15 Tips To Wake Up Ready For The Day

woman stretching after waking up in the morning

Happiness is not a constant state, but a choice. Waking up feeling ready to conquer all the unused hours lying before you is a choice. No one can give you happiness or take it away. So, to help you maximize your day, here are 15 tips that will lead to mornings filled with creative drive and less stress.

#1 Keep As Still As Possible

Rather than jumping out of bed like your house is on fire, do nothing. Lie in your bed without moving a muscle. Let your body and mind ease out of sleep and into the present; don’t startle your mind or body. Jump-scares are only fun in movies.

#2 Recall Your Dreams

Or try to. Though most people report they don’t remember their dreams or didn’t have any, we have many dreams throughout the night. As you lie still, let no thoughts enter your mind. This will help bring forth your dreams and lead to deeper introspection. Dreams are a reflection of your unconscious thoughts and can give you excellent insight into your emotional state.

#3 Think About What Makes You Happy

smiling man writing down benefits of ProgentraWhat are three things that make you smile? Think about these three things. Doing this will ensure these happy thoughts remain at the top of your mind for the rest of the day.

#4 Relax From Your Head To Your Toes

Due to it being the morning you may think you are relaxed. This may not be the case. During the night we tense, often, so when you first wake, you’ll want to deliberately relax your body, starting from your head and going to your toes.

#5 Meditate When You First Wake

Waking up is different for all of us. Some people jump up, mind and body ready to get started, while others do not. An excellent way to bring your mind and body into the present is meditation. After you slowly roll from your bed, sit on a pillow with your back against the wall and spend 2 – 5 minutes, quietly. Think of nothing. Do nothing. You don’t need a meditation tape or app, just a quiet space in your mind. If thoughts do crop up, don’t get frustrated. This is perfectly normal. Just focus on your breath, again.

#6 Cultivate Gratitude

As the morning goes on, your inner clock may begin to nudge you. When you feel the hint of rushing building inside of you, cultivate gratitude. List five things you’re grateful for and smile at each one. No matter what your situation is, there is good somewhere.

#7 Fight Against Your Instincts

Negative thoughts in the morning are quite common, but they are bad for your health. Your brain is geared toward negativity because this was needed when survival was difficult. Do not let negativity rule your mornings; fight this natural human urge and focus on the positive.

#8 Eliminate Your Most Urgent Issue

Sitting front and center of your mind is your most urgent issue from yesterday. When you first wake, remind yourself that the day is a blank slate. If this issue still weighs on you and is negative, look for the positive aspects of it.

#9 Remain Relaxed Throughout Your Day

Your body reflects your thoughts. Worry may lead to biting your nails while anger may cause brow furrowing. A few ways to keep your body relaxed include taking deep breaths and shrugging your shoulders. When you take deep breaths, make sure you let them out slowly. As you take these breaths, focus on each breath and how your body relaxes during the exhale. When shrugging your shoulders, focus on releasing the tension in your shoulders and opening your chest.

#10 Think “Yes”, Not “No”

man encircling YES after hearing about ProgentraWhen you approach activities already thinking that you don’t want to do it, this strengthens the resistance and makes the task seem harder. Changing your thoughts to focus on “yes”, instead, helps you see the opportunities inherent in the request or needed task. “Yes” removes resistance and produces excitement for both the journey and the final result. “Yes” can increase your mental strength and lead to larger opportunities.

#11 Don’t Drift Out Of The Present

You are unable to live in the past or future. You can only live in the now. By keeping your thoughts in the present you can maximize your day. Take your goals one day at a time and enjoy them in the future.

#12 Remove The Superfluous

Give up unnecessary things and activities each day. By removing one unneeded event you are leaving your day full of the items that truly matter to you and will get you closer to your goals. Freeing yourself from excessive attachment can lighten the load on your soul and strengthen your bonds with the important things and people.

#13 Surround Yourself With Happy People

If you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with, then surrounding yourself with unhappy people could make it harder for you to be happy. Like other temptations, you’ll want to remove the undesired item from your life so you can resist the temptation, easier. Widen your circle and find others who are joyful, driven, and have goals they are passionate about. Search for energy gains, not energy drains.

#14 Immerse Yourself In Positive Activities

Positivity needs fuel. Whether this is through people, things, or hobbies, to counteract negativity you must fill your life with positivity. Spend your days doing things you enjoy. Write, play an instrument, go to the gym, or call your positive friends and tell them how much they mean to you. Whatever fills you like helium in a balloon, do it.

#15 Forget About Excuses And Blame

While making excuses and blaming others may be the easiest thing to do, neither of these will contribute to your positivity. Taking full responsibility for your actions puts you in charge of your life and increases your happiness tenfold. Remember that you are the only person who has control of your actions. No matter what anyone does, your reaction is your responsibility.

Enjoy each sunrise you see and strive to be better each sunset.