9 Herbs and Spices for Weight Loss

Naturally, your weight loss management plan should include eating a healthy and a well-rounded diet. This doesn’t just refer to just plainly eating fish or chicken with salad. There are herbs and spices that can significantly help you lose weight and these aren’t just claims. There’s scientific proof to the usefulness of such, not just for added nutrition but for helping with weight loss, too.

Basically, herbs and spices are the ideal way to spice up your food without the additional calories, sodium, sugar, or other harmful additives, which you have to get rid of in the first place if you’re trying to lose weight. By adding natural flavor to your food, you get to enjoy its taste. Studies show that if you don’t like the taste of the food you eat, there’s less probability of you committing to any diet, regardless of your discipline.

Herbs and spices don’t just make your food tastier. It’s also been found that they can help increase your metabolism and boost your body’s mechanism to torch fat at a faster pace. Here are 9 herbs and spices that can do great wonders for your health and make you more likely to shed pounds.

1. Turmeric

This spice is able to boost your body heat, which can increase your metabolism. The faster metabolism you have, the easier it is to lose weight. You can also gain a lot more from using turmeric, such as it helps people combat Alzheimer’s disease.

2. Cinnamon

Cinnamon has been demonstrated in studies to stabilize blood sugar, repress your appetite and cravings, and make you feel satiated for a longer period of time. Such benefits can definitely help you lose weight since your tendency to eat too much and frequently is controlled thanks to this spice.

3. Cayenne

Just like turmeric, cayenne is the kind of spice that can increase your body temperature, which leads to a faster metabolism. As a matter of fact, sprinkling some cayenne into your food can help you torch up to 100 calories in every meal.

4. Cumin

This spice can significantly help you shed pounds. Based on the latest research performed on eight women, adding one teaspoon of cumin to your meal each day can help you torch up to three times more fat. This discovery is incredible considering this spice is everywhere.

5. Ginger

Ginger also helps regulate your blood sugar, just like cinnamon does. This means that by ginger consumption through being added to your meals, you’re able to avoid a spike in your blood sugar levels eating a meal loaded with sugar or carbs. Ginger can also increase your body temperature, leading to a faster metabolism, just like turmeric and cayenne.

6. Garlic

Eating garlic can help your body torch greater amount of fat, according to a researched performed on mice. Though this isn’t proven on humans yet, there shouldn’t be any problem with adding this spice to your food for tastier meals.

7. Black pepper

Black pepper has many fat-torching properties that can help you lose weight. Plus, it’s also been shown to hinder the creation of new fat cells. So, if you’re not using black pepper as a spice for your foods, you’re definitely missing out on the variety of benefits it can give you.

8. Cardamom

This one of those spices which has the capacity to augment your body’s temperature, which results in the increase of your metabolism. Fast metabolism can always come in handy when it comes to weight loss.

9. Dandelion

This plant is now a favorite among chefs as means of bringing an extra flavor to food and drinks. What’s more is that dandelion turns out to be useful for losing weight, too. It’s been shown that it can decrease bloating while boosting your consumption of vitamins A, C, and E. It can also increase your intake of the minerals iron and potassium.