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Exercise being good for the body isn’t exactly new information. Through exercise, we tone our bodies and make them stronger, faster, and more durable etc. But something new about exercise has been uncovered by the psychiatric community in recent decades. Exercise has a surprisingly beneficial effect on the mind as well as the body. While it’s been common knowledge for some time now that regular exercise helps you focus and keeps your mind sharp, it’s been found to go much deeper than that, having an effect on such mental health issues as depression, anxiety, and even PTSD. Exercise has a wide effect on the body and mind, and this article will go over the most notable examples. So, if you’re a man in his mid 20’s, and you are dealing with one of the following mental health challenges, here is how exercise can help you overcome them.


Depression is one of the most common mental health issues in the world today. Whether it’s from intense societal pressures and prejudices, an increasingly divided political climate, toxic work environments, or just not being able to put food on the table because your job doesn’t pay you nearly enough, more and more people, especially young people, are dealing with depression to one extent or another. But studies have shown that regular exercise can treat mild depression about as effectively as antidepressant medication, with none of the cost or side effects. This is due to exercise causing myriad changes in your brain chemistry, including reduced inflammation, increased neural growth, and creating new patterns of brain activity that focus more on promoting calmness and well-being. It also helps the production of endorphins, which are the chemicals in your brain which create the feeling of happiness. On top of that, it’s also a good distraction. Despite every instinct telling you to do so, the last thing that’s healthy for you when going through a bout of depression is to coop yourself up and wallow in the negative thoughts. A nice jog in the open air can help you get your mind off of those thoughts. While it won’t completely destroy your depression, it’s a great, healthy coping mechanism.


man suffering from anxiety and depressionThere’s a difference between normal anxiety and clinical anxiety. Normal anxiety is being nervous about a job interview. Clinical anxiety is being scared to even leave your room, let alone your house. It’s a crippling fear of your own weakness, the outside world, the people around you etc. While not necessarily that crippling in many cases, in many others it is, and it’s a nightmare for those who have it, fully aware that it’s just the anxiety talking, but it’s talking too loud for them to hear anything else. This is why, on top of whatever treatment your doctor recommends, regular exercise can be a great way to help deal with anxiety. For one, exercise is a known stress reliever, which can seriously lower one’s anxiety by a wide margin. The release of endorphins promotes good feelings in the brain and throughout the body, meaning that a simple round of jumping jacks can help you feel better about facing the day ahead of you. And as for the constant mental flow of never-ending worries, focus on little details in the moment, such as the sensation of your floor under your feet, or the feeling of the wind blowing through your hair. Little things like this can help to interrupt the negative flow.


People with ADHD are known to have serious trouble remaining focused on a task. This is why exercise is vital for proper development of anyone struggling with ADHD. This should especially apply to children, as they can internalize this means of dealing with their ADHD at an earlier age and thus not struggle with it as much later in life. Regular physical activity helps to boost the brains level of dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine, which adds up to increased attention, focus, and memory. It functions about the same as Ritalin and Adderall, two commonly used medications for people with ADHD. Only, like with depression medication, no side effects or dent to your wallet.


man jogging to reduce stress and anxiety and takes ProgentraFeeling stressed out? Go for a jog up and down the road, simple as that. It’s astounding how much better you feel after a good workout, especially if you had a stressful day at work. Stress builds up and does not end pretty in the long term, often resulting in intense anxiety in the long term and even physical changes if it keeps piling up. Look at any president before they took office and then one of them after they left. That is what too much stress for long periods of time does to the body. Which is why it’s important to get some exercise whenever your stress has built up. It also will help to clear up any of the tense feelings in your muscles that said stress has been causing, particularly around the shoulders, neck, and face. It clears up the stress, and saves you from headaches or neck pains that this tenseness would’ve caused if left unchecked.


PTSD is often associated with veterans coming home from war, and while that is certainly true, it’s not the whole story. PTSD is your brain on permanent defensive mode when it comes to certain sounds, sights or other stimuli. Any kind of traumatic event, whether it be a near death experience in a car, or your kitchen pipes bursting multiple times in a row, your brain’s relationship with the stimuli associated with those things is forever changed. Fortunately, regular exercise can be a good coping mechanism if you let it. Outdoor physical activities such as biking, rock climbing, hiking, or just going for a nice long run up and down the street once a day, have been shown to mitigate the symptoms of PTSD.

Mental health is a complex thing, and if there was one end-all-be-all cure for certain mental health problems, every doctor would prescribe it every time. But physical fitness has been proven to be effective against these mental health struggles, and if properly adopted into your daily routine, can make your life just a bit more bearable.

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When it comes to fitness, many people think that you have to go all out every day of the week to see results. Good news is, you don’t have to go to the gym and work your hardest every day of the week to see results. There are a few general fitness tips that you should follow if you want to see results. These will help you to create a habit that can last you through life.

Move every day.

Even if you don’t get in a workout every day, you should still stay active. Simple things like going for a walk can contribute to your health, and get you “exercising.” Even if you are doing something as simple as stretching, your body needs to move, it is what it was made for.

Treat your exercises like appointments.

If you treat your exercises like appointments, you will be more likely to make them. If you treat every exercise like an appointment, your brain will begin to associate it the same way that it does other appointments, and you will be more likely to make it to every workout.

Eat healthy.

Make sure that you are eating healthy at least 80 percent of the time. It is okay to indulge yourself every once in a while, and if you can achieve eating healthy at least 80 percent of the time, you will see changes in your body.

Find exercises you enjoy.

It is so much easier to workout, if you are doing workouts that you enjoy. Of course, you will not love every workout that you do, but you will be more likely to hit the gym if you like your workout. You might even begin to look forward to the gym if the majority of your workouts are enjoyable.

Try some muscle building activities.

buff middle aged man lifting weights in the morning and regularly takes ProgentraIt is really easy to add muscle building activities to your weekly workouts. If you are going to the gym, you can try classes that will help. For example, you can check out any muscle sculpting classes that your gym provides.

Try working out in the mornings.

It can be beneficial to get your body moving right away in the morning. Also, if you get up and do it right away, you will be less likely to skip workouts. Like stated above, make your exercises an appointment, your first morning appointment. Also, if you are working out later in the day, you might be more tired and less likely to finish your workout.

Building muscle is good.

If you begin to build up muscle, your metabolism will benefit from this greatly. Muscle can help to build strength and it will help your metabolism. There are many different machines in the gym that can help you to build muscle. You can also meet with a personal trainer, or talk to your fellow gym goers about building muscle.

Keep your rest days to a minimum.

You should be working out, at the very least, four days a week. You should keep your rest days to a minimum if you want to see results. Don’t get me wrong, you need rest days to stay healthy, but you should be working out more days a week than you are resting. Also, if you are choosing to take rest days, do not take them two, or more, days in a row.

Try circuit training.

Circuit training can help your metabolism and help you lose weight. This kind of training helps to get your heart rate up and can work every muscle group. There are many different programs out there. You can either search for one that is right for you, or talk to a professional about a program that will be right for you.

Try yoga.

man doing yoga was introduced to Progentra supplementsYour gym will probably offer beginner yoga classes that you can take. Yoga is a great way to stay healthy and to help reduce stress. A yoga environment will help your body to become stronger and it can help with your mental health. You will learn many techniques in a yoga class that you can use in other aspects of your life.

Take it slow.

Even if you used to exercise a lot, you can’t go back into the gym at the same intensity that you used to. You need to take it slow when it comes to getting back into the gym. When you first get back into the gym aim for about 20-30 minutes, and work up from there. Also if you used to lift weights, do not start at the same weight that you ended with. Start with a lighter weight so that you do not hurt yourself.

This will take time.

It is important to be aware that weight loss takes some time. You will not see results immediately, but once you start to, you will be thrilled. Remember, you aren’t going to hit your weight goal in only a month, unless you only want to lose a few points. It will take time to lose weight, but you will build healthy habits to last you a lifetime.

Burn calories.

It is really important that you are burning more calories than you are taking in. You should still have a diet of about 3,000 calories, but you should be burning more than that every workout. If you start dieting, be sure that you are not burning too many calories, because your body still needs some of these calories to survive.

You should probably start dieting.

If you want to lose weight, you really should start dieting. Your diet is super important when it comes to fitness. Even if you don’t want to go on a diet, you should become more aware of what you are eating. Trade out those brownies for a handful of almonds, they’ll keep you fuller for longer. Once you become aware of what you are eating, and how bad it is for you, you will begin to automatically make better choices in your diet.

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        In the beginning, fitness trackers left a lot to be desired. Technological advancements have improved them, and today’s models can be pretty handy gadgets. There also tons of apps to track your progress as well as good old pen and paper. Tracking and periodically evaluating your progress should be a central element of your health plan.

Fitness on the Run

        Electronic fitness trackers are designed to wear on your wrist and go where you go. They record your physical effort and vital signs. Of course, you almost always get what you pay for. The more tabs it keeps on your health, the more your bank account may suffer. Weigh the investment against the benefits it may provide for your personal health program.

♦    Fitness trackers can measure your blood oxygen levels.

♦    They allow you to record your overall mass and weight.

♦    Some of these gadgets can measure your heart rate and body temperature.

♦    Fitness trackers can keep tabs on the number of steps you take and the level of effort you put forth during activity.

♦    Some also record your dietary intake, allow you to set goals, provide reminders, and offer health tips.

man looking at fitness tracker while running        Apps designed to track your progress offer many of the same features. A large number of them may be downloaded for free with a premium option available. You can find them created for Apple, Android, or compatible with both.

        These aren’t quite as high tech and you don’t wear them. An app will not record your vitals while you sleep. Many allow you to record info and provide notifications and offer encouraging tips.

        Most all of these types of tracking gadget companies provide a website for user access. Some provide additional information and library resources. Others offer additional tools and notification settings with access only available online through your desktop.

        Some people do much better going old school. You can simply grab a blank notebook and pencil to begin keeping track of your health goals and progress. Smartphones have apps for note taking and scheduling. It is a good idea to find which works for you and start tracking. This provides you with a physical reference to evaluate and alter your plan as you smash your goals.

Track your Motivation

        One of the most important features fitness trackers offer is motivation. It can be used as a tool for adherence success. You are much more likely to stick to your program in the short term if you’re tracking it. Especially, if you can look back and see how far you’ve come. Your success will still be dependent upon your determination in the long term.

        Remember your tracking method is a tool and not the key to your success. It is important to make the best use of it, but don’t rely on it. Fitness gadgets are much like any other type of technology. It’s bound to run into glitches and can sometimes be prone to error.

        You need to create a comprehensive plan that includes many elements. These range from nutrition and exercise to mental health and taking pause. While everyone’s vision of it is different, play is still an important part of your mental and physical health.

        Don’t neglect your mind. It works just as hard as your body during workouts and often harder while you rest. Keep your health cycle in mind. Promoting one aspect of your it improves all other related components. The opposite is also true and spirals downward much faster than it rises.

Hint: Some programs, apps, and wearable devices allow you to track your mental health and provide tips for improvement.

Tracking as Treatment

        Tracking methods and devices have been successfully used to co-treat many health disorders. Accessible, constant, and accurate information can help your doctor adjust your current treatment. Since keeping tabs improves adherence success rates, you may be more likely to stick to your therapy plan.

phone synced to health and fitness tracker, heart rate        ARENA reviewed an online survey to discover fitness tracker users’ experiences. The durations averaged between 5 to 7 months. The participants believed that tracking helped them increase their physical activity level and improve their diet (1). Many experts are considering using these types of gadgets to co-treat patients suffering from or at risk for heart disease.

        If your diet and activity level are part of your treatment program, fitness trackers can be another excellent addition. People with diabetes can track their sugar levels and carb consumption. Heart patients can follow their physical activity, good fat, and cholesterol numbers.

        Some people find that fitness trackers and apps hinder more than they help. This greatly depends on your lifestyle and personality. If you find it’s too much to deal with, try something else. Some like having a routine that fits in a nice, neat grid. Others may find this suffocating.

        You should eliminate anything from your routine which causes frustration, hassle, and/or setbacks. You should tailor your program to suit you. If it doesn’t work, ditch it. Scales are a popular fitness tool but can give false positives. This is why you rely on numbers from your scale as well as your tape measure. Adding those from your fitness tracker can provide a better picture of your overall progress.

What exactly should you track?

        The items you should track and routinely evaluate depend upon your health goals. You must know what you eat before you can successfully gain weight through increased caloric intake. You obviously won’t know how much fat you’ve lost, if you don’t record your current and future weights. You need to review your lifting weight several weeks ago to determine if your strength training is on point.

        Make a list of your goals and the elements which will help you achieve them. Date every note you take. Schedule a routine time to update your numbers as well as to review and revamp.


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If you’ve already started working on your fitness by sticking to your chosen routine, the next thing you’ll probably think about is how to improve your fitness levels. Eventually, that’s where you should be heading as you can’t stay at your current level forever. The good news is that you can augment your fitness level in many ways.

Whether you’re looking to boost your cardiovascular fortitude or heighten your physical power and suppleness, there are numerous exercises that can help you achieve these goals. Some of your options are cardio activities like running and swimming or resistance activities like weightlifting. When it comes to choices, there are so many.

You can also choose to do it by yourself if you’re the kind of person who enjoys doing things solo. If you’re sociable and constantly want to meet new people, you can train with a group. You can also join classes with an instructor or train one-on-one with a personal trainer.

Finally, you have the option to either work indoors or outdoors, depending on what you deem more comfortable. When it comes to taking your training to the next level, it is also important that you’re fully comfortable with the setting involved.

Below are ways you can improve your fitness levels:

Be more consistent

Your training frequency is the most essential factor of augmenting your fitness. Regardless of what objectives you have, you need to exercise regularly to see and experience notable results. For most individuals, working out 3-5 times per week is good enough.

fit guy who takes Progentra resting during outdoor run

Each of this session should last between half to one hour. It’s also a great idea to perform a constant regimen setting. For example, you set a specific workout routine on a specific day and time. With this, you’ll find it easier to stick to your workout schedule.

Work hard for it

man doing bicep curls and learns about Progentra

Improving your fitness level isn’t easy as it seems, but if what you want is an improvement in your fitness, you really have to move forward and work hard for it. When it comes to going to the next level, it is vital that your workouts become challenging.

If you feel like your routines aren’t giving you some challenge because they’re easy and you think you can keep doing them until the end of your session, it only means it’s time to increase the intensity of your routine if you want to improve your fitness level.

The more assorted the better

Most people who just quit their fitness routine aren’t the ones who are exhausted. They’re usually the ones who are bored. Boredom is the topmost culprit in killing people’s motivation to keep working out, so it’s crucial that you do work out in a way that won’t end in monotony.

You can avoid this by performing a variety of exercises instead of sticking to only a few ones every single time. Not only will an assortment of workouts keep you encouraged and focused, it will also aid in the improvement of your fitness level more rapidly.

This is due to the fact that multiple kinds of training target different areas of fitness. For instance, while running is ideal for cementing cardiovascular endurance, weightlifting is best for augmenting strength. There are other choices, too, such as fitness classes and interval training.

Intensifying the action

When it comes to being productive with your workout, it is vital that your training continues to improve; and when it comes to exercise, one of the codes you need to know and apply is progressive overload. This is what keeps your regimen effectual and the results tangible.

This means heightening the strength or period of your exercises in order to push yourself to go beyond what you’ve accomplished before; so that your improvement never stays constant. This strategy will prevent your development from languishing once you’ve spent a significant period of time training. By avoiding stagnation in your fitness plan, you’re ensured to remain motivated and highly interested in the exercises you’re doing.


Recover Pro is a BCAA supplement developed by the company Al Sports Nutrition. BCAAs or branched chain amino acids are essential in muscle growth and recovery because they’re the building blocks of protein. They’re able to boost protein synthesis, the recuperation of muscles after intense workouts, and the stamina of the user’s body during training. BCAAs have also been demonstrated to decrease body fat.

How Does It Work?

As mentioned, BCAAs are crucial for muscle development being the building blocks of protein. Their primary significance is widely recognized by athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts. They’re a staple in the industry because of their capacity for improved protein synthesis and muscle recovery. There are three BCAAs – Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine. Leucine is the most essential of these three because it is the one that’s mainly accountable for the stimulated activation of mTOR signaling passageways, which impacts protein delivery and fusion. Nonetheless, the other two BCAAs are also vital in the process as their inclusion can promote optimal effects. This is the reason Al Sports Nutrition has a ratio of 4:1:1 for Recover Pro rather than the standard 2:1:1.

Ingredient Profile

A scoop of Recover Pro contains 8 grams, which consists of the following: 4 g Leucine, 1 g Isoleucine, 1 g Valine. Other components that make up the other 2 grams are citric acid, natural/artificial flavors, acesulfame potassium, sucralose, quercetin.

However, Recover Pro also seems to include fillers in its formula. Looking at the ingredient profile above, 6 of the 8 grams are BCAAs, so that’s 75 percent. However, it also indicates that the remaining 25 percent is filler components.

Recover Pro Cost

The good thing about this supplement is that it’s reasonably priced. It has a market price of $18 for a container that can make 42 servings, though you can possibly get it for a much lower price if you just dig deeper for other deals.

Recover Pro Taste & Mixability

The taste is quite good and it mixes greatly too considering it’s a BCAA supplement. For one, its lemon flavor has a delicious savor in the mouth when mixed with 15 oz of cold water. We can assume that this is because of the fillers involved. They’re able to conceal the aftertaste of BCAA, so it has a smooth taste and feel when being consumed. Recover Pro is also available in raspberry flavor, which is great, too, in terms of taste and mixability.

Is it Effectual?

Recover Pro has its claims of effectiveness that can help users achieve their fitness, physical, and health goals and the supplement appears to be living up to its promise. It is effective as a BCAA supplement. Users are able to feel a notable difference with the use of this product. It’s good for using alongside a post-workout supplement. Using Recover Pro also makes you experience the recovery your body undergoes after training, which is its main purpose in the first place.

Recover Pro is also useful when it comes to developing lean muscle mass. Leucine is the one that’s mainly in-charge when it comes to providing anabolic effects in BCAA. It also is the main catalyst of protein synthesis and is even capable of boosting insulin after training. Recover Pro is also said to be helpful in boosting the body’s endurance that many users report that the use of this supplement has helped them increase their performance when working out. With Recover Pro, consumers are able to make themselves more productive when training. Plus, Recover Pro is effective in a way that it helps users sustain their muscle mass while shedding fat.

Bottom Line

Recover Pro is truly a decent BCAA supplement. It’s good for the stamina and it significantly helps the body to recover after an intense workout. It has many positive feedbacks from customers. It also helps that it tastes great and it mixes well, which makes it a convenient drink. Its price isn’t so bad. For only below $20 considering its effectiveness, Recover Pro is something worth trying. Some customers have issues about the fillers involved in its formulation though. As explained earlier, only 75 percent of Recover Pro’s formula is BCAAs and the rest is fillers for its additional flavoring. Still, Recover Pro utilizes the ratio of 4:1:1, which is something that’s not usual in BCAA supplements. It is available in two flavors – lemon and raspberry, which are both tasty.

The 20s is the ideal time to establish healthy habits, which includes fitness. During this period, people can explore various routines and switch from one to another. They can also try new forms of diets and workout routines. Here are 7 fitness habits you can start in your 20s.

1. Get to know strength training

Strength training is one of the fitness habits you need to develop and sustain. It is vital because it targets various parts of the body. Some of the strength training workouts you can perform are bodyweight circuit training and weight lifting.

Regardless of the variation you’re conducting, strength training is good for the body’s general health and fitness as it torches calories, boost metabolism and help develop lean muscle mass. What’s more is that it is also helpful in terms of improving the quality of sleep, reducing back pain, and even preventing diabetes.

2. Learn yoga or Pilates

These workouts significantly improve your posture. This is particularly more beneficial for people who spend many hours sitting at their desks. Aside from flexibility, yoga or Pilates can also soothe the body and the mind, which results in improved mental focus.

3. There are no shortcuts

The success of a fitness regimen relies on knowing and following the proper form. Every type of workout plan has respective positions and processes, which you’re required to follow accordingly. Otherwise, it may lead to injuries and other kinds of bodily harm as a result of a poorly executed workout.

For this reason, people who just started taking classes at the gym are pushed to ask questions. Training and workout procedures entail paramount efforts, so it is crucial that you follow the plan. You may be tempted to take shortcuts seeing that easier routes are, well, easier. But these will either lead to an injury or fail to give you your desired results.

4. Do variations

Taking the same classes or performing the same exercise repeatedly isn’t going to help you much. Besides, it’s undeniably boring, which can make working out a chore rather than a fun activity. People who do this end up getting bored that they just stop working out or going to the gym eventually. To make things more fun and exciting, spice up your routine by mixing them up. You can also try going to random gym classes every now and then for the sake of spontaneity. Doing so enables you to get to know something fresh and maybe even find another form of training to perform.

5. Don’t disregard the stretches

Stretching is vital in any fitness plan and it should be performed before and after working out. Otherwise, the muscles become tight, which isn’t good as this usually leads to injuries. This is true for those who are getting older.

6. Recharge after exercising

Exercising is a huge factor in fitness, but it’s not the only thing that matters in the equation. There’s also proper nutrition to think about. Fitness involves consumption of highly nutritious foods, especially after working out.
About half an hour after a workout session, the body requires a combination of proteins and carbohydrates. The former is vital for restoring stretched or worn out muscles while the latter is for refilling the body’s supply of energy.

7. Be mindful

Aside from exercising and eating a balanced diet, it is also important that you pay attention to your body. This is how you’re able to understand what it needs or how it responds to certain diet and fitness choices you incorporate into your everyday life.

People who are mindful of their bodies are able to deduce all the needs and sensations. For example, it is crucial that you listen to your body’s signals when eating to identify the feeling of satiety. If you don’t, you’ll end up overeating, which can lead to weight gain. When exercising, be watchful of any signs in your body that doesn’t feel normal.

Final Thoughts

It is important that you establish a set of healthy habits when it comes to your fitness and overall well-being as early as possible. Being in your 20s, you’re at your prime age. This alone is a marvelous opportunity for you to start taking your fitness and health seriously.

By starting to build positive habits during this period of your life, it becomes easier to maintain them for good. You get to enjoy your youth because you feel good and you feel strong. You rarely get sick because you’re well-equipped health wise.

In your later life, you delay the unpleasant signs associated with aging because you started your healthy habits at a young age. By being healthy in the early parts of your life, you’re ultimately rewarded in the end.

About the Product

There are several brands of protein powders in the market right now. Being a staple in the fitness world, it is only normal that companies make numerous of them. Some brands taste disgusting, while some are remarkably delicious and effectual. Protein powders used to lack good taste but people took them for health and fitness purposes. That’s changed now as there are multiple flavors to choose from and many companies have really made the effort to design products that are not only effective but also good to the taste. One of these protein powders available in the market now is Iso-Smooth Protein Powder.

More Info on the Product

Iso-Smooth Protein Powder is manufactured by Blue Star Nutraceuticals. The company has a reputation of producing high-quality nutritional supplements, so we can expect that Iso-Smooth Protein Powder is one these great products made by the company.

Ingredient Profile

This particular supplement consists of four kinds of proteins, which are whey, milk, egg and casein. These proteins are cold-processed and isolated for excellent quality, assimilation in the body, and reduced amounts of sugar, lactose and fat.

Due to the variety of protein forms in Iso-Smooth Protein Powder, each is taken in at a varying rate, producing time-released impact. Aside from these proteins, this product also has flaxseed, CLA, and bromelain.

About its Taste

As mentioned, Iso-Smooth Protein Powder has a delectable taste with two flavors, which are vanilla and chocolate. Iso-Smooth Protein Powder also combines efficiently with liquids. The solubility is thorough, which makes it easy to drink.

Are there Adverse Reactions?

Because it comes from a reputable company, customers can be guaranteed that its high-quality makes it safe for consumption without the risks of any adverse reactions, such as gassiness, bloating, cramps, or other digestive-related effects associated often with protein shakes.

Customer Feedbacks

There are many positive reviews concerning the use of Iso-Smooth Protein Powder. If you look online you won’t have a hard time doing so because there are many feedbacks available and most of these statements are positive. On alone, there are many positive customer reviews you can read. Customers usually appreciate the product’s great taste and solubility, as well as it being safe for consumption since you can drink Iso-Smooth Protein Powder all day without getting bloated or getting any cramps. Many customers are also impressed with its excellent quality. It’s not often that you find a protein powder that’s effectual and delicious at the same time.

Place of Purchase

Iso-Smooth Protein Powder is expensive, but considering its high quality it is said that its price is just right and can be justified by its effectiveness and good taste. If you want to spare some bucks, you can find some good deals online, such as on Blue Star Nutraceuticals where you can get the product at discounted prices if you purchase more than one item.

Final Verdict

Iso-Smooth Protein Powder is a decent protein powder manufactured by a company that has a good reputation in the industry for creating high-quality supplements. This alone should give consumers an assurance that they’re using the right brand that is safe, effective, and tasty at the same time. With its delicious taste, drinking protein powder isn’t as inconvenient as before. It’s perfect for those people who are looking for a protein mix to integrate into their fitness regimen. It’s a bit costly, yes, but its high price can be justified with how amazing the product is.

About the Supplement

Basically, ENGN is a pre-workout supplement that promises to give users adequate energy levels to fuel their workout sessions. The supplement also helps deliver the required energy to support muscle synthesis. To help you gain an edge in your fitness goals, ENGN has active components that will help you improve your performance during workouts.

About the Company

ENGN Pre-Workout product is developed by Evlution Nutrition (EN), a company that develops all its creations in a GMP-approved laboratory, guaranteeing their effectiveness and safety.

Product Mechanism

ENGN functions by combining three various blends of components. These are: mind to muscle matrix, strength and endurance matrix, and the vitamin complex. Every matrix here has a distinctive set of components collaborating to accomplish a certain objective. The mind to muscle matrix is all about mental alertness and focus to make you more motivated during your training sessions. The strength and endurance complex is all about muscle strength and sufficient energy to surpass intense workout sessions. And the last blend, which is the vitamin complex, is apparently about the mixture of essential vitamins.

Customer Feedbacks

As of this writing, ENGN has many positive feedbacks online. It is also pretty much well-known among bodybuilders and those who are into sports, either professionally or leisurely. These users even went on to say that ENGN is one of the greatest pre-workout product they have used as part of their training regimen. According to the reviews, ENGN is effectual in terms of increasing energy levels, stamina, and strength that doesn’t falter. What’s more is that it doesn’t have any adverse reactions. Its mixability is also superb. It is available in various flavors, which include Watermelon, Green Apple, Fruit Punch, Orange Dream, and Blue Raz.

Ingredient Profile

The components included in the mind to muscle matrix are as follows:





Choline Bitartrate and L-Tyrosine

As for the strength and endurance matrix, here they are:

Beta Alanine




Lastly, there’s the Vitamin Complex, which has Niacin, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12.

Product Cost

ENGN Pre-Workout has a price of around $37 for a container containing 30 servings of the supplement. You can purchase this from GNC. You can also buy ENGN for only $30 from other online retailers.

Precautions & Reminders

Thanks to its mostly natural ingredients, ENGN doesn’t have any certain adverse reactions. On the other hand, it’s been said that creatine may cause muscle jolting. In general though, creatine should be harmless for use.

ENGN isn’t recommended for women who are expecting or breastfeeding.

In the case that you’re suffering from health problems and you’re taking prescriptions for such medical issues as blood pressure, stroke, cardiovascular problems, kidney and liver malfunctions, thyroid disease, and diabetes, among others, it is not ideal for you to take ENGN. It is best to consult your doctor if you’re currently taking medications for a sickness. This is to make sure that no interactions happen that could lessen the efficacy of your medications, or worse, trigger serious side effects.

The Takeaway

ENGN seems to be a truly effectual supplement because of the positive feedbacks about the supplement. Most consumers appreciate the supplement’s safety and effectiveness in terms of increased energy levels. With their newfound strength and endurance, the users are able to work out more productively. Thanks to their improved physical and mental performance, they’re able to achieve their fitness goals faster. It’s also great news that there aren’t adverse reactions associated with the use of ENGN. Thus, ENGN is highly recommended for those who are looking for a pre-workout supplement that can give them an edge to fuel their workout regimen.

About the Product

Prolexin IGF is another muscle-building supplement that touts to give you an edge with your training. This supplement also utilizes Deer Antler Velvet as its main component. Those who aren’t new in the world of fitness, sports nutrition, and bodybuilding, Deer Antler Velvet is pretty much one of the widely recognized products presently. Though the clinical proof isn’t fully established yet, there are many men, which include professional athletes, testifying to its efficacy when it comes to its capacity to increase physical functions and performance. As a matter of fact, the active ingredient here is IGF-1, which is actually one of the prohibited ingredients imposed by many professional athletic organizations. This only means it is highly potent.

Product Mechanism

This particular supplement claims to maximize your force and stamina, boost your lean muscle mass while decreasing your fat buildup, and even raising your sex drive. It also promises to accelerate the process of muscle repair and augment your muscle development. Plus, the Deer Antler Velvet in Prolexin IGF has its substantial component, which is IGF-1. It is linked to Human Growth Hormone. The increase in your strength, muscle growth, and recuperation come from IGF-1.

Other ingredients in this supplement are also said to be capable of increasing nitric oxide and testosterone levels. Both of these are crucial in boosting physical functions for either physical or sexual purposes. When your nitric oxide is increased, the blood flow is also augmented, leading for the muscles to get more oxygen and nutrients that they need in order to function optimally and recuperate fast. Moreover, boosted testosterone levels provide users further energy, endurance, and libido.

Ingredient Profile

The official page of Prolexin IGF does not deliver a full list of components, but it shows some of its most significant ingredients, which are as follows:

Deer Antler Velvet – the most active ingredient in Prolexin IGF, it comes from the soft outer coating of deer antlers, which has IGF-1. It has been demonstrated in studies to be effectual in improving physical functions.

L-Arginine – it boosts nitric oxide levels to improve blood flow.

Prolexin IGF also contains several vitamins and minerals to aid in the sustenance of nutrients in the body.

Product Features

It is claimed to boost athletic and sexual functions and capacities.
It is in spray form, which ascertains of its fast results.
The components present in the formula are natural.

However, as previously stated, the scientific substantiation regarding the efficacy of Deer Antler Velvet is still inadequate. Regardless, the ingredient remains to be popular due to actual testimonials of many users, including professional athletes. Also, Prolexin IGF is offered via a free trial, which means there’s an autoship plan to follow. Prolexin IGF is also kind of pricey.

Place to Purchase

If you want to try Prolexin IGF, you can avail one directly from the company via their free trial. When you get their free trial, you initially pay for the shipping fee to get a month’s supply of Prolexin IGF. But after the trial expires (14 days) and you didn’t cancel or do anything, you will be charged for the full price, which is $87.53. You will also be listed as one of their recipients of their autoship plan, which means you’ll keep on getting a monthly supply of Prolexin IGF with your credit card being charged for $87.53 plus the shipping cost every time.

The Takeaway

If you’re wondering whether Deer Antler Velvet can help you gain notable changes, you can try Prolexin IGF at your own risk. There’s comfort to the fact that the ingredients here are from natural sources, so there wouldn’t be any serious adverse reactions. On the other hand, Prolexin IGF is more expensive compared with similar supplements available in the market, so that may be an issue.

About Blitzz

Blitzz is a pre-workout supplement that’s claimed to be precisely developed for the purpose of helping the body gear up prior to engaging in an intense workout. Blitzz also portrays a crucial part in slowing down exhaustion. This way, you’re able to work out for a more significant period of time and get the results you’ve always wanted.

About the Company

Blitzz is created by the company Complete Nutrition. The said manufacturer is recognized for its wide selection of supplements that cater people’s needs health, weight loss and sports nutrition. Aside from its official site and online distributors, Complete Nutrition also has physical stores.

Ingredient Profile

Arginine – this component is vital for boosting blood flow. With increased circulation, the muscles receive more oxygen and nutrients.

Kre-Alkalyn – this helps the body use up creatine optimally.

Beta-Alanine – helps give the body its much needed fuel prior to working out

Geranium Extract – this component helps enhance your mood in order to motivate you to exercise. Plus, it also helps accelerate your metabolism and improve your blood flow.

Hordenine HCl – this component portrays a vital part in avoiding disintegration of the main components in the formulation.

Understanding How the Product Function

This particular supplement, as previously stated, has been developed as a pre-workout exercise. It uses a creatine scheme that functions via three multiple ways. It also contains a nitric oxide system which can be helpful in providing an increase in energy levels and general strength. Plus, Blitzz also claims to increase one’s stamina, so that you’re able to exercise for a more significant period of time.

Product Features

Its product site contains adequate info.

It comes from a well-known company.

The supplement can be purchased from any Complete Nutrition stores, as well as online retailers.

It is claimed to fight off exhaustion.

It is available in three flavors.

Nearly all of the user feedbacks are great.

It offers a 30-day refund policy.

Product Assertions

Based on its claims, Blitzz can provide you greater energy levels so that you’re prepared when you start your training. Furthermore, it also purports to be efficient in fighting exhaustion by delivering increased stamina, so that you’re able to work out for a longer period of time.

Price, Dose, & Instructions

Based on the info on its site, Blitzz has a cost of $56.99. For optimal outcome, it needs to be used according to its manufacturer’s suggestion, which is stated below:

On the day of your training, add one scoop of Blitzz into 8 ounces of cool water. This must be done about 30 minutes before your planned session. Blitzz is best taken on an empty stomach for maximized results. It is not recommended to take the product close to bedtime (4 hours, at least) as it is energy drink that can cause sleeping problems if you take it late at night. Recommended dose for Blitzz is one scoop daily.

Adverse Reactions

As long as used properly, there shouldn’t be any serious side effects. But if you take Blitzz excessively, you can experience vomiting, nausea, jitters, and even convulsions. Improper consumption of the product can also lead to raised blood pressure and experiencing sleeping problems. Excessive consumption of caffeine can also trigger anxiety and tremors. That is why it is important to only use the product according to the company’s recommendation.

Safety Precautions

Do not take the supplement beyond its recommended dosage.

It’s not ideal for those below 18 years old.

For any pre-existing medical conditions, consult your doctor first.

It’s not ideal for women who are expecting or those who have plans of conceiving.

Blitzz is not recommended for people with high blood pressure or any heart-related problems.

The product is not recommended for people who are under MAO inhibitors.

Blitzz must not be taken if you’re an athlete due to the Anti Doping Code.

If seal is broken, do not use it.

User Feedbacks

Many users state that Blitzz is not only helpful when it comes to fueling their bodies prior to training as it can also be used for losing weight. A lot of customers also like its taste, which makes drinking Blitzz easy. Some users of Blitzz think that the claims made by the supplement’s company are for real. Some consumers also said they didn’t have any adverse reactions after using Blitzz.

Final Verdict

It is great that most of the user feedbacks about the supplement are excellent. It means that it does work to most of its users, thanks to the right combination of components in its formula. It also helps that Blitzz is developed by a company that is widely recognized in the business and one that actually has a good reputation. This makes the product more trustworthy among customers. By and large, Blitzz is a decent pre-workout supplement that can generate positive results. Still, it’s wise to speak with your doctor first before taking this supplement, especially if you have any medical concerns.