KETO Diet can be eaten while taking Progentra

The ketogenic diet, otherwise known across the internet as the “keto” diet, attempts to keep the body in a state of ketosis. This is a state of being where the body burns fat for energy rather than sugar, which is more common.

Essentially, keto is low in calories and high in fat. Those who succeed on this diet claim they have a lower appetite, increased amounts of energy, and see immediate weight loss results. This is met with a great amount of skepticism, and rightly so. How can such a high fat diet lead to weight loss?

How does keto work?

In a traditional ketosis diet, only 10% of your total daily calories would come from carbohydrates, which the body burns for energy. Another 20% of your calories are from protein, but the largest amount (70%) comes from fats. The body is forced into finding an alternative source for energy and finds it within the fat tissue in the body.

Water weight is the immediate loss. When the body resorts to using the stored fat in the body, the body loses a lot of excess water. There is a key difference between water weight and “real” weight loss; you are much more likely to put water weight back on than you are to put back on real weight loss.

Is ketosis good for you?

Carbs are essential for proper digestion. They contain a large amount of water and fiber, and there will be considerable side effects to removing these from your diet almost completely. The immediate effects are usually as simple as constipation, but the long-term effects are increased risk of cancers in the gastrointestinal tract as well as decreased immune function.

learning keto diet basic concept while taking ProgentraHowever, the keto diet has not been well studied over the long term. Doctors do assume that increasing your fat levels and cutting your carbs to such extremes can lead to negative effects. One of the most common cases in keto dieters followed for a year is an increase in bad forms of cholesterol, though there is more to be studied.

There are also risks of forming kidney stones, low blood sugar, higher than normal levels of acid in the blood, muscle degeneration, and fatigue. These are relatively common in the early stages of the diet, as the body takes time to adjust to the lack of carbs.

It should be noted that your body has a preference for getting its carbs from sugar and carbohydrates. While the keto diet is not an ideal, sustainable diet for the long term, it can help you “reset” your body and “kick start” a weight loss journey.

Are there benefits to the keto diet?

While there are significant downsides to the diet, there are a few upsides as well.

Your diet and acne are often correlated. By reducing your intake of carbs and sugars, you can also decrease your skin problems. A diet that is higher in carbs causes more changes in blood sugar which affects skin health but removing this helps clear some cases of acne.

When the keto diet is followed with a healthy theme in mind, the diet can also improve heart health. When the fats that are consumed are “good” fats, like avocados rather than hydrogenated oils, cholesterol levels can be altered. There have been cases where the keto diet was followed healthfully, and levels of good cholesterol increased while bad levels dropped.

The keto diet can also potentially aid in brain function. There has been evidence that it offers protection to neurons in the brain. This can help treat or prevent Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and some sleep illnesses.

So, what do people eat on the keto diet?

While there are a lot of foods that keto dieters avoid, there is a long list of foods they can eat.

It goes without saying that most meats and poultry are principal foods in a keto diet, but seafood is also quite common. Most varieties of fish as well as some variations of shellfish are free of carbs, but are full of good nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. However, there are certain types of seafood that do have more carbs, so research is key.

types of food to consume on ketogenic diet that are fine with ProgentraCertain types of vegetables have a low carb count as well. While things like yams, potatoes, and beets must be avoided while on the keto diet, vegetables with a low starch content, like spinach and Brussels sprouts, are an excellent choice. Veggies such as these are also high in antioxidants and reduce your risk of heart disease and cancer.

Eggs are popular among ketogenic dieters. Eggs also tend to be a healthy choice for just about anyone, and they are versatile as well. Eggs are low in carbs and high in protein which is practically perfect for a keto diet. However, it is important to eat the entire egg, as most of the nutrients are stored in the yolk rather than the white.

Most varieties of nuts and seeds provide a high fat and low carb option for the followers of the keto diet. They are also a reliable source of fiber, which is helpful in making the body feel full for a longer period of time as well as helping it to absorb fewer overall calories. Flaxseeds, pecans, and Brazil nuts are good choices when following a keto diet, as they have the lowest amount of net carbohydrates.

Any dramatic change to your diet and lifestyle can have consequences as well as benefits. If you have prior health concerns such as diabetes, heart problems, or hypoglycemia, it is particularly important to speak with your doctor before embarking on a diet change, but it is recommended to talk to your doctor regardless of your current health. Additionally, since ketosis is not a long-term weight loss solution, you will want to also discuss different longstanding options for your situation.

Not all carbs are identical. While there are benefits to eliminating them, a healthy diet is usually well-rounded, and carbohydrates are full of nutrients and fiber that the body needs; they are not evil.

powdered caffeine supplement

          The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently issued a new guidance regarding pure or highly concentrated caffeine. According to the FDA, highly concentrated pure caffeine pose unreasonable risks of illness. The FDA’s new issuance came after a student was reported to have died of caffeine overdose.

          The government agency stated that when these products are sold in bulk, consumers may use them inappropriately and end up consuming the product in amounts much greater than the recommended serving size. Moreover, consumers may also mix concentrated caffeine with other caffeine-containing food or beverages which further increases their dosage intake.

          Aside from caffeine overdose, consuming concentrated coffee in large amounts also present other health risks. Take a look at how consuming concentrated caffeine presents risks to your health.

Caffeine In Coffee vs. Powdered Caffeine

          Coffee lovers need not panic because of the FDA’s new issuance. The caffeine you find in coffee is actually different from the caffeine found in powdered caffeine sold as dietary supplements online or in retail channels.

          Depending on how much ground coffee and the coffee blend you use, as well as the brewing technique, you can get anywhere from around 60 to 270 milligrams of caffeine per 8 fl. oz. or 236 ml of coffee, which is equivalent to a cup of the aromatic brew. Using a French press or plunger will give you around 100 mg of caffeine while drip coffee will give you around 145 mg of caffeine. In general, the longer the ground coffee is in contact with water, the more caffeine you will get from your brew.

          Powdered or pure caffeine, on the other hand, is referred to as anhydrous caffeine. The first difference you’ll notice between caffeine in coffee and anhydrous caffeine is the appearance. Anhydrous caffeine is usually in powder form, and although it also tastes bitter, it has no odor and does not produce the same aroma that we usually associate with brewed coffee.

coffee grounds and beans on table          The other difference between the two is the water content. Anhydrous caffeine only contains 0.5% water, which is why it’s called anhydrous. The third and most important difference between caffeine in coffee and anhydrous caffeine is the dosage of intake.

          Scientific studies say that drinking up to four cups of brewed coffee a day is quite safe. However, with anhydrous caffeine, you don’t measure your intake in terms of cups, rather, you measure it in terms of milligrams. Because it’s in concentrated form, you definitely need to use only a small amount of powdered caffeine.

Inadvertent Powdered Caffeine Overdose

          When you search online for powdered or pure caffeine, you’ll find that the products vary in terms of recommended serving size. For instance, one product has a recommended serving size of one-sixteenth (1/16) of a teaspoon while another product recommends 1/20 of a teaspoon. Another product recommends a serving size of 50 milligrams which also contains 50 mg of caffeine anhydrous.

          One thing that’s problematic about these powdered pure caffeine (caffeine anhydrous) products that can easily be bought online is that it’s simply difficult for regular consumers to measure out the exact recommended serving size.

          Picture yourself at six in the morning trying to prepare your breakfast smoothie and you’re thinking of adding powdered caffeine to your drink. How would you measure 1/16 or 1/20 of a teaspoon in such a situation? It would be easy to give yourself a caffeine overdose if you don’t have the right tools to accurately measure how much powdered caffeine you put in your drink. It’s a different thing if it’s in capsule or tablet form because you can easily count how many you’re supposed to take. And anyway, pure caffeine in capsule form will also have a serving size of just one capsule.

          This is the basically the primary reason why consumers accidentally overdose on powdered pure caffeine. Did you know that if you mix a teaspoon of anhydrous caffeine into your smoothie, you’re basically drinking the equivalent of 50 to 70 cups of brewed coffee? Even if you’re a certified coffee addict, drinking that much coffee in a day will surely cause a lot of problems for your heart and blood pressure.

Caffeine Overdose Reports

          One study reviewed incidents of powdered caffeine exposures reported to US poison centers from January 1, 2013 to June 30, 2015. Over the 30-month period, a total of forty calls were made to report exposure to powdered caffeine.

          Of the forty calls, 21 calls were made to report accidental overdose of powdered caffeine. The reported reason why these 21 patients overdosed is the lack of proper dosing information that is supposed to be printed on the product packaging.

woman having chest pain due to caffeine overdose          In short, these patients consumed concentrated powdered caffeine without knowing for sure just how much they’re supposed to take because the product they bought did not divulge that information in the packaging. Thus, they ended up consuming so much more than the recommended serving size which resulted in an overdose.

          The study summarized the various symptoms that were exhibited by the caffeine overdose patients. Nausea or vomiting was the most common symptom, experienced by 17 out of 40 patients. Eleven patients reported feeling anxious or hyperactive, while 9 patients reported palpitations. Four patients also experienced chest pain due to the overdose.

          The most common sign of overdose was tachycardia, a condition characterized by an abnormally fast resting heart rate. Of the eleven patients that had tachycardia, their heart beat rates reached 100-200 beats per minute. The normal rate for adults is just around sixty to 100 beats per minute when at rest. Four patients had hypertension, while three patients showed arrhythmia, which means that the rhythm of their heartbeats was irregular.

FDA Guidance

          The recently issued FDA guidance applies to concentrated caffeine sold in bulk either in liquid or powdered form. However, concentrated caffeine products that are already pre-measured such as in packet, tablet, or capsule form, are not included in the ban. Products containing caffeine like energy drinks or over-the-counter drugs or supplements are also excluded from the ban.

confident good looking man content with Progentra supplement

Confidence is highly desirable, both in men and women. People love to know that you love yourself. This may give them hope they can love themselves and reach their potential. You are a confident man, but how? Let’s look into some ways you display your confidence, assert your opinions, and get respect purely just by how you carry yourself.

First, a definition. What is the difference between self-confidence and self-esteem?

Self-confidence is a belief in our judgments and decision-making abilities.

Self-esteem is how you measure your self-worth. It is tied to your emotions about yourself.

Okay, now those 10 ways.

#1 You Believe In Your Decisions

Your value your own decisions over other people’s. Even if your decision is made from intuition, you still put your decisions before others. You often choose a path and stick with it because you know you are intelligent and have enough experience to make the right decisions for your life. No one knows you like you do, so no one knows what will make you happy. Your goal in life is to make the best decisions for your life, not to ask for permission.

#2 You Ignore Negativity

positive confident man who takes Progentra relaxes on chairA part of remaining happy is to either ignore or remove negativities. Your confidence stems from a positive belief in yourself. Being around negative people and immersing yourself in the news can place a dark cloud over you, ruining your forward momentum. You surround yourself with positive, upbeat people who enjoy companionship, are ambitious, and share their resources.

#3 You Accept Your Mistakes

Everyone has made mistakes. Each day every person makes at least one error. You don’t dwell on your mistakes or allow them to affect your self-esteem. You focus on learning from your blunders because you know they are teaching opportunities. Each slip up belongs to you and so does the teaching opportunity.

Always ask yourself, “What have I learned from my mistakes?”

#4 You Focus On Your Strengths

When you are putting a price on your strengths, don’t give yourself a discount. Focus on the intellectual, personal, physical assets that you possess. Each helps you grow more into yourself and use your skills to help mankind. What are all of the positive traits you have? List them out. These are the assets you can share with the world.

#5 Gratitude Is Key

Gratitude is directly related to humility. It buoys your spirit as you focus on what you have, not what you don’t have. When you look at the positive things in your life and focus on them, you will find each day is filled with hope and new opportunities. This hope supports your confidence and puts a smile on your face. Your humble demeanor can be used to bring positive people in your life. If you feel down, ask yourself, “What are some good things happening to me right now?”

#6 You Value Yourself

When you look in the mirror, instead of seeing your flaws you focus on your strengths. You may list your positive aspects and decide what steps you need to take to improve your weaknesses. The mirror does not fill you full of shame, it helps you appreciate yourself more. Your confidence comes from knowing your worth and living up to your criteria for success, whatever they may be.

#7 You Accept That Change Is Inevitable

People who struggle accepting change often live in a state of misery and anxiety. They try very hard to control their surroundings, other people, and themselves, all in the hope of keeping things the same. But, as a confident man, you know change is needed for evolution. At times, you seek out change to challenge yourself so you can continue improving. When you look in the mirror today, you will see a man, and when you look tomorrow, you will the same man, but he will be slightly different. He will have aged a few hours, smiled a few more times, and laughed well into the afternoon. You ask yourself, “What am I doing to change that is positive?” and “What am I learning?”

That is the change you focus on and it excites you every morning.

#8 You Know You Are Worth Of Happiness

confident well dressed man happy with Progentra pillsThis may be the biggest sign of a confident man. You radiate joy during the day because you know you are worthy of it. You will have a very difficult time attracting a partner, money, or success if you don’t believe you are worthy of happiness. Without the belief you are worthy, you won’t go after these things you want in life. Even if you received these things you may feel you don’t deserve them. When happiness comes, you are able to accept it fully, no questions asked. And that is an amazing thing.

#9 You Care For Yourself

Tied to your worthiness of happiness is your body. Taking care of it, now, will positively affect your happiness in the future. You buy products that will accentuate your features, hair, and skin. You exercise in order to keep your body in good shape, so you may live longer with a higher quality of life. In addition, taking yourself allows you to be more effective during your youth and build the life you want in the future.

#10 Imperfections Are Built-In

As a confident man, you know imperfections are cooked into your DNA. They are unavoidable and do not mean there’s anything wrong with you. There are thousands of other men who have your same flaws and they’re doing well. Many years ago, you integrated your flaws into yourself and accepted them fully. Without the concern with your imperfections, a lot of anxiety and stress is no longer your burden.

Being confident is more than reachable. It takes a strong will to be yourself, not let others take control of your life, and love the life you have.


man looking inside his boxers, Progentra can help with erectile dysfunction

          Three hundred million. That’s the number of men globally who are expected to have erectile dysfunction or ED by 2025. ED or impotence can affect men of all ages, contrary to the perception that only elderly men suffer from it. In reality, as many as 5% of American men over 40 years old have complete erectile dysfunction. This means that they absolutely cannot achieve an erection, and therefore, cannot engage in penetrative sexual intercourse.

          Erectile dysfunction has three components, the first of which has to do with low or no sexual desire. The second component involves difficulties in achieving a functional erection. The third component is about not being able to maintain tumescence long enough to achieve vaginal penetration, orgasm, or ejaculation. Fortunately, new treatments for ED are currently being developed, and these treatments target specific components of the condition.

ED Treatments In The Past

          In the past, when the various causes of erectile dysfunction were not yet fully known, there was a prevalent belief that the condition was caused by excessive masturbation. Psychotherapy was considered as one way to stop excessive masturbation. Hence, psychotherapy became the primary treatment for erectile dysfunction. However, while it is true that emotional or psychological factors cause some instances of ED, this is not the case for everyone.

          After psychotherapy, penile prostheses became popular as the main treatment for erectile dysfunction. However, not everyone could get the treatment. Then in the ’80s, the trend shifted towards intracavernosal injection (ICI), which entails medication injected into the base of the penis. Although many men might think twice about aiming a needle to their sex organ, the truth is that drugs for ICI are still sold in the market, and many men continue to use ICI as their preferred ED treatment.

erectile dysfunction prescription drugs and medication, Progentra can help with ED       The ’90s saw the introduction of oral phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors (PDE5Is) in the form of Viagra. Since then, research on new and non-invasive ways to treat erectile dysfunction have been continuing. Levitra has been available in the market since 2003. Next came Staxyn, which was approved by the US FDA in 2010. Cialis was approved by the FDA in 2011, the same year when Stendra was made available on the market. Men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction can continue to look forward, as several other medications and new forms of treatments are in the pipeline.

#1 New ED Prescription Drugs

          New medications for erectile dysfunction are veering away from the PDE5I mechanism. The focus has shifted to dopaminergic and melanocortin receptor agonists. The first type works by activating dopamine receptors. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter released by the brain during sexual arousal. Thus, increasing dopamine levels and activating dopamine receptors trigger arousal and erection.

          Melanocortin receptor agonists, on the other hand, are different from PDE5I in the sense that with melanocortin agonists, you can have an erection even without sexual stimulation. PDE5I, however, requires sexual stimulation before its pharmacological properties kick in. Unfortunately, in one trial involving 20 men with organic erectile dysfunction and ED caused by psychogenic factors, administration of a melanocortin receptor agonist drug led to frequent yawning and nausea, although the drug did show that it was effective in stimulating penile erection in 17 of the 20 male participants.

          Nausea is also the reported side effect of a dopaminergic drug for ED that is currently available in European markets. Uprima (apomorphine) is yet to be approved for release in the United States. In its current form, Uprima is an oral tablet but trials are currently ongoing to test the drug in a nasal spray form.

          Vasodilators like alprostadil are also used to help achieve an erection. Also a prescription drug, alprostadil is used either as an injection or a penile suppository. It is to be used as needed, such as before engaging in sexual intercourse. If injected, it may take 5-20 minutes before an erection may occur. If used as a suppository, it may take 5-10 minutes before it takes effect.

#2 Low-Intensity Shockwave Lithotripsy

          The problem with the prescription drugs used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction is that many are unable to take the medication due to contraindications with their ongoing medical conditions. For instance, if you have a preexisting cardiovascular disease,  you’re not supposed to take any of the PDE5I drugs.

          Because the contraindications with PDE5I drugs mean many men with erectile dysfunction can’t take the medications, experts explored other mechanisms and platforms to look for new ways to treat erectile dysfunction.

          One treatment that was recently developed is called low-intensity shockwave lithotripsy. When first tested in animal models, low-density shock wave therapy was shown to have significantly improved penile blood flow and increased erectile function.

injecting erectile dysfunction meds to banana, Progentra can help with ED          In diabetic animals with erectile dysfunction, the biggest advantage this therapy offered is that it was able to restore pathological changes in the penis caused by diabetes. This is something that PDE5I medications or vasodilators cannot accomplish. Moreover, shock wave therapy offers an option to erectile dysfunction patients who cannot take or do not respond to PDE5I medications.

#3 Stem Cell Regenerative Techniques

          When stem cell therapy was first developed for erectile dysfunction treatment, the idea behind it was that stem cells may be able to replenish or replace damaged endothelial cells and cavernous smooth muscle cells in the penis. These two types of cells actually play very important roles in erection.

          Stem cell therapy for erectile dysfunction has been tested in animals through various trials and studies. Recently though, several trials involving human participants have been conducted. One of the first tests was conducted in 2010 in Korea. Seven men who had diabetes-related erectile dysfunction were given a penile injection of umbilical cord stem cells. Two months after the treatment, only one of the seven patients did not report experiencing morning erections while the other six patients did.

          In 2016, three more trials were conducted by separate research groups. One group had participants suffering from organic erectile dysfunction. The second group’s participants were men who had ED 5-18 months after radical prostatectomy, while it was 22 months after the procedure for the third group.

          The three trials also used stem cells from different sources – bone marrow stem cells, adipose-derived stem cells, and placental-derived stem cells. All three studies showed promising results, indicating that stem cell therapy may soon become a mainstream treatment for erectile dysfunction.

woman stretching after waking up in the morning

Happiness is not a constant state, but a choice. Waking up feeling ready to conquer all the unused hours lying before you is a choice. No one can give you happiness or take it away. So, to help you maximize your day, here are 15 tips that will lead to mornings filled with creative drive and less stress.

#1 Keep As Still As Possible

Rather than jumping out of bed like your house is on fire, do nothing. Lie in your bed without moving a muscle. Let your body and mind ease out of sleep and into the present; don’t startle your mind or body. Jump-scares are only fun in movies.

#2 Recall Your Dreams

Or try to. Though most people report they don’t remember their dreams or didn’t have any, we have many dreams throughout the night. As you lie still, let no thoughts enter your mind. This will help bring forth your dreams and lead to deeper introspection. Dreams are a reflection of your unconscious thoughts and can give you excellent insight into your emotional state.

#3 Think About What Makes You Happy

smiling man writing down benefits of ProgentraWhat are three things that make you smile? Think about these three things. Doing this will ensure these happy thoughts remain at the top of your mind for the rest of the day.

#4 Relax From Your Head To Your Toes

Due to it being the morning you may think you are relaxed. This may not be the case. During the night we tense, often, so when you first wake, you’ll want to deliberately relax your body, starting from your head and going to your toes.

#5 Meditate When You First Wake

Waking up is different for all of us. Some people jump up, mind and body ready to get started, while others do not. An excellent way to bring your mind and body into the present is meditation. After you slowly roll from your bed, sit on a pillow with your back against the wall and spend 2 – 5 minutes, quietly. Think of nothing. Do nothing. You don’t need a meditation tape or app, just a quiet space in your mind. If thoughts do crop up, don’t get frustrated. This is perfectly normal. Just focus on your breath, again.

#6 Cultivate Gratitude

As the morning goes on, your inner clock may begin to nudge you. When you feel the hint of rushing building inside of you, cultivate gratitude. List five things you’re grateful for and smile at each one. No matter what your situation is, there is good somewhere.

#7 Fight Against Your Instincts

Negative thoughts in the morning are quite common, but they are bad for your health. Your brain is geared toward negativity because this was needed when survival was difficult. Do not let negativity rule your mornings; fight this natural human urge and focus on the positive.

#8 Eliminate Your Most Urgent Issue

Sitting front and center of your mind is your most urgent issue from yesterday. When you first wake, remind yourself that the day is a blank slate. If this issue still weighs on you and is negative, look for the positive aspects of it.

#9 Remain Relaxed Throughout Your Day

Your body reflects your thoughts. Worry may lead to biting your nails while anger may cause brow furrowing. A few ways to keep your body relaxed include taking deep breaths and shrugging your shoulders. When you take deep breaths, make sure you let them out slowly. As you take these breaths, focus on each breath and how your body relaxes during the exhale. When shrugging your shoulders, focus on releasing the tension in your shoulders and opening your chest.

#10 Think “Yes”, Not “No”

man encircling YES after hearing about ProgentraWhen you approach activities already thinking that you don’t want to do it, this strengthens the resistance and makes the task seem harder. Changing your thoughts to focus on “yes”, instead, helps you see the opportunities inherent in the request or needed task. “Yes” removes resistance and produces excitement for both the journey and the final result. “Yes” can increase your mental strength and lead to larger opportunities.

#11 Don’t Drift Out Of The Present

You are unable to live in the past or future. You can only live in the now. By keeping your thoughts in the present you can maximize your day. Take your goals one day at a time and enjoy them in the future.

#12 Remove The Superfluous

Give up unnecessary things and activities each day. By removing one unneeded event you are leaving your day full of the items that truly matter to you and will get you closer to your goals. Freeing yourself from excessive attachment can lighten the load on your soul and strengthen your bonds with the important things and people.

#13 Surround Yourself With Happy People

If you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with, then surrounding yourself with unhappy people could make it harder for you to be happy. Like other temptations, you’ll want to remove the undesired item from your life so you can resist the temptation, easier. Widen your circle and find others who are joyful, driven, and have goals they are passionate about. Search for energy gains, not energy drains.

#14 Immerse Yourself In Positive Activities

Positivity needs fuel. Whether this is through people, things, or hobbies, to counteract negativity you must fill your life with positivity. Spend your days doing things you enjoy. Write, play an instrument, go to the gym, or call your positive friends and tell them how much they mean to you. Whatever fills you like helium in a balloon, do it.

#15 Forget About Excuses And Blame

While making excuses and blaming others may be the easiest thing to do, neither of these will contribute to your positivity. Taking full responsibility for your actions puts you in charge of your life and increases your happiness tenfold. Remember that you are the only person who has control of your actions. No matter what anyone does, your reaction is your responsibility.

Enjoy each sunrise you see and strive to be better each sunset.


healthy man eating salad in kitchen

When it comes to staying healthy, there are a lot of factors that play a role. When it comes to good health there are many benefits, which is fairly obvious. Having good health can help to reduce the chance of a lot of different conditions. Here is a “path” to help and your family get on the track to a healthy life.

Regular Exercise

Exercise can help to prevent many different diseases including things like diabetes and heart disease. It can also help to keep your weight under control. When it comes to exercise, any type of exercise is better than not getting any at all. If you can take 30 minutes out of your day, a few times a week, you will be helping yourself to live your healthiest life. Even just going for a bike ride or an afternoon walk can make all the difference.

Little Steps Go A Long Way

When it comes to making small changes in your life, those changes can create a large impact. By making sure that you are trying to make better choices for yourself and your body, you will create habits that will benefit you for the rest of your life. Whether you start taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or switch out your fries for steamed veggies, these little changes make a big impact.

Are You Overweight?

Many people are overweight, and it is extremely harmful to your health. There is a long list of health conditions that you will, or already are, at risk for. You may already know this about being overweight, but did you know that you can get weight related injuries? Your weight bearing joints, like your spine or knees, are affected greatly by your weight. By adding some simple exercises and making better choices while eating you will be able to have a better lifestyle.

Eat Healthy

healthy packed lunch, fruits, vegetablesWhen it comes to eating healthier, making small choices every day can lead to big results in the end. By substituting things like fruits or veggies for your sugary or salty snacks you can help yourself to live a healthier life. When it comes to portions, stop super sizing, and you will also see results in the future.

Quit Smoking

This may seem like an obvious thing, but seriously, quit smoking, quit using tobacco products all together. Obviously, it can also lead to many different diseases that affect all parts of your body. It will take awhile for your body to adjust to not smoking, but trust me, it will be worth it in the end.

Limit Your Alcohol Intake

According to recent studies, you should only be having two drinks a day, if you don’t want it to affect your health. There are different ideas about this, but this is a general agreement between many health care professionals. Drinking too much alcohol can cause many problems within your body including liver damage. I’m not saying cut out alcohol completely but watch how much you drink.

Protect Your Skin

Skin usually receives the most damage out of any of our other body parts. Since you skin is the first contact for practically everything, you should start protecting your skin. When it comes to sun exposure, skin cancer is very often the result of too much exposure. If you take care of your skin daily, you will be more likely to prevent skin cancer.

Protect Your Ears

Many of us are prone to listening to loud music either in the car, through headphones, or at concerts. Make sure that you are protecting your ears in these situations. Although it may be therapeutic to play music as loudly as possible, turn down the volume every once in a while, and you will be less likely to need hearing aids in the future.

Make Sure You’re Sleeping

Sleep is good for your health, obviously. Even if you are a light sleeper making sure that you are getting enough sleep every night will really help you out. It is not only good for your health, but it is good for your relationships also. If you are well rested, you are more likely to be a happier person.

Use an Activity Tracker

By using something like a Fitbit, you will be more conscience of your health. Those little numbers will be your motivation as you will want to beat your records. You will also feel proud as it buzzes and cheers you on to keep going. It will be a constant reminder to keep up with your health.

Watch Puppy Videos

Pets help to destress. Even if you can’t have a pet in your home, watching videos of cute animals online can produce a similar affect as having one of your own. Stress is the “number one killer” so keep it under control! Find ways to destress to help make yourself happier and healthier.

Get Outside

healthy man on top of mountain after hikingGoing outside is natural way to boost your mood. We all know that nature has therapeutic affect for human beings, but even just going on a walk through your city can help to ease your mood. Don’t forget that going outside is the most natural and effective way to keep yourself healthy and happy.

Wash Your Bedding. Regularly.

More health issues come from not washing the linens than you think. By keeping your sheets clean, you also keep your health. Dust mites live in our linens, whether we like to admit it or not, and they can cause allergy problems. Washing your sheets on a regular basis will help to get rid of those pesky, microscopic, mites.

Visit With Your Doctor

When you visit your doctor, there are a few questions that you should ask. You should be asking your doctor about your calorie intake, physical exams, and cancer screenings. Even if you are not concerned about these things, it never hurts to make sure. A lot of times, people with cancer do not know that they have it until it reaches some of its final stages. Visit your doctor at least once a year and get a physical.


woman sick with colds with thermometer and hot tea


            You can feel a cold coming on. Or maybe it’s the flu. You’re got a runny nose. You’re sneezing more. You can’t breathe out of your one nostrils, and you’re feeling awful. You can feel the mucous going down the back of your throat and it’s making you cough. It’s making your throat sore and you’ve lost your voice. You think it’s just a cold, or, maybe, if it’s not the right season, you think it’s just your allergies acting up. Maybe that’s what it is, but maybe it’s a sinus infection, which can knock you out of commission for longer and will make you need to go see a doctor to clear it up with some antibiotics.


Your sinuses are located in your head. They’re cavities that help with the tenor and timbre of your voice. They also fill with mucous and drain out of your nose and can get viruses and bacteria into their lining giving you a pretty nasty illness.

Viruses — such as the cold virus and the flu virus — and your allergies are often associated with sinus infections because they can make your sinuses more susceptible to illness. Basically anything that causes the lining of your sinuses to get inflamed or swollen can increase the likelihood that your sinuses will become infected, making you sicker than a dog. A cold will only last for a couple of days. It’ll lay you up for only a day or two. But a sinus infection will linger. And it’s even worse when it follows in the footsteps of a cold. That makes your illness last even longer, keeping you either out of commission or at least at diminished capacity for weeks.


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There are two kinds of sinus infections that you need to watch out for.

An acute sinus infection will only last for about a week and subside with some over the counter medications to help it along the way. But there are also chronic sinus infections. These, most commonly, occur when a sinus infection goes untreated and will last for anywhere between 10 days and a month. Chronic sinus infections, most often, require a visit to see a medical professional, some prescription drugs, and some serious rest to help fight off. Some people are, generally, more susceptible to chronic sinus infections depending on the health of their immune system. Weaker immune systems have more trouble fighting off infection.

One of the best ways to make sure that a sinus infection doesn’t kill your productivity for weeks is to catch it early and treat it properly. Make sure that you can recognize the signs of a sinus infection and differentiate those symptoms from other common illnesses to make sure that you can get on top of it and attack it right away. Some early over the counter medications or early natural treatments can go a long way to helping fight off the infection.


One key way to tell if you’re dealing with a sinus infection rather than the common cold is to take note of the symptoms.

Are you experiencing pain or pressure in your face? A great way to test this is to merely press the areas that might be affected — your sinuses. These are located in your forehead and cheeks. If you press on them and it feels like you’re relieving some of the pressure of what you thought was just a run of the mill headache or even a migraine, then you’re likely dealing with a sinus infection instead. Your sinuses run so low that sometimes it can even feel like you have a toothache. That toothache is actually just the swelling of the lining of your sinuses pressing against your top teeth. This is something that, in a particularly bad case of a sinus infection, can actually happen.


couple having colds sneezingLess of a telltale sign when it comes to sinus infections is a runny nose.

If it’s associated with congestion, then you’re getting a little closer to being able to associate it with a sinus infection rather than just the cold virus. Sinus infections cause swelling in the lining of the sinuses that causes them to be unable to drain through the nose. The mucous then builds up in your sinuses and slowly leaks out. This will cause your nose to slowly drip and need to be blown more often. You may also feel it dripping out into your mouth where your nasal cavity connects to it and dripping down your throat — a particularly unpleasant feeling. Take note of the color and texture of the mucous that you’re blowing out into a tissue. If it is thick and discolored, then it is more likely that you have a sinus infection rather than a bout with a cold or a particularly bad reaction with your allergies. The drip down your throat is referred to as post-nasal drip and can lead to a sore throat, coughing and even laryngitis. If you’re coughing or choking up the same thick, discolored mucous that you saw in your tissue, then you are more likely to be dealing with a sinus infection.


That mucous that’s dripping down your throat, it might stink.

A sign of a sinus infection is bad or odorous breath. This comes from having to breathe through your mouth more often, drying it out. Mouth breathers, generally, have worse breath than those who breath through their nose. But right now you don’t have much of a choice.


So take note of these symptoms. If you’re struggling with a crop of them for more than a week, then you should seek the advice of a medical professional. They’re likely to prescribe a combination of over the counter medications and prescription ones to fight off this nasty illness. Likely it’ll include some form of nasal spray, and an antibiotic if they come to the conclusion that the source of the infection is bacterial in nature. Once you’re medicated, it should only be a matter of days until you’re back in fighting shape, and back to being a fully functional and productive member of society, whose head isn’t inflamed and full of mucous.


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Aphrodisiacs are substances or compounds that either increase your libido, improve your sexual potency, or increase the pleasure you derive from having sex. Because the use of aphrodisiacs is associated with so much pleasure, mankind is always on the hunt for better and stronger aphrodisiacs. In truth, however, there are so many natural aphrodisiacs available to us.

In India’s Ayurveda medicine, one of the most ancient medicine systems, there are many plants that are recognized for their aphrodisiac and sexual functioning enhancement properties. With Ayurveda texts dating more than two thousand years old, taking this history in context, this means that treatments based on plants which are recognized in Ayurvedic medicine as aphrodisiacs or sexual functioning enhancers have been in use for millennia.

While western medicine has a branch that deals with sexual health, Ayurveda has a branch of medicine that deals with sexual function problems, aphrodisiacs, and natural ways to increase one’s libido and sexual potency. This branch is called Vajikarana or Vrishya chikitsa.

Plants that are considered as having Vajikarana properties are those that act as aphrodisiac, sexual potency and virility booster, fertility booster, or sexual performance enhancer. These plants are then used in herbal formulations. Each formulation is customized, depending on the illness or condition complained of. For instance, if the complaint is loss of libido, a formulation composed of herbal plants identified as aphrodisiacs will be prescribed.

Because Ayurvedic prescriptions for sexual problems such as reduced libido, infertility, or impotency have been around for thousands of years, it has sparked a lot of curiosity in the scientific community. This then led to many scientific investigations into the properties and actions of these various Ayurvedic aphrodisiacs. Not surprisingly, many of these plants are proven effective. Let’s take a look at several examples of Ayurvedic aphrodisiacs and see how scientific studies validated their use as such.


#1 Anacyclus pyrethrum

Anacyclus pyrethrum ProgentraAnacyclus pyrethrum is an herb found in northern India and in the Himalayas. Its common names include Mount Atlas daisy and pellitory. It is also called Spanish chamomile because of its similarity to the appearance of chamomile. In India, it is commonly called Akarkara and is considered as a Vajikaran Rasayana, which means that it increases sexual virility and improves sexual performance.

Although  Anacyclus pyrethrum is popularly used as a food spice, the plant is also commonly used as an aphrodisiac. This traditional Ayurvedic usage of the plant is validated by scientific research. For instance, one study investigated how the petroleum ether extract of Anacyclus pyrethrum, in comparison to testosterone, affected sexual behavior of male rats.

Three groups of rats were formed, one group was given testosterone injections, the other two were given high dosage and low dosage petroleum ether extract of Anacyclus pyrethrum, all for a period of 28 days. The most significant finding of this study was that aside from improving sexual performance, the efficacy of the petroleum ether extract treatment actually lasted even two weeks after the treatment was discontinued. This suggests that incorporating Anacyclus pyrethrum into your regular diet can give you a long-lasting boost to your sexual potential.


#2 Punica granatum

Punica granatum or pomegranate has long been recognized as a super food with many health benefits including lower blood pressure, anti-inflammatory properties, and anti-cancer properties. Pomegranates are eaten as is or as juice and are used as ingredients in smoothies, cooking, baking, and as garnish. You can enjoy pomegranates in any form you like and you can still enjoy its benefits on your sexual functioning.

Scientific studies have also validated the positive effects of pomegranates on a man’s sexual functions. For instance, in one study, it was shown that pomegranate juice has protective effects on the testes of rats. Even when oxidative stress damage was induced on the rats, it was shown that administration of pomegranate juice helped reverse the damage.

In another animal study, pomegranate ripe fruit extract was administered to rats resulted in increased sperm count and motility when compared to stressed rats that were not given the fruit extract. Another study used methanolic peel extract and juice made from pomegranates. The results were also positive, showing that when rats were given the treatment, the levels of male sex hormones like testosterone were increased.


#3 Asteracantha longifolia   

ayuverdic herbs aphrodisiacs Progentra ingredientsAsteracantha longifolia, also known as Kokilaaksha or marsh barbel, is another recognized aphrodisiac in Ayurvedic medicine, where it is used to treat glucose problems such as diabetes and also against liver diseases. Asteracantha longifolia  is used in the Ayurvedic formulation Vrihani Gutika, which is considered as an extremely potent aphrodisiac formulation which also includes Tribulus terrestris, Pueraria tuberosa, and Asperagus racemosus among its many constituents.

A study involving male albino rats and ethanolic extract of Asteracantha longifolia seeds showed that the extract had anabolic properties. This means that it helps build up organs and tissues, as evidenced by increases in the body weight and the reproductive organ weights of the sample rats.

More importantly, ethanolic extract of Asteracantha longifolia seeds was shown to significantly improve the sexual behavior of the rats. Aside from this, administration of the extract also led to increases in sperm count and improved sperm production.


#4 Pueraria tuberosa

Pueraria tuberosa, also known as Indian or Nepalese kudzu, is a climbing vine with tuberous roots native to India, Nepal, and Pakistan. Because the plant is recognized in Ayurveda medicine as a very valuable plant, herb hunters are trading the tuberous roots illegaly and are contributing to the population decline of the plant which may soon face extinction.

The reason why the tubers of this plant is so in demand is because it has so many uses including as restorative tonic, immune booster, anti-aging, and to increase sperm production. It’s also recommended in treatments of many medical conditions related to sexual functioning like sexual debility and fertility problems.

Moreover, the plant’s active constituents have already been tested and proven effective for its aphrodisiac and spermatogenic properties, as well as its efficacy as immune booster, anti-inflammatory agent, and as tonic for the brain and cardiovascular system. This is also another reason why this tuberous plant is so valuable and why there is so much demand for it.


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You haven’t been paying enough attention to your pelvic floor muscles.

        That’s the case, if you’re like most American men, anyway. It’s not like there’s a pelvic floor day like there’s a leg day or back day to skip — even if you wanted to do so. You probably haven’t given much thought to your pelvic floor muscles. You might not even know what they are.

        The pelvic floor muscles are complex and surround the base of your penis and create a foundation for the bladder, your bowels and are important to your sexual health. They’re a network of muscles, and they need exercise just like any other in order to remain strong. Otherwise they’ll weaken and atrophy over time.

        Signs that your pelvic floor muscles have started to weaken include sudden onset of erectile dysfunction or the frequent, urgent need to urinate. Other symptoms can include fecal incontinence and dribbling after urination. This is especially problematic when it occurs away from the toilet. If you’re experiencing these issues, you should make an appointment with and go see your doctor. That way you can rule out other potentially more worrisome sources for those problems.

Note that you can also experience weakened pelvic floor muscles due to more than just atrophy.

        You could experience direct injury there, or have to rehabilitate the muscles after surgery to that area. But if the source of your issues is weakened pelvic floor muscles, then you can work on that on your own. No outside help needed.

crotch area of man taking Progentra regularly        If you’ve been having trouble in the bedroom, and you’re growing more worried about your erections not being as strong as they used to be, then you can find some significant help in strengthening your pelvic floor muscles. Studies have shown that muscles that focus on this muscle grouping have seen significant long-term resolution of erectile dysfunction issues. And this is a way to do so naturally, without having to resort to going to your doctor for a prescription drug.

        There are very simple ways to strengthen these muscles. And strengthening them helps with coordination, stamina and flexibility in that area making squatting easier, walking for longer distances not a problem and sex more enjoyable. Furthermore, there is evidence that doing exercises that benefit this complex network of muscles has the potential to help with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. So, what’s the simple way to exercise them? Well, have you heard of kegels?

Kegels are most often associated with women. Especially with older women who have experienced multiple childbirths.

        They’re used to strengthen the pelvic muscles — especially after childbirth. Childbirth is a very extreme and violent process that can leave the pelvic muscles stretched and weak. In order to tighten everything back up again, women do kegels. Healthy women prior to childbirth do them too, and it’s supposed to have some pretty intense effects on sex, for the the woman and the man. The pelvic floor muscles have an incredible ability to be rehabilitated with exercise — quickly regaining strength and elasticity.

For men, in order to first start doing kegels, you have to figure out how to target them.

        It’s recommended that you stand naked in front of a mirror. Then, without using your hands or your abdominal muscles, engaging only your pelvic muscles, try to lift your testicles. You want to avoid engaging your gluteal muscles or your inner thighs. If that’s not working, then another way to find the right muscles is to attempt to — while you’re urinating — try to stop your stream mid-urination. (Though please note that you should not do this every time you do kegels as it can cause bladder problems such as infections if you stop urination midstream too often and the action is, generally, considered unhealthy).

        You can also try to engage your sphincter, like you’re holding in a particularly heinous fart. If you’re doing it right, you should note that your testicles have lifted and that your penis has shifted, lifted or shortened with the tightening of your pelvic floor muscles.

        Once you’ve figured out how to do this, you won’t need to be naked or in front of a mirror anymore, thankfully. In fact, you’ll be able to do them anytime, anywhere, and no one needs to know. And doing the 3 or 4 times per day — with 10 sets each — you can see some pretty significant gains.

man doing squats and better kegels with Progentra pillsOf course, there are a few more notes to make sure that you’re doing it right and not going to injure anything.

        In order to do this properly, you need to make sure your not engaging any additional muscles, but also — as with any exercise — don’t hold your breath. Proper breathing will help with the exertion and keep you from hurting yourself.

        As stated above, you might find yourself wanting to contract your abdomen or your upper thighs or your butt in order to aid in the movement of your testicles, but then you’re not focusing on the right muscles. You need to target the right group or they won’t get the workout that they need. Focus on your pelvic floor muscles and only your pelvic floor muscles. And, if you’re doing it right you should see benefits in some other exercises you do — any that involve jumping or squatting, for instance. Furthermore, you should see benefits in your core strength as well as your coordination and balance when running or walking.

Doing kegels isn’t just for women anymore.

        Men can see significant benefits from focusing some time and energy into performing exercises to strengthen their pelvic floor. You can see physical benefits — fighting fecal and urinary incontinence. You can also see sexual benefits like harder and more intense erections, lower rates of erectile dysfunction, and lower incidence of premature ejaculation. This should benefit you with a better sense of self.  It’ll give you more confidence with women and with you self. It could even end up giving you a better and healthier sex life. So, try it out. You’ll be very happy you did.


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Nobody’s perfect. Everyone has that one thing, or sometimes more than one, that they just love, despite knowing that it’s bad for them. That danger often feels like an abstract thing, though, and it’s easy to trade future abstract suffering for immediate momentary pleasure. Everyone should be educated about the things that might kill them, though. Maybe it will be enough to get you to quit, or just give you a perspective on the consequences of your vice. Regardless, the only way to treat yourself the way you should be treated is by making sure that you’re informed, so here’s a list of some of the most common vices, along with the potential consequences to your health that they can bring.

Smoking Tobacco

Nearly everyone at this point know that cigarettes and other forms of tobacco are bad for you. But what specifically are the dangers of tobacco? Smoking can be a cause of several different types of cancer, specifically lung cancer, throat cancer, mouth cancer, and heart cancer. The cancer side is moderately well known, but tobacco can also be a contributor to developing type II diabetes, going blind, getting erectile dysfunction, gum disease, and even arthritis. Due to the prevalence of smokers in America, though that number is thankfully going down, and the different ways that tobacco can mess up your body, smoking cigarettes is one of the top causes of death yearly, accounting for roughly one in five deaths.

Smoking Marijuana

man smoking tobacco cigarette.Many vocal proponents of marijuana will say that it’s totally safe and that you can’t get addictive. While it’s true that marijuana is safer than many of the other vices on this list, safer isn’t the same as harm-free. You can, in fact, get addicted to marijuana; not chemically, but just like people can get addicted to gambling or shopping, it’s very possible to become addicted to marijuana and not even realize it. Roughly one in ten users are addicted.

When you smoke marijuana, you burn it, and that naturally causes carcinogens. No matter what the substance, inhaling smoke is not good for your lungs. If you can, vaping marijuana instead of smoking it is a healthier option. If you have an unhealthy heart, then marijuana might be able to potentially induce a heart attack in the several hours following smoking it. It’s also possible that smoking marijuana might trigger schizophrenia, if you are already predisposed to it, which there’s no way to know. Finally, marijuana can have a negative effect on developing brains, so, despite the stoner teen stereotype, it really is something that should only be used by adults.

Drinking Alcohol

man drinking alcoholThe most common and widely known health effect of drinking too much is liver damage or liver disease. This is because the liver processes everything we eat and drink, and treats alcohol as a toxin that needs to be purged from your body. Over time, the liver simply can’t keep up. There are a myriad of other potential health factors caused by drinking too much, though. Also, drinking heavily raises your risk of a number of different cancers, something that is just compounded if you smoke and drink.

Drinking, especially binge drinking, can also cause your blood to clump together into blood clots, potentially giving you a heart attack or a stroke. Drinking over the course of a lifetime also has a negative effect on the brain, and many older people who drank throughout their lives develop dementia in their old age. Other potential outcomes of heavy drinking include high blood pressure, nerve damage, and gout, an incredibly painful joint condition.


It might not be a drug, but eating too much is definitely a vice for some people. The main problem with overeating is quite obvious: it leads to obesity. Obesity is defined as when a person’s BMI is over 30. Obesity is another one of the major killers in American society today, as it can lead to a number of conditions, many of which have already been mentioned. High blood pressure, heart disease, various cancers, and gout are all potential effects of being obese.

One of the most prevalent consequences is developing type II diabetes, a condition which, untreated or managed poorly, can lead to a very unpleasant death. Generally, the more obese someone is, the more chance they have of developing complications, so if you have a habit of eating too much, then you should probably look into a fitness and diet plan for your own present and future wellbeing.

Sex Addiction

Sex addiction isn’t directly putting anything into your body, but it does come with a number of risks, some health, some otherwise. The major health issue related to sex addiction is the increased odds of contracting a sexually transmitted disease. Some STDs, like chlamydia, are relatively easily treated or, like herpes, aren’t treatable but also aren’t particularly dangerous. There are others, though, that could seriously harm and even kill you. Hepatitis and HIV are all STDs that are both incurable and potentially fatal. Syphilis, on the other hand, can be treated, but because it doesn’t show early signs and sometimes has the same symptoms as other STDs, it is notoriously hard to diagnose, and if it isn’t treated quickly enough, it can also lead to death.

Drugs (Cocaine, Meth, Heroin, etc.)

With all the many drugs on the market now, it would be nearly impossible to list every single one along with their potential consequences. There is one major factor, though, that differentiates these, and other, drugs, from everything else on this list (except alcohol). Everything else can kill you after years of sustained use and addiction,  but drugs can kill you today, with no warning. Especially with things like heroin being cut with the highly deadly fentanyl and home-cooked meth, every time you use the drug, even if you do everything right, you’re taking a chance. Any factor can go wrong in one way, and you can end up overdosing or dead.

The long term effects of things like meth and cocaine look pretty similar to a lot of this list, especially when it comes to blood pressure and heart disease, but addicts of these drugs often don’t live long enough to die of health complications when they’re older.