7 Ways Men Can Seem Instantly More Attractive


It doesn’t matter whether you’re flicking through men’s magazines, watching the TV, or browsing the web, you’ll find this constant badgering stream of anxiety that tells you that you need to look stronger, more manly, sexier. All the advice means you need to take more time, money, and effort to constantly improve on yourself. This takes dedication and when we all lead such busy lives, trying to make yourself more attractive to women is no easy feat. Nevertheless, there are ways you can make yourself instantly sexier, without expensive gym memberships and boring diets. Just try a couple of these handy hints:

 1. Stay in your league

preview-full-integrityIn order to feel more attractive, you need people to be attracted to you more often. This may sound a little abrupt, but simply, you need to stay in your own league. Of course, if you want to spend the time getting ripped, and buying all, new expensive clothes, then maybe you’ll be able to shoot for the supermodel. If not, try to look for someone equally attractive to you. Science shows that people are attracted to people who are the same level of attractiveness as them; they tend to also stay in relationships longer.

 2. Integrity

When you first meet a woman, they are attracted to integrity. If you try to boast your way into their favor with all your achievements and greatness, they won’t find this appealing. Instead, women prefer men who are grounded, honest, and authentic. Try to be charming in a more sincere manner, without being too self-deprecating either.

 3. Rolled up sleeves

There’s something about a good, strong forearm that really gets a woman flustered. If you think you have strong forearms worth showing off, try rolling up your sleeves in a casual manner. This will make you appear slightly more laid back, while also showing off that forearm sexiness.

 4. Repeating a woman’s name

Obviously don’t just repeat it like a parrot, that would be annoying and wildly unusual. However, women find it attractive when a man repeats their name during the conversation, e.g. ‘So, Sarah, what is it that you do?’ This shows that you are listening to what they are saying and have your sole attention focussed on them, not anyone else around. It also shows that you want to get to know them, specifically, in more depth.

 5. Being polite to service workers

There’s is nothing more unattractive at first glance than a man who treats service workers like dirt. If you tip generously and give the waiters a little banter, you are far more likely to come across as a well-humored gentleman. This is instantly more appealing.

 6. Being able to cook

preview-full-Hot-Guys-Cooking-EMGN16Cooking is a real turn on for women. In a long term manner, it shows that you are open to splitting domestic tasks. In the short term, it shows that you want to please her, while also being independent. If you really want to get her juices flowing, add a little chocolate and red wine to that meal to release the endorphins!

 7. Confidence

Being comfortable within yourself is extremely important. Don’t come across as arrogant, but do show you appreciate yourself. If you struggle with this, try taking a supplement like Xtreme Testosterone to help boost those confidence levels.

 Trying to make yourself seem sexier is more about realizing how sexy you are. Put away that sad face and give yourself some credit, you will find that the more comfortable you are with yourself, the more instantly attractive you will seem, and the happier your resulting relationships will turn out.