they impact sperm quality. The former was found to enhance sperm morphology while the latter was found to increase sperm concentration. Together, these two carotenoids help improve motile sperm count, thus, enhancing sperm quality.

Tomatoes aren’t the only delicious source of lycopene. For this antioxidant, you can increase your intake of watermelon, grapefruit, papaya, and asparagus. If you’re focusing on beta-carotene, your top choice would be carrots. Of course, kale, spinach, sweet potato, apricots, cantaloupes, or any yellow or orange fruit or vegetable would also give you a lot of beta-carotene.

#4 Glutathione

Glutathione is usually associated with skin-whitening products but in reality, it’s also another important antioxidant. In fact, glutathione is needed for the synthesis of an enzyme that’s found in sperm cells. Moreover, glutathione is also necessary for normal levels of sperm motility. This means that if you lack this antioxidant, even if you produce enough sperm, they may not be able to swim properly to reach your partner’s egg cell, let alone fertilize it.

Glutathione chemical structure and symbol antioxidant to prevent infertility with ProgentraEven in the early 1990s, glutathione was already being investigated by scientists to find out how it affects male fertility. Since then, it has been established that glutathione is just one of the antioxidants found in the semen and that infertile men have lower levels of antioxidants in the semen.

To naturally boost your glutathione levels, you can increase your intake of sulfur-rich foods such as onions and leeks. Fruits and veggies like potatoes, asparagus, apples, and peaches can also help the body produce more glutathione, as do lean protein sources like whey and soy. Cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower, kale, watercress, and broccoli are also great natural sources of glutathione as well as many other important nutrients.

#5 Superoxide Dismutase (SOD)

Superoxide dismutase (SOD) is not as popular as an antioxidant when compared to vitamin C or carotenoids or anthocyanins. However, SOD does play a very important role in protecting the semen from oxidative damage.

In fact, when there is low superoxide dismutase activity in the semen, it may lead to a condition called oligoasthenozoospermia. The term refers to a condition wherein a man has low sperm count and low sperm motility at the same time, which almost always leads to infertility.

One study concluded that superoxide dismutase is positively linked with sperm concentration as well as overall sperm motility. SOD also has an inverse relationship with DNA fragmentation in the sperm, which means that the higher the SOD activity, the lesser number of sperm cells have fragmented or damaged DNA. If the sperm DNA fragmentation rate is high, it leads to lower sperm viability.

Another recent study validated the positive effects of superoxide dismutase on sperm DNA fragmentation. In this case, one group of participants were given superoxide dismutase supplements, another group had supplements of other types of antioxidants, while the control group did not receive any supplements. The study showed that only those who had SOD supplements had improvements in their sperm DNA fragmentation levels.

To naturally boost your SOD levels, try incorporating cruciferous vegetables to your diet. You can also increase your vitamin C and E intake as this will also help increase seminal superoxide dismutase activity. Foods that are rich in zinc, copper, and manganese also help increase the production of superoxide dismutase.

persimmon fruits

What Are Persimmon Fruits?

Persimmon fruits are in fact in the fruit family, however they are similar looking to tomatoes so you may confuse them for a vegetable. This type of edible fruit originates from a tree, and is in fact more closely related to Brazil nut and blueberries.

These types of fruits can also be eaten whether their own ripe all right and can be used in many different types of foods or even in beverages such as tea. These qualities a long live the fact that these persimmon fruits contain a wide variety of different types of nutrients make them a very versatile food.

Is also important to know that there are two different types of persimmon fruits, as the sweeter variety contains less tannins than the tangier variety. Tannins are beneficial compounds which are found in other foods as well, such as in blueberries, grapes, chocolate, and blackberries.

1. Antioxidant Rich

Antioxidants are largely considered to be some of the most healthy nutrients which we can find in our foods. This is because of the role they play in maintaining good health, as they are what the body uses to neutralize free radicals.

persimmon fruitsFree radicals are particles within the body which are highly reactive and can disrupt other important process is which are essential to our health. Anti oxidants neutralize these free radicals which disallows them from interfering with virtually every biochemical process which goes on in the body.

Persimmon fruit is loaded with antioxidants, two in particular which studies have shown to be extremely effective in fighting off a whole range of disease. This fruit is in the same family as blueberries, another fruit which is well known for its high antioxidant value.

2. Promotes Good Digestive Health

Another benefit that persimmon fruits bring to the table is that they are loaded with fiber, providing us with over a third of what we need for the day in just one serving.

persimmon fruitThis fruit contains an especially high value of insoluble fiber which is used essentially as a bulk material by the body to help move along stools at the preferred rate. This means whether your problem is with diarrhea or with constipation, persimmon fruits can help resolve this issue.

When choosing the right person and fruit is important to know that like with many other types of fruit out there, there are different types of persimmon fruits as well. The sweet varieties are the ones you want to be looking for here as the tangy versions contain a type of amino acid that may encourage constipation.

3. Improves Eyesight

Persimmon fruits are extremely high in levels of vitamin A when compared to other similar fruits out there, as they contain more than half of what most people need for the day in just one serving.

Vitamin A is essential to the overall health of eye not just in eyesight itself, but in protecting it against various types of diseases as well. This includes things like conjunctivitis, dry eyes and other buildup of material on the eye.
To determine whether not of food is high in vitamin A if you have a deficiency, generally speaking if a food is the color orange, it is rich in vitamin A. The carrot for example got its name due to the presence of vitamin A(carotenoids).

4. Reduces Inflammation

Inflammation although not seen as many people as a huge threat to our health, it is in fact to us that. This is because the presence of inflammation it is an early indicator of the presence of many different types of diseases.
We can see many different aspects of this such as how inflammation in our digestive tract can cause the overproduction of mucus, which can lead to digestive issues like diarrhea.

Another example of this can be seen in our blood vessels-as they become inflamed their surface area decreases, which in turn increases our blood pressure. Increased blood pressure means more strain on our blood vessels and heart, which can lead to problems such as heart attacks, stroke, and other cardiovascular issues.

An additional benefit the ties and here is that these persimmon fruits have shown the ability to lower person’s blood pressure which is great news considering that many of us suffer from high blood pressure. Consuming more of this fruit can be a great alternative way to lower your blood pressure without having to seek out medication.

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Considering there are so many dietary supplements and vitamins offered by various companies, as a buyer it can be hard to choose the right product to help you sustain or improve your health. It’s also even tough to be consistent in taking your supplements each day all at once. But is this even necessary?

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Ultimate Man Once-A-Day Consumers

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Is Ultimate Man Once-A-Day Efficient?

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Magnesium is one of those trace elements we tend to forget about when it comes to our diets, but it is absolutely essential that we get enough of this important mineral.

Magnesium is involved in important processes such as endocrine control in the release of neurotransmitters, control over vasocontriction and vasoldilation, maintenance of blood sugar levels, metabolism and many other minor functions as well.

Magnesium plays a role in over 300 chemical reactions in our body that we know of so we need to make sure that we are getting enough of it in our diets.

When you suspect that you have a deficiency in a certain vitamin or mineral, it is typical that you would go to a medical professional to get blood work done to check the levels of these nutrients. The problem with magnesium however is that it is most stored in our bones, so if you are low on magnesium it won’t show up on these tests.

If you are low on magnesium it can cause numerous health problems through your body, because as we now know, magnesium is involved in so many processes throughout the body.

Low magnesium can cause type ii diabetes, osteoporosis, anxiety, depression, fatigue, and hormone imbalance among other things as well.

Magnesium is One of the Most Researched Minerals in Science

Magnesium is one of these trace minerals we absolutely know that we need in our diets because of all the scientific data we have to back it up. Magnesium has been widely researched over a long period of time, with thousands of scientific articles and papers being published that support the benefits to our health that it provides.

preview-full-shutterstock_422551879One major disease that many people especially in the western world like the United States are worried about is cardiovascular disease, mainly because of poor diets that contribute to the increased risk that these people have of getting it.

Type ii diabetes is another huge problem in places like the United States because of the typical diet high in refined and simple sugars. Magnesium helps to fight against diabetes because it is involved in the metabolism of glucose, otherwise known as sugar.

Bone loss is another problem many people face as they age, and it’s not just elderly women who are at risk for bone loss from diseases like osteoporosis. Magnesium is important in not only preventing bone loss, but in the formation of the bone itself as it works with calcium.

If you think that magnesium is only important for aging people or people with serious health ailment, you’re wrong. Magnesium is just as important for younger people, and if you’re an athlete or if you are a gym rat, you need to be getting enough magnesium. This is because magnesium is involved in activing the sodium potassium pumps in our cell membrane, which controls muscle contraction.

If you ever feel that twitching sensation in your muscles after a heavy lifting session, or if you’re cramping up during a long run, a magnesium deficiency is probably your problem.

Here Are the Richest Foods in Magnesium that You Need to Be Eating

1-Dark Leafy Greens

Dark leafy greens are a superfood, so it really shouldn’t be too much of a surprise to see them top out this list. When it comes to this group of foods, the best ones that have the most magnesium are spinach, collard greens, kale, or swiss chard. Dark leafy greens retain the most magnesium when eaten raw, so use these in a salad, or lightly steam them and use as side for dinner.

2-Nuts and Seeds

preview-full-shutterstock_393884095Nuts and seeds are also great sources of magnesium, are loaded with good fats along with other vitamins and minerals. Pumpkins seeds are the best of the bunch, and just a serving size of 1/2cup can get you all the magnesium you need for the day.

Other options when looking for seeds and nuts high in magnesium are sunflower seeds, flaxseed, chia seeds, pecans, and almonds just to name a few. So many nuts and seeds are high in magnesium that getting enough for the day is easy by just throwing together a trail mix you can snack on throughout your day.


Yogurt is loaded with not only magnesium, but potassium and calcium as well which will give you everything you need to maintain and grow your bones. Greek yogurt in particular is also a great source of protein and should be a part of every athlete’s diet.